04.0 Sarah Elizabeth Bradley Berringer Family Tree

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James Bradley and Sarah Barnes : 4th child Sarah Elizabeth Bradley

Sarah Elizabeth Bradley, b. 02-03-1799 in Kissing Point, d. 17-03-1836 in Sydney. She married John Parton Thomas Berringer, married 02-09-1816 in St Phillip’s CofE, Sydney, b. 25-12-1792 in Holborn, London, d. 31-12-1826 in Kissing Point.  John: a life term convict assigned to Sarah.

A.   Louisa Berringer, b. 03-07-1817 in Parramatta, d. 03-04-1869 in Sydney, buried in St Peter’s Cem, Sydney. She married Peter Hanslow, married 13-04-1848 in St Lawrence’s CofE, Sydney, b. 14-02-1798 in Birmingham, UK, d. 28-02-1866 in Redfern, buried in St Peters Cem, Sydney, occupation Gun & Blacksmith/Publican.  Peter: Sentenced to 7yrs transportation. Records at the NSW State Archives show that he was the licensee of the ‘Horse and Jockey Inn’ in Pitt Street from 1838 to 1840. The Sydney Directory 1844-45 records Peter and Benjamin (Peter’s brother), landowners, Albert Place, Surry Hills where both carried on the business of Blacksmiths and Iron foundry. Peter aquired additional property in the area of Fitzroy Street and Bluck’s Lane. The latter was so called because it adjoined Bluck’s Family Hotel in Crown Street. This has now been renamed Fitzroy Place and Albert Place is now called Hanslow Place. Peter was an astute business man and his business enterprises soon prospered. He acquired numerous parcels of real estate not only in Surry Hills and Clarence Street, but also in Chippendale and Lane Cove. Peter had obtained sufficient wealth and property qualifications to vote at elections. It is also recorded that he contributed fifteen shillings as a subsription to a statue to mark the colonists’ respect for the retiring Governor, Sir Richard Bourke. The statue now stands outside the Mitchell Library. In 1840, Peter purchased the freehold and rebuilt the ‘Dog and Duck Hotel’ in George Street South and was the licensee from 1857 to 1859. Although he held the ownership of the hotel until 1866, other people held he license during the intervening years. The hotel was the forerunner of the present ‘Great Southern Hotel’. The ‘Dog and Duck’ was the favourite haunt of stock and produce merchants and woolbrokers who hastened to meet the incoming drays and secure the countryman’s wool before he could obtain the ruling price for his products. Peter’s hotel was very conveniently situated near the toll gates at the junction of Pitt and George Streets (present railway square). This may have been the circumstances under which Sarah Hanslow met Henry Mitchell and Sarah Berringer met William Collins – both men came from Goulburn.

1.    William Hanslow, b. 09-03-1841 in Sydney, d. 19-03-1841 in Sydney.

2.    Emma Hanslow, b. 10-05-1842 in Sydney, d. 21-05-1842 in Sydney.

3.    Theresa Victoria Hanslow, b. 15-04-1843. She married James Walker, married 24-02-1860.

a.    Richard R D Walker, b. 1861 in Chippendale, d. 1939 in Rylstone.

b.    James H Walker, b. 1863 in Chippendale.

c.    Walter William Wallis Walker, b. 1865 in Chippendale. He married Mary Osborne, married 1889 in St Leonards.

(A) Gladys H A V Walker, b. 1891 in Newtown. She married Robert Woolridge, married 1910 in Bega & Mosman ??

(1)  Doris Mary Jennie Woolridge, b. 1911 in Mosman. She married Nicholas Edward Delaney, married 1942 in Mosman.

(2)  Robert Walker Woolridge, b. 1912 in Mosman. He married Rita Alice Colley, married 1936 in Nth Sydney.

(B) Dorice W Walker, b. 1893 in Waterloo.

(C) Ernest A Walker, b. 1895 in Waterloo.

4.    Clara L Hanslow, b. 1846, d. 1928 in Marrickville. She married Walter Robert Hilder, married 1866, b. 1845.

a.    Clara L A Hilder, b. 1866 in Redfern.

b.    Walter Eli Hilder, b. 1867 in Redfern, d. 1925 in Newtown. He married Jessie H Booker, married 1898 in Newtown.

(A) Harry W Hilder, b. 1899 in Newtown. He married Beatrice R Daines, married 1919 in Newtown, b. 1897 in Waterloo.

(B) Jessie R Holder, b. 1904 in Marrickville. She married William D Smith, married 1925 in Hurstville.

(C) Clara S Hilder, b. 1908 in Marrickville. She married Daniel A Neu, married 1929 in Marrickville, b. 1902 in Leichhardt.

(D) Eileen Hilder, b. 1911 in Newtown, d. 1911 in Newtown.

(E) Douglas Mervyn Hilder, b. 1915 in Marrickville. He married Elsie May Douglas, married 1938 in Rockdale.

(F)  Charles Hilder, b. 1916 in Marrickville, d. 1916 in Marrickville.

c.    William J F Hilder, b. 1871 in Redfern, d. 1923 in St Peters, NSW. He married (1) Jane G Stuart, married 1895 in Sydney, d. 1905 in Granville. He married (2) Gertrude M Walker, married 1909.

(A) William S Hilder, (son of William J F Hilder and Jane G Stuart) b. 1895 in Sydney.

(B) Percy G Hilder, (son of William J F Hilder and Jane G Stuart) b. 1897 in Sydney, d. 1897 in Sydney.

(C) Alice M Hilder, (daughter of William J F Hilder and Jane G Stuart) b. 1898 in Sydney.

(D) May Hilder, (daughter of William J F Hilder and Jane G Stuart) b. 1901 in Granville.

(E) Sidney J Hilder, (son of William J F Hilder and Jane G Stuart) b. 1905 in Granville, d. 1905 in Granville.

d.    Alfred Ernest Hilder, b. 1873 in Redfern, d. 1936 in Marrickville. He married (1) Priscilla C Peacock, married 1891 in Waterloo. He married (2) Fanny M Lowe, married 1900 in Sydney. He married (3) Rose M E Porter, married 1917 in St Peters.

(A) Emily H Hilder, (daughter of Alfred Ernest Hilder and Priscilla C Peacock) b. 1892 in Redfern.

(B) Priscilla M Hilder, (daughter of Alfred Ernest Hilder and Priscilla C Peacock) b. 1895 in Redfern.

(C) Walter J Hilder, (son of Alfred Ernest Hilder and Fanny M Lowe) b. 1901 in Waterloo.

(D) Albert M Hilder, (son of Alfred Ernest Hilder and Rose M E Porter) b. 1907 in Glebe.  date correct according to index.

e.    Samuel Victor O Hilder, b. 1875 in Sydney.

f.     Violet A E Hilfer, b. 1878 in Sydney, d. 1880.

g.    Daisy Victoria L Hilder, b. 1880 in Sydney. She married Joseph H McNeill, married 1901 in Glebe.

(A) Francis L McNeill, b. 1902 in Glebe. He married Sybil m O’Brien, married 1925 in Sydney.

(B) Joseph H McNeill, b. 1904 in Redfern, d. 1904 in Newtown.

(C) Walter A McNeill, b. 1906 in Redfern.

(D) Thomas W McNeill, b. 1907 in McNeill.

(E) Louisa McNeill, b. 1909 in Redfern. She married Allan R Stuart, married 1929 in St Peters.

h.   Arthur M L Hilder, b. 1883 in Sydney, d. 1884.

i.     Leopold F A Hilder, b. 1885 in Sydney. He married Sylvia L Byers, married 1913 in Sydney, b. 1891 in Sydney.

5.    Thomas John Berringer Hanslow, b. 09-05-1848 in Sydney, d. 12-07-1849 in Sydney.

6.    Sydney Sarah Nancy Hanslow, b. 15-10-1851 in Sydney, d. 12-12-1858 in Chippendale, buried in St Peters Cem, Sydney.

