2.James Bradley

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Geni information on James Bradley

Rootsweb – 2004 – Alastair and June Henderson supplied Information from Founders and Survivors by Mollie Gillen

– more from Rootsweb Port Jackson forum (also 2001 –  2002 – 2003 2003–  2004 – 2004 –   2004 – 2009 – 2011)

James Bradley plaque dedicated

FFF Founders - James Bradley Plaque

FFF Founders – James Bradley Plaque

From thief to convict to flogging to successful farmer – from Meadowbank Public School

And onto being a preacher – even upsetting Reverend Samuel Marsden ? from  “My Folk Tales – http://myfolktales.blogspot.com.au/2011/02/links-to-australia-first-fleet-its.html

James Bradley’s sentence expired in 1794 and he was granted an Absolute Pardon on 5th September 1821 by Governor Macquarie – some 33 years after his arrival in Australia. It appears that by this time he was highly regarded in the Wesleyan Church as a preacher and Sunday-School teacher – and that he fell foul of the Anglican cleric Samuel Marsden as a consequence of attracting children away from the church.

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Wyong Family History Group information

Sarah Barnes – http://www.easystreetretreat.com.au/australianroyalty/individual.php?pid=I69323&ged=purnellmccord.ged

– Her Death information from Rootsweb 2001 – D & J Johnson


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