4. John Herbert Deborah Ellam

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We have known for at least 30 years that the descendants of  Lucy Callcott, her son Louis “Russ” Russell Freeman Callcott, as well as her daughters, Marjorie Tiernan and Clarice Farraher, are also descended from First Fleet convicts John Small, Mary Parker and James BradleyIn recent years we have found other  family connections to First Fleet  convicts John Herbert and his wife Deborah H Ellam, ie via Molly Mary Constance Callcott (Joy), and her Hicks family

James Hicks, great grandfather of Molly Joy, former wife of “Russ” Callcott, was brother and step brother to Sarah Mary Hicks and Elizabeth White respectively. Sarah married Joseph Herbert and Elizabeth married his brother John Herbert JuniorJoseph Herbert and John  Herbert Junior were two of the sons of First Fleet convicts  John Herbert and his wife Deborah Ellem.

Coincidentally, John Herbert was also a partner in crime with John Small, which saw both of them escape hanging, and instead Transported to the Colony in the First Fleet.

John Herbert and wife Deborah Ellam had eight children :

  1. Benjamin Herbert (1789- 1866)
  2. William Herbert (1791 – 1850)
  3. Joseph Herbert (1795 – 1886) – married Sarah Mary Hicks
  4. John Herbert Junior (1797 – 1873) – married Elizabeth White, step sister of Sarah Mary Hicks
  5. Charles Herbert (1800 – 1832)
  6. Thomas Herbert (1802 – 1802)
  7. James Herbert (1804 – 1877)
  8. Susannah Herbert (1805 – 1829).

Following Deborah’s death in 1819, John Herbert remarried in 1819 to Ann Dudley.

Russ Callcott and Molly Callcott (Joy)‘s great granddaughter, Katrina Christian, is also descended from First Fleet Sailor Peter Hibbs. And also in our wider  Small Family tree are First Fleet Convicts James Squire and Elizabeth Mason.


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