7.    Amanda Margaret Emaline Hanslow, b. 23-07-1853 in Sydney, d. 21-04-1854 in Petersham, buried in St Peters Cem, Sydney.

8.    Madelaine Marcella Hanslow, b. 26-11-1855 in Sydney, d. 11-01-1859 in Chippendale, buried in St Peters Cem, Sydney.

9.    Florence George Chippendale Hanslow, b. 01-02-1859, d. 21-07-1936. He married (1) Kate McCarthy, married 23-05-1882 in Sydney. He married (2) Ann E V E Bulfin, married 05-08-1899 in Sydney, d. 09-11-1935 in Sydney, buried in Northern Sub Cem, Sydney.  Ann: N Collins has her death on 14/11/1935 @ Mosman.

a.    Squire Berringer Chippendale Hanslow, (son of Florence George Chippendale Hanslow and Ann E V E Bulfin) b. 22-07-1898 in Sydney, d. 01-05-1955. He married Margaret Florence Sophia Nicholson, married 08-06-1919 in St Clements, Mosman, d. 26-11-1976.

(A) Margaret Ann Hanslow, b. 24-02-1921.

(B) Gwendoline Clare Hanslow, b. 30-07-1927.

(C) Alice Victoria Hanslow, b. 26-04-1930.

(D) Dorothy Hanslow, b. 01-11-1935.

b.    William Florence P Chippendale Hanslow, (son of Florence George Chippendale Hanslow and Ann E V E Bulfin) b. 23-11-1899 in Marrickville, d. 01-08-1984, buried 06-08-1984 in Rookwood Crem.  P=Peter. He married Dorothy Rose Larratt, married 03-09-1938 in Reg Office, Nth Sydney.

(A) William Hanslow, b. 26-01-1940. He married Margaret Ann Williamson.

(B) Gail Christene Hanslow, b. 23-11-1941. She married Leslie Styman.

c.    Dudley Hector Chippendale Hanslow, (son of Florence George Chippendale Hanslow and Ann E V E Bulfin) b. 07-08-1902 in Manly, d. 06-03-1976. He married Edna Lyall Charters, married 1930 in Nth Sydney, b. 1909 in Sydney.

(A) George Dudley Hanslow, b. 31-01-1931 in Neutral Bay. He married Patricia Valmi Ryan, married 20-03-1954 in Kempsey, b. 23-04-1934.

(B) Helen Lyall Hanslow, b. 26-04-1933 in Neutral Bay. She married David Stewart Blair, married 25-06-1966 in Arncliffe, b. 31-10-1933 in Narrabri.

(C) Malcolm William Hanslow, b. 19-04-1937 in Neutral Bay. He married Wendy Dawn Williams, married 02-01-1960 in Hurstville, b. 28-05-1940 in Arncliffe.

d.    Nancy Louisa Alice Chippendale Hanslow, (daughter of Florence George Chippendale Hanslow and Ann E V E Bulfin) b. 14-01-1904 in Manly. She married Arthur Warburton, married 1922 in Marrickville.

(A) Nancy Warburton, b. 13-05-1923.

(B) Richard Dudley Warburton, b. 25-10-1924.

(C) Patricia Irene Warburton, b. 25-10-1924.

(D) Betty Thelma Warburton, b. 31-01-1926.

(E) Arthur Warburton, b. ??-01-1926, d. 30-04-1926.

(F)  Arthur Warburton, b. 26-02-1935.

(G) Graham Warburton, b. 26-02-1935.

(H) Ian David Warburton, b. 22-06-1941.

e.    Thelma Chippendale Hanslow, (daughter of Florence George Chippendale Hanslow and Ann E V E Bulfin) b. 12-02-1914 in Mosman. She married John Henderson, married 03-09-1938 in St Andrew’s CofE, Chatswood.

(A) Clare Henderson, b. 12-08-1941.

10. Violet Daisy Hanslow, b. 25-03-1862 in Cippendale, d. 10-04-1944 in Ryde. She married Richard Arthur Hogg, married 25-03-1883 in Chippendale, b. 1861, d. 05-05-1942 in Ryde.

a.    Frank Hogg, b. 28-07-1883 in Canterbury, d. 21-09-1954. He married Elizabeth J Boardman, married 1911 in Sydney, b. 1883 in Wagga Wagga.

(A) Geoffrey Maxwell Hogg, b. 1913. He married Leda Gertrude Callis, married 1940 in Rockdale.

(B) Barbara Hogg. She married John T Bearup.

b.    Arthur Leslie Hogg, b. 06-05-1886 in St Leonards, d. 22-07-1960. He married Amy Elizabeth Bremner, married 11-08-1909, b. 08-12-1893, d. 21-04-1981.

(A) Phyllis E Hogg, b. 06-01-1911 in Randwick, d. 1980. She married David J F McKenzie, married 1933 in Rockdale.

(1)  Les McKenzie.

(B) Claris Mavis Hogg, b. 20-11-1912 in Sydney, d. 18-10-1997. She married Francis Arthur Nielsen, married 22-06-1935 in Sydney, b. 23-04-1912 in Armidale.

(1)  Julie Marie Nielsen, b. 16-07-1936. She married Daniel William Hunt, married 13-07-1959, b. 15-07-1935 in Sydney.

(C) Donald Bremer Hogg, b. 24-12-1917 in Ryde, d. c1965.  3 sons. He married Doreen Mabel Rees, married 1942 in Waverley.

c.    Irene M Hogg, b. 10-09-1888, d. 19-03-1889.

d.    Eric Hogg, b. 19-11-1889.

e.    Hope M Hogg, b. 03-08-1899.

B.   Anne Berringer, b. 27-03-1820 in Parramatta, d. 20-12-1892 in Wangaratta. She married William DALE, married 21-12-1840 in St Lawrence’s CofE, Sydney, b. 10 Feb 1819 in Parramatta, d. 21-12-1896 in Wangaratta.

1.    Albert Augustus DALE, b. 1841 in Castle Hill, d. 1896 in Wangaratta. He married (1) Henrietta Selina Ward, married 1864, b. c1848 in Tas, d. 1866 in NSW. He married (2) Mary Ann WILLIAMS, married 1867 in Albury, b. 1844 in NSW, d. 1934 in Wangaratta.

a.    William John Albert Henry DALE, (son of Albert Augustus DALE and Mary Ann WILLIAMS) b. 1868 in Wangaratta.

b.    Albert Augustus DALE, (son of Albert Augustus DALE and Mary Ann WILLIAMS) b. 1870 in Wangaratta. He married Isabella Marguerita Rodda, married 1897 in Wangaratta.

(A) Cecil Belmont Dale, b. 1898. He married Margaret Theresa Tatham, married 1926.

(B) Durward Albert Dale, b. 1901. He married Mary Veronica Faure, married 1925.

(C) Frederick Arnold Dale, b. 1903.

(D) Henry Samuel Dale, b. 1905. He married Stella May Boelius, married 1928.

(E) Leslie Burton Dale, b. 1909 in Wangaratta, d. 1911 in Wangaratta.

(F)  Leonard Herbert Dale, b. 1911.

(G) Clifford Rodda Dale, b. 1915.

(H) Allen Eric Dale, b. 1918.

c.    Salome Ann DALE, (daughter of Albert Augustus DALE and Mary Ann WILLIAMS) b. 1872 in Wangaratta. She married William Alexander Morrison, married 1891 in Wangaratta, b. 1861 in Wangaratta.

(A) Alice Lavina Morrison, b. 1892 in Wangaratta, d. 1942 in Kew, VIC.

(B) William Alex Vic Morrison, b. 1894 in Wangaratta.

(C) Christina May Morrison, b. 1895 in Wangaratta. She married Unknown McLennan.

(D) Stanley Arnold Dale Morrison, b. 1901 in Wangaratta.

d.    Herbert Baxter DALE, (son of Albert Augustus DALE and Mary Ann WILLIAMS) b. 1874 in Wangaratta. He married Isabella Crisp, married 1905 in Wangaratta.

(A) Mary Veronica Dale, b. 1906 in Wangaratta.

e.    Henry Samuel DALE, (son of Albert Augustus DALE and Mary Ann WILLIAMS) b. 1876 in Wangaratta, d. 1905.

f.     Lilly Maud Dale, (daughter of Albert Augustus DALE and Mary Ann WILLIAMS).

g.    Amelia Mary DALE, (daughter of Albert Augustus DALE and Mary Ann WILLIAMS) b. 1883 in Wangaratta.

h.   Mary Ann DALE, (daughter of Albert Augustus DALE and Mary Ann WILLIAMS) b. 1885 in Wangaratta.

2.    George DALE, b. 1844 in Castle Hill, NSW, d. 1854 in Parramatta.

3.    Ruth Rebecca DALE, b. 26-04-1846 in Reedy River, Gundaroo, d. 17-03-1913 in State School Residence, Hendon, QLD. She married David James Gairns MATTINGLEY, married 29-11-1864 in Christ Church, St Kilda, VIC, b. 17-12-1844 in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, ENG, d. 1914 in Sandgate, QLD, buried in Toowoomba.  David: N Collins has the first name as Thomas.

a.    Thomas Percy MATTINGLEY, b. 1864 in St, Kilda, VIC.

b.    John Thomas MATTINGLEY, b. 04-09-1866 in Eltham, VIC, d. 05-09-1952 in Sandgate, QLD. He married Ellen Sarah O’Toole, married 15-04-1887 in Sale, VIC, b. 09-02-1870 in Walhalla, VIC, d. 1947 in Brisbane.

(A) Thomas Dale Mattingley, b. 1888 in Sale, VIC, d. 1893 in Sale, VIC.

(B) Leslie Lightburn Mattingley, b. 1891 in Sale.

(C) Marcellus Henry Mattingley, b. 1893 in Sale.  aka Harry.

(D) Pat Leo Mattingley, b. 1895 in Sale.

(E) John Thomas Mattingley, b. 1898 in Sale.

c.    Alice Maud MATTINGLEY, b. 1868 in Eltham.

d.    William MATTINGLEY, b. 1870 in Lillydale , VIC, d. 1872.

e.    Albert Ernest MATTINGLEY, b. 1874 in Traralgon. He married Elizabeth A Mann.

(A) Eunice R E Mattingley, b. 1908. She married David G E Harris.

(1)  Daphne Harris, b. 1927. She married Herbert S Daniels.

f.     Emma Mildred MATTINGLEY, b. 1876 in Traralgon.

g.    Charles Lightbourne MATTINGLEY, b. 13 Nov 1878 in Traralgon, d. 24 Jul 1964 in Rockhampton. He married Margaret Marian FARAGHER, b. 1 Jan 1882 in Manchester, UK, d. 1 Aug 1976 in Rockhampton.

(A) Charles Leslie Halford MATTINGLEY, b. 10 Aug 1900 in Clermont , QLD, d. 13 Aug 1979 in Brisbane. He married Marcella Leah Elsie May TUCKETT, b. 29 Dec 1911 in Springsure, QLD.

h.   Percy Dale MATTINGLEY, b. 1881 in Traralgon, d. 1881 in Melbourne.

i.     Beatrice MATTINGLEY, b. 1883 in Traralgon.

4.    Phoebe Philadelphia Dale, b. 1849 in Yass, d. 13-03-1931 in Wangaratta. She married Rowland Vincent, married 25-11-1869 in House of bride’s father, Wangaratta.

a.    Mabel Edith Vincent, b. 1871 in Wangaratta, d. 15-03-1943 in Heidelberg, VIC. She married (2) William Henry Goldsworthy, married 05-05-1902 in Seymour, VIC, b. in Moonta, SA, d. 31-08-1936 in Coburb, Melb.  William: aka Bronc.

(A) Neal Earl Vincent, (son of Mabel Edith Vincent) d. in Fitzroy, VIC. He married Ethel May Carter.

(1)  Thora May Vincent. She married Unknown Fisher.

(B) Norman Vincent, (son of Mabel Edith Vincent). Neal’s twin.

(C) Louis Adrian Vincent, (son of Mabel Edith Vincent). He married Doreen Steele.

(1)  Lorna Vincent. She married Bertrand Chick.

(a)  Marcus Chick.

(b)  Louis Chick. He married Faye Annesley.

(D) Harold Lindsay Vincent, (son of Mabel Edith Vincent). He married Lydia Isabella Vincent.

(E) Stanley Goldsworthy, (son of William Henry Goldsworthy and Mabel Edith Vincent). He married IsobelleIsobelle: aka Bonny.

(1)  Lennie Goldsworthy.

(2)  Barbara Goldsworthy.

(F)  Rupert Goldsworthy, (son of William Henry Goldsworthy and Mabel Edith Vincent) b. 1903 in Wangaratta, d. 05-10-1962. He married Hannah Ferrier, d. 16-07-1979.

(1)  Russell George Goldsworthy, b. 26-06-1921, d. 03-02-1942 in New Guinea (WWII).

(2)  Isobelle Edith Goldsworthy, b. 05-12-1925 in Deniliquin, NSW. She married Ronald Edward Smith.

(3)  Geoffrey William Goldsworthy, b. 17-11-1926 in Richmond, VIC. He married Patricia Margaret Forster, married 18-12-1948 in Pakenham, b. 24-05-1931 in Berwick.

(4)  Maxwell Rupert Goldsworthy, b. 1928, d. 09-04-1932.

(5)  Shirley Mavis Goldsworthy, b. 1928, d. 07-10-1931.

(6)  Nancy Hannah Goldsworthy, b. 24-11-1929. She married Norman John Wadsley, married 01-07-1950 in Pakenham, b. 18-06-1926 in Ormond, d. 29-03-1982 in Pakenham.

(7)  Daphne Honora Goldsworthy, b. 09-04-1932 in Brunswick, VIC. She married Ronald Smith, married 07-05-1956, b. 04-07-1934 in Pakenham.

(8)  Lorna Lorraine Goldsworthy, b. 13-02-1934 in Melbourne. She married Samuel John Monckton, married 24-11-1951 in Pakenham, b. 17-10-1927 in Hamilton.

(9)  Kenneth Rupert Goldsworthy, b. 07-05-1937 in Coburg. He married Evelyn Joy Edwards, married 21-04-1962 in Pakenham, b. 10-01-1941 in Pakenham.

(G) William Henry Goldsworthy, (son of William Henry Goldsworthy and Mabel Edith Vincent) b. 01-07-1906, d. 08-05-1980 in Williamstown, VIC. He married Rita Rosanna Amelia Godino, married 1927 in Carlton, b. 15-06-1905 in Melbourne, d. 25-06-1984 in Williamstown, VIC.

(1)  Rose Goldsworthy, b. 1927, d. 07-06-1929.

(2)  Joyce Rita Amelia Goldsworthy, b. 09-06-1929 in Carlton. She married (1) Charles Albert Skinner, married 16-10-1946, b. 27-12-1925 in Dandenong, VIC. She married (2) Robert John Richards, married 04-04-1988 in Long Forest Rd, Bacchus Marsh, b. 01-09-1939

(3)  William James Goldsworthy, b. 1931, d. 23-11-1951.

(4)  Sydney Allen Goldsworthy, b. 14-04-1935. He married Merle Joan Whitford, married 1958, b. 17-09-1939.

(H) Alma Goldsworthy, (daughter of William Henry Goldsworthy and Mabel Edith Vincent) b. 09-03-1911 in Carlton, Vic. She married (1) Unknown Cunningham. She married (2) Harold Hartigan, b. 25-04-1897.

(1)  Desmond Stanley Cunningham, (son of Unknown Cunningham and Alma Goldsworthy) b. 03-05-1927.

(2)  Oswald Raymond Cunningham, (son of Unknown Cunningham and Alma Goldsworthy) b. 15-03-1930. He married Ruth.

(3)  Patricia Lorraine Cunningham, (daughter of Unknown Cunningham and Alma Goldsworthy) b. 19-09-1935. She married Harold Rushbury, married 05-11-1955 in Holy Trinity Church, Sydney Rd, Coburg, b. 17-10-1935.  Harold: aka Harry.

(4)  Francis Joseph Hartigan, (son of Harold Hartigan and Alma Goldsworthy) b. 28-11-1936. He married (1) Barbara. He married (2) Sandra.

(5)  Leslie Neal Hartigan, (son of Harold Hartigan and Alma Goldsworthy) b. 28-11-1936. He married Margaret.

(6)  Maria Lillian Hartigan, (daughter of Harold Hartigan and Alma Goldsworthy) b. 23-12-1937.  aka Maree. She married Reginald ColensoReginald: aka Reg.

(7)  Eunice Joyce Hartigan, (daughter of Harold Hartigan and Alma Goldsworthy) b. 29-01-1939 in Evan St, Brunswick. She married (1) Ronald Arthur Grey. She married (2) Luciano Fumich.

(I)   Thelma Pearl Goldsworthy, (daughter of William Henry Goldsworthy and Mabel Edith Vincent) b. ??-10-1916, d. 20-01-1917.

b.    Jacob Vincent, b. 1873 in Wangaratta, d. 09-05-1980 in Wangaratta.

c.    Rowena Ann Dale Vincent, b. 1875 in Wangaratta, d. 1956 in VIC. She married (2) Harold John Dobbie, married 1894 in VIC, b. c1878 in Myrtleford, VIC, d. 1901 in Shepparton. She married (3) William Cuddy, married 1908, b. 1878.

(A) Phoebe Pearl Vincent, (daughter of Rowena Ann Dale Vincent) b. 1892 in VIC. She married John Wallace Newell.

(1)  Marjorie Dorothy Newell. She married Jack Boyles.

(a)  Janice Helen Boyles. She married Maxwell O’Donnell.

[A]  Bradley O’Donnell.

[B]  Anne Marie O’Donnell. She married Andrew Dyck.

[C]  Martin O’Donnell.

[D]  Nicole O’Donnell.

(b)  Denis Boyles.

(2)  Vincent Alexander Newell. He married Lois Sorenson.

(a)  Peter Newell. He married Shirley Biffin.

(b)  Kelly Newell.

(c)  Rhett Newell.

(d)  Ashley Newell.

(3)  Bernard John Newell. He married Pamela Supree.

(a)  Deborah Louise Newell.

(b)  John Wallace Newell.

(4)  Margaret Rose Newell. She married Brian Lavacy.

(a)  Joanne Lavacy. She married Mark Brunolti.

(b)  Caroline Lavacy.

(5)  Monica Joyce Newell, b. 1914.

(6)  William Wallace Newell, b. 1917. He married Gladys Joyce Egglestone.

(a)  Raymond Peter Newell.

(7)  Norman Maxwell Newell, b. 1919, d. 1977. He married Evelyn May Egglestone.

(a)  Barry Norman Newell. He married Glenda Linda Gannon.

(B) William Dobbie, (son of Harold John Dobbie and Rowena Ann Dale Vincent) b. 1897 in VIC. He married Mary.

(1)  William Dobbie, b. c1920.

(C) Dorothy May Dobbie, (daughter of Harold John Dobbie and Rowena Ann Dale Vincent) b. 1899 in VIC. She married Arthur Corcoran, married in VIC.

(1)  Bernard Corcoran.

(D) Henrietta Ena Dobbie, (daughter of Harold John Dobbie and Rowena Ann Dale Vincent) b. 1901.  4 children. She married Derwent Glen Freeman, married 1919 in VIC.

(E) Gladys Evelyn Dobbie, (daughter of Harold John Dobbie and Rowena Ann Dale Vincent) b. 1903. She married Frank McGaffin, married in VIC.

(1)  Clarence McGaffin, b. 1920.

d.    Marion May Vincent, b. 1877 in Wangaratta, d. 05-06-1880 in Wangaratta.

e.    William Dale Vincent, b. 1879 in Wangaratta, d. 22-07-1916 in Durban, South Africa. He married Lillian Annie Burrows, married 1900 in VIC, b. 1881 in Kilmore, VIC, d. 1923 in VIC.

(A) Lillian May Vincent, b. 23-06-1902 in VIC, d. 1958. She married Arthur Ernest Leeman, married 1925 in Bellingen, NSW, b. 1893, d. 1965.

(1)  Iris Lillian Leeman, b. 22-09-1922, d. ??-11-1977. She married Arthur Joseph Greenshields, married c1943.

(2)  Florence May Leeman, b. 04-10-1923, d. 30-08-1989. She married Neil Houghton, married c1945, b. 1921, d. 1987.

(3)  Evelyn Jean Leeman, b. 04-01-1924, d. 30-08-1990. She married William James Turner, married c1946, b. 1914, d. 1979.

(4)  Dorothy Merle Leeman, b. 1925. She married Leslie Purves, married c1948.

(5)  Ernest Martin Leeman, b. 1926. He married Marie.

(B) Olive Ellen Vincent, b. 1904.  Unmarried.

f.     Rowland Vincent, b. 1882 in Wangaratta, d. 03-06-1884 in Wangaratta.

g.    Oscar Randolph Vincent, b. 14-10-1884 in Wangaratta, d. 20-10-1962 in Melbourne. He married Victoria Mabel Gowdie, married 1906, b. in Diamond, VIC, d. 23-08-1982 in Austin Hosp, Melbourne.

(A) Elise May Vincent, b. 1907 in VIC, d. 1907.

(B) Gwendoline Evelyn Vincent, b. 1908, d. c1910.

(C) Reginald Keith Vincent, b. 1909, d. 1909.

(D) Roland Keith Vincent, b. 23-02-1911 in Wangaratta.  aka Keith. He married Rose Lavinia Murphy, married c1940.

(E) Ronald Dale Vincent, b. 10-09-1917. He married Phyllis Mabel Gourley, married c1940, b. c1919.

h.   Mary Elizabeth Vincent, b. 1887 in Wangaratta, d. 22-06-1913 in Wangaratta.

i.     Rowland Jacob Vincent, b. 1889 in Wangaratta, d. 1975 in VIC. He married Vera Edith Roberts/Cook, married 1909, b. c1890.

(A) Elva Alice Vincent, b. 1910. She married Norm Cox.

(1)  Valerie Elva Cox, b. 01-09-1933 in VIC. She married Leonard Arthur Wright, married c1955, b. 30-10-1932 in VIC.

(2)  Ilma Gladys Cox, b. 17-08-1935 in VIC. She married Robert Cowley Deuchar, married c1956 in VIC, b. 06-01-1931.

j.     Norman Wilfred Vincent, b. 03-12-1892 in Wangaratta, d. 12-10-1960 in Mooroopna Hosp, VIC. He married (1) Edith Isobel Mather, married 1914, b. 1890 in Tallangatta, d. 1942. He married (2) Beatrice May Mouritz, married c1942, b. 1895, d. 30-11-1975 in Shepparton, VIC.

(A) Norma Isobel Vincent, (daughter of Norman Wilfred Vincent and Edith Isobel Mather) b. 19-04-1915. She married Sydney Ward Dudley, married 1939 in VIC.

(B) John Rowland Vincent, (son of Norman Wilfred Vincent and Edith Isobel Mather) b. 31-10-1919. He married Kathlyn Rowe, married 1940.

(1)  Peter John Vincent. He married Ellen Costello, married 1965.

k.    Cedric Gordon Vincent, b. 1894 in Wangaratta, d. 01-05-1977 in Wangaratta. He married (1) Elsie Sarah Stoker, married 1915, b. 1893 in VIC, d. 1917 in Wangaratta. He married (2) Hilda Bowen, married c1919, b. 1896 in VIC, d. 11-01-1959 in Wangaratta.

(A) Varla May Vincent, (daughter of Cedric Gordon Vincent and Elsie Sarah Stoker) b. 1916 in Wangaratta, d. 1916 in Wangatatta.

(B) Basil Vincent, (son of Cedric Gordon Vincent and Hilda Bowen). He married Joan Forge.

(1)  Garry Vincent.  At least 3 children. He married Unknown Symes.

(2)  Wendy Vincent.  At least 3 children. She married Unknown Kelly.

5.    William Edgar DALE, b. 1851 in Gundaroo. He married (1) Amelia WILLIAMS, married 1873 in Albury, NSW, b. c1855 in Albury, d. 1878. He married (2) Elizabeth Madeline J Vonarx, married 1880 in Wangaratta.

a.    Edgar Percy DALE, (son of William Edgar DALE and Amelia WILLIAMS) b. 1874 in Wangaratta. He married Ruth Margaret Lee, married 1896 in Wangaratta.

(A) Claude Clifford Dale, b. in Queenscliffe, VIC.

(B) Darrell Livingstron Dale, b. 1897 in Omeo, VIC.

b.    William Ernest DALE, (son of William Edgar DALE and Amelia WILLIAMS) b. 1876 in Wangaratta. He married Mary Jane Blaikie, married 1896 in Wangaratta.

(A) Clarence Roy Dale, b. 1897.

c.    Samuel Victor DALE, (son of William Edgar DALE and Amelia WILLIAMS) b. 1878 in Wangaratta, d. 1878 in Wangaratta.

d.    Lindsay Villiers DALE, (son of William Edgar DALE and Elizabeth Madeline J Vonarx) b. 1882 in Wangaratta, d. 1884.

e.    Edgar William DALE, (son of William Edgar DALE and Elizabeth Madeline J Vonarx) b. 1883 in Wangaratta, d. 1884 in Wangaratta.

6.    Josiah John DALE, b. 1853 in Gundaroo, d. 1854 in Wangaratta.

7.    Salome Ann DALE, b. 1856 in Wangaratta, d. 1891 in Hawthorn. She married William Thomas Betteson, married 20-04-1881 in Wangaratta, b. 19-03-1853 in Devonport, Devon, UK, d. 1921 in Armadale, Melbourne.

a.    William Thomas Betteson, b. 1882 in Traralgon, d. 1900 in Melbourne.

b.    Oswald Holmes Betteson, b. 1883 in Traralgon, d. 1957 in Melbourne. He married Gertrude May Clarke, married 1909 in VIC, b. 1884 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, d. 1927 in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.

(A) William Lloyd Betteson, b. 1910 in Brunswick North, VIC.

(B) Keith Holmes Betteson, b. 1911 in Brunswick North, VIC, d. 1969 in Camp, VIC. He married Elva Barrett Page.

(C) Myrna Hope Betteson, b. 1915 in Ivanhoe, Melbourne. She married Robert Edward Treganowen.

(1)  Bruce Treganowen.

(2)  Brian Treganowen.

(3)  Julie Myrna Treganowen. She married Peter Keatson Reith.

(a)  Paul Reith.

(4)  Lyndy Treganowen.

(D) Beryl Lois Betteson, b. 1919 in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.

c.    Salome Ethel Betteson, b. 1886 in Traralgon.

d.    Harold Betteson, b. 1888 in Traralgon, d. 1948 in St Kilda, Melbourne. He married Ellen Emily Charlesworth, married 14-01-1914 in Balaclava, VIC, b. 1890 in Redfern, d. ??-01-1968.

(A) Mona Delores Betteson, b. 1914 in South Yarra.  Maybe Maria Delores Betteson. She married Dudley Ross, b. in QLD, d. c1987 in Melbourne.

(B) Yvonne Salome Betteson, b. 19-01-1917 in St Kilda, d. 20-07-1999 in Fitzroy. She married Eric Arthur Meates, married 1950 in VIC, b. 1914 in Northcote, VIC.

(C) Faith Lorraine Mavis Betteson, b. 1928 in VIC, d. ??-06-1929 in VIC.

(D) Ailsa Ellen Elizabeth Betteson, b. 15-04-1929 in Yallourn, VIC. She married Walther Emil Sjogren, married 11-12-1954 in Melbourne, b. 30-04-1933 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

8.    Henry Samuel DALE, b. 1858 in Wangaratta, d. 1930 in Warrigal, VIC. He married Letitia CHANDLER, married 1880 in Wangaratta, b. 1859 in Wangaratta.

a.    Letitia Ann DALE, b. 1882 in Wangaratta, d. 1957 in Traralgon. She married Elliot De La Poir Cairnes, b. 1878 in Sandringham, VIC.

(A) Viva Beresford Cairnes, b. 1908 in Malvern, VIC.

(B) Elliot Henry Cairnes, b. 1910 in Malvern, VIC.

b.    Ruby Moira DALE, b. 1885 in Wangaratta, d. 1967 in Melbourne. She married Aubrey Frederick Ashley, married 1907 in VIC.

(A) Frederick Aubrey Ashley, b. 1920 in Morwell.

9.    John Thomas Dale, b. 1861, d. 1933 in Melbourne. He married Catherine Carey, married 1885 in Wangaratta, b. 1862, d. 1898 in Wangaratta.

a.    Ann Dale, b. 1886 in Wangaratta.

b.    Mary Ethel Dale, b. 1888 in Rutherglen, VIC.

c.    John Thomas Dale, b. 1889 in Rutherglen, d. 1954 in Parkville, Melbourne.

d.    William Dale, b. 1891 in Wangaratta, d. 1967 in North Melbourne.

C.  Sarah Berringer, b. 25-02-1823 in Parta, Parramatta.  Signed her name a Australia Sarah Collins. She married William COLLINS, married 13-03-1845 in St Lawrence’s CofE, Sydney, b. 1815 in The Rocks, Sydney, d. 05-12-1879 in Granhamstown, NSW.  William: one reference had another son William T Collins b1854 but Neville Collins can find no record of him.

1.    Alfred Henry COLLINS, b. 21 Jan 1843 in Sydney, d. 1930 in Young.  N Collins has birth as 30/1/1845 in Sydney. He married Annie ORR, married 1867 in Beechworth.

a.    Alfred James Jackson COLLINS, b. 1869 in Beechworth, d. 1919 in Murrumburrah, NSW. He married Matilda C Richardson, married 1892 in Young, b. 1869 in Young.

(A) William G Collins, b. 1902 in Young.

b.    Ellen COLLINS, b. 1873 in Eldorado, VIC.

c.    Amy COLLINS, b. 1875 in Adelong, NSW.

d.    Siloma M COLLINS, b. 1877 in Adelong, NSW.

e.    Robert Henry COLLINS, b. 1880 in Adelong, NSW.

f.     Garnet J COLLINS, b. 1882 in Adelong, NSW, d. 1918 in Redfern.

g.    Albert S COLLINS, b. 1885 in Adelong, NSW. He married Mary J Bozeat, married 1906 in Murrumburrah, NSW, b. 1888 in Young.

(A) Robert Collins, b. 1907 in Young.

(B) Mary M Collins, b. 1909 in Young.

(C) Albert Collins, b. 1911 in Young.

(D) James Collins, b. 1912 in Young.

2.    George Frederick COLLINS, b. 8 Apr 1846 in Sydney, d. 30-05-1847 in Sydney.

3.    William Richard John Berringer COLLINS, b. 11 Jun 1847 in Sydney, d. 8-07-1908 in Gundagai. He married (1) Mary DUNLEVY, married 1874 in Adelong, d. 1899 in Adelong. He married (2) Ellen Howell, married 1901 in Adelong.

a.    Cordelia Catherine COLLINS, (daughter of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1875 in Adelong, NSW. She married James C Alexander, married 1899 in Ryde.

(A) Daisy M Alexander, b. 1901 in Paddington.

(B) James W Alexander, b. 1903 in Leichhardt.

b.    Arthur W G COLLINS, (son of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1877 in Adelong, NSW.

c.    Frederick Burnet COLLINS, (son of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1879 in Adelong, NSW.

d.    William Berringer COLLINS, (son of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1881 in Adelong, NSW.

e.    Mary M COLLINS, (daughter of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1883 in Adelong, NSW.

f.     Anthony J COLLINS, (son of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1885 in Adelong, NSW, d. 1887 in Adelong, NSW.

g.    Pearl S COLLINS, (daughter of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1888 in Adelong, NSW.

h.   Rosa May COLLINS, (daughter of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1890 in Adelong, NSW, d. 25-09-1978 in Kaitaia, NZ. She married Joseph Henry BARRINGTON, married 1910 in NZ, b. 05-12-1884.  Joseph: aka Harry; brother of Esther Mary Barrington.

(A) Colin BARRINGTON, b. 23-01-1914. He married Olive Florence Wood, married 1940 in NZ.

(B) Edward BARRINGTON, b. 1916, d. c1946.  Never Married.

(C) Noel BARRINGTON, b. 23-05-1918, d. 01-01-1994. He married Mary Stanford Unknown, married 1941 in NZ, d. 01-06-1994.

(D) Beryl BARRINGTON, b. 10-09-1920 in Auckland. She married (1) Harold Edwin DAY, d. 03-08-1944 in New Plymouth, NZ.  Harold: Died in an air accident. She married (2) Frank LUNJEVICH, b. 03-06-1914 in Kaitaia, NZ, d. 23-10-1978 in Kaitaia.

(E) Joan Etta BARRINGTON, b. 25-01-1923 in Morrisville, NZ, d. 1981 in Auckland. She married Thomas Henry MILLAR, married 1946 in NZ, b. c1914, d. 1978 in Dargaville.

(F)  Rose Marie BARRINGTON, b. 1930 in Papatoetoe.  aka Marie; alternate birth date of 1924. Partner Unknown. She married (2) Ib Madsen, married 1961 in NZ.

i.     Bernard Victor COLLINS, (son of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1892 in Adelong. He married Delia.

j.     Felix S J COLLINS, (son of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Mary DUNLEVY) b. 1894 in Adelong.

k.    Phoebe M Collins, (daughter of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Ellen Howell) b. 1902 in Adelong.

l.     Richard J Collins, (son of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Ellen Howell) b. 1904 in Adelong.

m.   Emily E T Collins, (daughter of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Ellen Howell) b. 1906 in Adelong.

n.   Grace G Collins, (daughter of William Richard John Berringer COLLINS and Ellen Howell) b. 1908 in Adelong.

4.    Louisa Ann COLLINS, b. 21 Apr 1849 in Gawlertown, SA, d. 5-02-1888 in Newtown. She married William R WALLBANK, married 1868 in VIC, b. 1823 in Lancashire.

a.    William T WALLBANK, b. 1869 in Beechworth.

b.    Louisa Burnett WALLBANK, b. 1871. She married James BOURKE, married 1893 in Campbelltown, NSW, b. 1859 in Sydney.

(A) Mary Veronica BOURKE, b. 1895 in Sydney. She married Albert BROWN, married 30 Apr 1931, b. 7 Oct 1904 in Cardiff, Wales, d. 1975.

(1)  Gwenydd Shirley BROWN, b. 10 Feb 1932 in Blacktown, NSW. She married Ronald Clifford WRATTEN, married 8 Sep 1953, b. 20 Dec 1929, d. 4 12 1988 in Alice Springs.

(2)  Bessie Olwyn BROWN, b. 10 Nov 1934 in Sydney.  aka Bobby. She married Bruce Ian BAKER, married 12 Jan 1957, b. 9 Mar 1927 in Maclean, d. 15 Jun 1990 in Maclean.

(B) William J BOURKE, b. 1897. He married Irene V Freeman, married 1926 in Canterbury, b. 1901 in Sydney.

(1)  Laurence BOURKE.

(2)  Joan BOURKE.

(3)  Jill BOURKE.

(C) Margaret L BOURKE, b. 1901, d. 1902.

(D) Frederick J BOURKE, b. 1904 in Sydney. He married Eileen M Melville, married 1932 in Gundagai.

(1)  Molly BOURKE.

(2)  Patricia BOURKE.

(E) James E BOURKE, b. 1907 in Glebe. He married Vera B A OWENS, married 1929, b. 1908 in Penrith.

(1)  John BOURKE.

(2)  Peter BOURKE.

(3)  Ann BOURKE.

c.    Alice A WALLBANK, b. 1877 in Adelong, d. 1938 in Burwood. She married (1) John WISE, married 1908 in Sydney. She married (2) Thomas Coleman, married 1920 in Tamworth.

d.    Charles James WALLBANK, b. 1880 in Adelong.

e.    Elsie Redier WALLBANK, b. 1882 in Adelong.

f.     Sydney A WALLBANK, b. 1885 in Adelong, d. 1885 in Adelong.

g.    Ethel M WALLBANK, b. 1886 in Sydney. She married William Harold ELLSON, married 1911 in Sydney, b. 1874 in Bega, d. 1945 in Randwick.

(A) Marjory Ellson, b. 1910 in Sydney.

(B) Frederick Harold Ellson, b. 1911 in Sydney. He married Dorothy Bowden, married 1934 in Sydney.

(1)  William Frederick Ellson, d. 1936 in Annandale.

(C) John W Ellson, b. 1916 in Newtown.

(D) Dorothy May L Ellson, d. 1936 in Randwick.

5.    Emily Sarah COLLINS, b. 19 Aug 1851 in Waterville, SA, d. 13 Aug 1935 in Grahamstown, NSW. She married John Henry GILLMAN, married 18 Oct 1873 in Grahamstown, b. 1829 in Co Cork, Ire, d. 19 Nov 1909 in Grahamstown.

a.    Blanche Gertrude GILLMAN, b. 1873 in Adelong, d. 5 Sep 1930 in Sydney.  Never married.

b.    Catherine Emily GILLMAN, b. 8 Nov 1875 in Grahamstown, d. 13 May 1936 in Auckland. She married James MOON, married 13 May 1900 in Albany, WA, b. 10 May 1872 in Adelong, d. 28 Sep 1923 in Auckland.

(A) John Henry MOON, b. 21 Apr 1901 in Adelong, d. SEP 1972 in Auckland. He married Iris Elizabeth ADAMS, married 1924 in NZ, b. 07-08-1905, d. 26 Jan 1987 in Auckland.

(1)  Brian MOON, b. 1928 in Auckland. He married Antoinette Paula PLUNKETT, married 1955 in NZ.

(B) Donald Austin MOON, b. 15 Sep 1905 in Reefton, NZ, d. 1 Sep 1974 in Auckland. He married Alma Esther HALLORAN, married 1929, b. OCT 1908, d. 2 Mar 1974.

(1)  Donald Rodney MOON, b. 16 Jan 1930 in Auckland. He married Faye McKENZIE, married 1954 in NZ.

(2)  Graham Neil MOON, b. 15 Dec 1935 in Auckland.  lives in Australia. He married Ellen Mary Toomey, married 1975 in NZ, b. 06-10-1930.

(3)  Sharon Kaye MOON, b. 23 Jan 1944 in Auckland. She married Robert BRIMBLE, married 1968

(C) James Raymond MOON, b. 14 Apr 1908 in Reefton, NZ, d. 15 Aug 1975 in Auckland. He married Emily Ellen MILLAN, married 20 Jun 1931 in Thames, NZ, b. 3 Mar 1912 in Wairoa, d. 3 Sep 1968 in Auckland.

(1)  Raymond Austin MOON, b. 20 Sep 1933 in Thames, NZ. He married Valerie Joan MARSH, married 26 Mar 1960, b. 9 Dec 1939 in Avondale, Auckland.

(D) Daisy May MOON, b. 19 Sep 1912 in Gisbourne, NZ. She married George Walton Hill WALLACE, married 1936 in NZ, b. 1914 in Auckland.

(1)  Ronald George WALLACE, b. 29 Jun 1937 in Auckland. He married (1) Margaret. He married (2) Bronwyn, married c1965, b. in Aust.

(E) Mavis Vera MOON, b. 12 Mar 1915 in Gisbourne, NZ, d. 1 Feb 1987 in Auckland. She married (1) George Edward PORTER, married 1935 in NZ, d. 1986. She married (2) George Alexander BLACK, married 1960 in NZ, b. 13 Dec 1920, d. 12 Sep 1986 in Auckland.

(1)  George Edward PORTER, (son of George Edward PORTER and Mavis Vera MOON) b. FEB 1936 in Auckland. He married Maree, b. in UK.

(2)  Catherine Sylvia Hephezbah PORTER, (daughter of George Edward PORTER and Mavis Vera MOON) b. MAY 1938 in Auckland. She married (1) Joseph Laurence GARNER, married 1958 in NZ. She married (2) _____ O’HANLON, married c1991.

(F)  Geoffrey MOON, b. 1 Oct 1918 in Auckland.  Never married.

c.    William Henry GILLMAN, b. 1878 in Grahamstown, d. 8 Jun 1929 in Waterfall, NSW.  Never married.

d.    Francis John GILLMAN, b. 17 Apr 1880 in Grahamstown, d. 22 Apr 1941. He married Elizabeth Brown, married 10-02-1907 in Reefton, NZ, b. 1884 in Grahamstown, d. 20-06-1972.

(A) Elma Evelyn Gillman, b. 1908 in Adelong. She married Uknown Toulmin.

(B) Alexander Leslie Gillman, b. 1909 in Murramburrah. He married (1) Florence M Wilke, married 1931 in Sydney, b. in Sydney. He married (2) Thelma.

(1)  Norman Francis Gillman, (son of Alexander Leslie Gillman and Florence M Wilke) b. c1934, d. 28-05-1951 in Nowra.

(2)  Leslie Gillman, (son of Alexander Leslie Gillman and Florence M Wilke).

(3)  John Gillman, (son of Alexander Leslie Gillman and Florence M Wilke).

(4)  Irene Gillman, (daughter of Alexander Leslie Gillman and Thelma).

(C) Linda May Gillman, b. 1911 in Murrumburrah. She married William J Tyrrel, married 1935 in Kiama.

(D) Jessie Gillman, b. 1914 in Murrumburrah.

e.    Arthur Ernest GILLMAN, b. 15 Jul 1882 in Adelong, d. 21 Sep 1957 in Hokitika, NZ. He married Maud Albaun Alice Paulina HAUB, married 24 Oct 1912 in Reefton, b. 9 Jun 1891 in Reefton, d. 9 Mar 1965 in Nelson, NZ.

(A) Maude Marion Emily Isobelle GILLMAN, b. AUG 1913 in Wellington. She married David John HYNDMAN, married 21 Dec 1943 in NZ, b. 7 Oct 1909 in Greymouth.

(B) Alma Florence GILLMAN, b. 22 Jul 1916 in Reefton. She married Patrick John POWER, married 17 Sep 1940, b. 31 Mar 1915 in Granity, Nelson, NZ.

(C) Arthur Conrad Edward GILLMAN, b. 26 Dec 1918 in Reefton, d. 17 Jan 1989 in Greymouth. He married Doris Joan McCORMACK, married 1947 in NZ, b. 16 Aug 1923 in Lyttleton, NZ, d. 26 Oct 1974 in Hokitika.

(D) Joyce Mariett GILLMAN, b. 1926 in Reefton. She married Allan Prescott BOOTE, married 28-11-1954 in Reefton, b. 03-02-1931 in Greymouth.

f.     Ethel Mary GILLMAN, b. 1885 in Grahamstown, d. 1928 in Ardlethan. She married Charles W Crameri, married 1903.

(A) Rita M Crameri, b. 1905 in Adelong.

(B) Hazel M Crameri, b. 1907 in Adelong, d. 1908 in Adelong.

(C) John Benjamin Crameri, b. 1909 in Adelong. He married Eileen Flack, married 1943 in Griffith or Gulgong.

(D) Cathleen H Crameri, b. 1909 in Adelong.

(E) Blanch May Crameri, b. 1912 in Adelong. She married Allan James Walker, married 1937 in Woollahra.

(F)  Alma Margaret Crameri, b. 1917 in Adelong  She married Norman Roland Wallace, married 1940 in Mosman.

g.    Sarah Ellen GILLMAN, b. 1887 in Adelong, d. 1976. She married Donald McKenzie, married 1910 in Tumut, b. 27-04-1889 in Stanley, VIC (son of Donald McKenzie and Christina Murray), d. 1979 in Bathurst.

(A) Leslie Edward McKenzie, b. 03-12-1910 in Adelong, d. 2006.  lived in Auckland. He married Mary Grace Unknown, married 1944 in NZ.

(1)  Jeanette Lesley McKenzie, b. 1945 in Auckland. She married (1) Clarence Walton Moffitt, married 1966 in NZ. She married (2) Roy Sweet, married 1987. She married (3) Unknown Burton, married c1990.

(B) John R McKenzie, b. 14-09-1913 in Adelong, d. 1999.

(C) Kenneth Percy McKenzie, b. 1916 in Adelong, d. 1999.

(D) Myrtle Irene McKenzie. She married Patrick O’Brien Savage, married 1940 in Adelong, b. 1916 in Temora.

(E) Alexander McKenzie, b. 1918 in Adelong.

(F)  Cecil McKenzie.

(G) Nancy May McKenzie, b. 5-08-1927 in Wagga Wagga, d. 6-07-2005.  2 children. She married Donald Edward McInness, married 1953 in Wagga Wagga, b. 4-10-1926 in Newcastle, d. 25-12-2006 in Brisbane, Qld.

h.   Percy Aldolphus GILLMAN, b. 1890 in Adelong, d. 25 May 1929 in Cooma.  Never married.

i.     Violet A GILLMAN, b. 1892 in Grahamstown, d. 1893 in Adelong.

j.     Edward Alfred GILLMAN, b. 1894 in Grahamstown, d. 31 Aug 1972 in Christchurch. He married Honora Tovey.

6.    Harriett Augusta COLLINS, b. 9 Oct 1853 in Collingwood, VIC, d. 1859 in Prahran, VIC.  died as a child.

7.    Frederick Alexander Augustus COLLINS, b. 4 Aug 1855 in Nth Melbourne, d. 29-09-1985 in Auckland, NZ.

8.    Walter Robert Jordan COLLINS, b. 26 Nov 1856 in Taradale, VIC, d. 1859 in VIC.

9.    Ethelinda Ernestina COLLINS, b. 16 Sep 1860 in Myrtleford, VIC, d. 1912 in QLD. She married Albert Arthur H FRANKLIN, married 1877 in Adelong.

a.    William FRANKLIN, b. 1878 in Adelong.

b.    Frederick Alfred H FRANKLIN, b. 1880 in Adelong.

c.    Linda A M FRANKLIN, b. 1883 in Adelong.

d.    Clive W E FRANKLIN, b. 1886 in Cootamundra, d. 1891 in Cootamundra.

e.    Vera A FRANKLIN, b. 1888 in Adelong, d. 1889 in Cootamundra.

10. Ernest Leopold COLLINS, b. 6 Jun 1862 in Myrtleford, d. 06-02-1927 in Sydney.  Never married.

11. Victor Valentine COLLINS, b. 14 Feb 1864 in Bowman’s Forest, Beechworth, d. 1 Apr 1962 in Papakura, NZ. He married Esther Mary BARRINGTON, married 1902 in Coromandel, b. c1873, d. 1969 in Papakura, Auckland.  Esther: sister of Joseph H Barrington.

a.    Alice Beely COLLINS, b. 1903 in Auckland, d. 1981 in Papakura. She married (1) Nathaniel Evanson BEAMISH, married 12-11-1924, b. 1901 in Pukekohe, d. 16-04-1959 in Pukekawa. She married (2) Hector Stewart Lee, married 1963 in NZ, b. 13-09-1900 in Drury, NZ, d. 1986 in Papakura, Auckland.  Hector: brother of Walter Vernon Lee.

(A) Shirley Joan BEAMISH, (daughter of Nathaniel Evanson BEAMISH and Alice Beely COLLINS) b. 23 May 1927 in Auckland. She married Barrie Kingsford LOGAN, married 08-11-1952 in NZ.

b.    Essie Berenger COLLINS, b. 1905. She married Walter Vernon LEE, married 1926 in NZ, b. 24-03-1902 in Pukekohe, d. 1985 in Auckland.

(A) Vernon Roderick LEE, b. 1934 in Auckland. He married Lynnette Wooton Cohen, married 1966 in NZ.

c.    Tom Sydney Barrington COLLINS, b. 30-04-1907 in Auckland, d. 24-11-1988 in Hamilton, NZ. He married Ruby, married 1929 in NZ.

(A) Alan Stuart COLLINS, b. 1931 in Auckland. He married Isabel Mary Unknown, married 1954 in NZ.

12. Sydney Adolphus Henry COLLINS, b. 14 Jun 1866 in Bowman’s Forest, Beechworth, d. 14-06-1909 in Otaika, Whangarei, NZ. He married (1) Amy CHAPMAN, married 1894. He married (2) Elizabeth PALMER, married 10-08-1898 in Coromandel, NZ, b. 18-03-1879 in Rangtikei, NZ, d. 25-11-1958 in Tauranga.

a.    Elsie May COLLINS, (daughter of Sydney Adolphus Henry COLLINS and Elizabeth PALMER) b. 1899, d. 11 May 1910 in Whangarei.

b.    George William COLLINS, (son of Sydney Adolphus Henry COLLINS and Elizabeth PALMER) b. 1900 in Otaika, d. 1917 in Paparoa.

c.    Sydney Victor COLLINS, (son of Sydney Adolphus Henry COLLINS and Elizabeth PALMER) b. 22 Oct 1901 in Otaika, d. 16-05-1989 in Dargaville. He married Phyllis Winifred STEWART, married 28-12-1938 in Dargaville, b. 03-09-1914 in Auckland, d. 26-06-1995 in Dargaville.

(A) Grahame Sydney COLLINS, b. 27 Oct 1939 in Morrinsville, d. 17-09-1994 in Auckland. He married (1) Cecily Marie TURVEY, married 1961 in Auckland, b. 1936 in Auckland, d. 1969 in Auckland. He married (2) Maureen Angela MacGuire, married 1967 in Auckland. He married (3) Deidre Vivienne Stokes, married 1968.

(B) Neville Douglas COLLINS, b. 9 Dec 1940 in Morrinsville. He married Carole M YEABSLEY, married 03-12-1977 in Dargaville, b. 13-07-1950 in Paddington, London.

d.    Violet Etheline COLLINS, (daughter of Sydney Adolphus Henry COLLINS and Elizabeth PALMER) b. 1903 in Otaika, d. 03-10-1963 in Whangarei. She married (1) Roy SMITH, married 1921 in Thames, NZ. She married (2) Leonard Percival MADDEN, married 1944 in Whangarei, b. 02-08-1900, d. 1989 in Whangarei.

(A) Beryl SMITH, (daughter of Roy SMITH and Violet Etheline COLLINS) b. 1922 in Hunterville, NZ.  Never married.

(B) Colin SMITH, (son of Roy SMITH and Violet Etheline COLLINS) b. 04-08-1924, d. ??-02-1997 in Nelson, NZ.  Never married.

(C) Roy Mervyn SMITH, (son of Roy SMITH and Violet Etheline COLLINS) b. 1925 in Morrinsville. He married Elsa May NORTH, married 1946 in Whangarei.

(D) Marie Dawn SMITH, (daughter of Roy SMITH and Violet Etheline COLLINS) b. 1930 in Morrinsville. She married John Casper MEYER, married 20-10-1951, b. 1928 in Eltham, Taranki.

(E) Lorraine E SMITH, (daughter of Roy SMITH and Violet Etheline COLLINS) b. 1932 in Ohinemuri, NZ. Partner Unknown. She married (2) Leslie Edward HODGSON, married 1951 in Whangarei.

e.    Frederick Melbourne COLLINS, (son of Sydney Adolphus Henry COLLINS and Elizabeth PALMER) b. 14 Oct 1904 in Whangarei, d. 1981 in Napier. He married Myrtle Olive DUFF, married 1943 in Ngarauwahia, b. 1914 in Pahiatua.  Myrtle: perviously marreid to Sims.

(A) Judith Gay COLLINS, b. 1944 in Ngarauwahia. She married Walter KNOCHE, married 1964 in Auckland, b. in South Africa.

f.     Laura Adelaide COLLINS, (daughter of Sydney Adolphus Henry COLLINS and Elizabeth PALMER) b. 10 May 1907 in Otaika, Whangarei, d. 04-01-1999 in Whangarei. She married William WILSON, married 1928 in Paetonga, b. c1906 in Scotland, d. 05-02-1956.

(A) Robert WILSON, b. 1929 in Thames, d. 29-10-1998 in Whangarei. He married Nolene SKELTON.

(B) Kenneth WILSON, b. 17 Nov 1931 in Morrinsville, d. 1989 in Whangarei. He married Glenis Elizabeth Mary CHICK, married 1960 in Dargaville, b. 1940 in Tokatoka, Dargaville.  Glenis: Remarried Neil Gallagher.

g.    Ruth Emmaline COLLINS, (daughter of Sydney Adolphus Henry COLLINS and Elizabeth PALMER) b. 29 May 1908 in Whangarei, d. 15-04-1997 in Auckland. She married Elwyn SHERIE, married 1927, b. c1902 in England, d. 1979 in Auckland.  Elwyn: aka Jack.

(A) Brian Keith SHERIE, b. 1928 in Thames. He married Marjory Christine NEILL, married 1950 in Mt Maunganui, b. 1930 in Napier.

(B) Mervyn Francis SHERIE, b. 1929 in Morrinsville.  aka Peter. He married Beverly Ethne MOORE, married 1958, b. 1925 in Ohakune, d. in Auckland.  Beverly: Previuosly married to Moore.

13. Violet May COLLINS, b. 5 Jun 1870 in Bowman’s Forest, Beechworth.


One Response to 04.0 Sarah Elizabeth Bradley Berringer Family Tree

  1. Jeff Collins says:

    Hi Kerrie Anne,
    I found this site by chance. I am a descendent of William Collins (1816-1879) who married Sarah Berringer. William was born to Thomas Collins who arrived on the 2nd Fleet (apparently there were two Thomas Collins’). William was a carter, which explains his travels. Four of William’s children migrated to NZ after ~ 1895, one being my great grandfather F A A Collins and his children. My grandfather (7 Fred) came back to Aust after ~1925, while his brothers (10 Ernie, 11 Vic and 12 Syd ) stayed on in NZ with the resultant large descendent line. Ours is relatively small here. Thanks for the information re NZ, some of which I was aware of.
    Jeff Collins

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