03.0 Lucy Bradley McManus Boulton Family Tree

The following has been drawn from research by my husband David Christian, my mother Joan Adams (Callcott) and Chris Stait – Chris’s relative, the late Marcia Osborne (our former neighbour) assisted in connecting David and Chris.

Lucy Bradley was the third child of First Fleet convict James Bradley and Third Fleet convict Sarah Matilda Barnes.

Lucy Bradley, b. 24-11-1796 in Eastern Farms, d. 14-11-1878 in Meadow Flat, Bathurst.

She married (1) James McManus, married 07-04-1814 in St Johns, Parramatta, b. 08-11-1794 in Sydney Cove, d. 16-11-1838 in Parramatta, occupation Police Magistrate.  James: In the Bathurst district , James McManus Jr , became a POLICE MAGISTRATE.

In this line of work he caught a highway man, showing much sensitivity and bravery. Events in 1828 are shrouded in conjecture, the next 10 years of his life are believed to have been spent in the Parramatta Lunatic sAylum where he died on 6th Nov 1839. There are reports in the Australian of 7th Oct 1829 and 16/10/1829, of the court trial of James McManus. In conclusion “the panel declared that McManus was of unsound mind at the time of comitting the act. The Judge then directed, that the prisoner should be kept in close confinement till his Majesty’s Pleasure be made known upon the subject, which in all likelihood will be a period of 10 mths.” James is believed to have committed suicide while in the Asylum.

The parents of James McManus (Jnr-II) were believed to be James McManus, a Marine on the Sirius in the First Fleet and Jane Poole, a First Fleet Convict on the Charlotte.(Source  : J Henderson 2004 Rootsweb Archive)

James and Lucy had seven children, James 3rd ,Sarah, Jane, JohnElizabeth, Lucy and Catherine. Later Lucy married (2) Isaac Boulton, 15-09-1845 in St Matthews, Windsor, (. 1806 in Prospect, NSW, d. 22-06-1876 in Meadow Flat). She had 2 further children with Isaac, Mary and Maria.

A.   James McManus, (son of James McManus and Lucy Bradley) b. 04-06-1815 in Parramatta. He married Elizabeth Hems, married 1843.

B.   Sarah McManus, (daughter of James McManus and Lucy Bradley) b. 12-04-1817 in Parramatta?, d. 11-06-1900 in Piper’s Flat, Wallerwang.  She married Richard Stait/Staight  (b. 1811 in England, d. 16 Jul 1857 in Woodside Bathurst by accident), a convict, on  29-03-1841 in St Lawrence, Sydney. After Richard’s death, where their youngest child was only 7 months old, Sarah worked as a midwife to support the family. She was trained as a midwife and a governess by Mrs Puxty, daughter of Captain William Bligh. She delivered many of her own grandchildren. See also Ancestry Discussion Board entries on the Stait Family in Australia

Details on RICHARD STAIGHT :- CONVICT – SHIP –    ” PARMELIA”  Left Sheerness 28/7/1832 – arrived Sydney 16/11/1832 – STANDING No OF CONVICT – 32-2710 – INDENT No  -35 – age  -20 – ref:-Microfiche 701

    • EDUCATION  -Reads & Writes
    • RELIGION  -Protestant
    • STATUS  -Single
    • NATIVE PLACE  -Gloucestershire
    • TRADE  -Stable boy,brewer
    • OFFENCE  -Stealing Money
    • TRIED  -6th Jan,1832-Gloucestershire(Tewkesbury)Quarter session
    • SENTENCE  – 7 Years
    • HEIGHT  -5’10”
    • COMPLEXION  -Ruddy,much freckled
    • HAIR  -Auburn
    • EYES  -Grey
    • MARKS OR SCARS  -Scar,back of thumb,mark of a burn on left cheek.
    • HOW DISPOSED OF  -Master Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney.

1.    Emma McManus Stait, b. 19 Jul 1835, d. 19 May 1886 in BINDA NSW.  a Henry L M Doran was b 1870 at Newtown & Clarence and in 1878 at Goulburn. She married Charles H Doran, married 1855.

a.    Sarah A Doran, b. 1856 in Sydney.

b.    Emma J Doran, b. 1856 in Sydney.

c.    George H Doran, b. 1857 in Sydney.

d.    Charles J Doran, b. 1859 in Campbelltown, d. 1888 in Nymagee.

e.    Henry Doran, b. 1860 in Campbelltown.

f.     James C Doran, b. 1864 in Petersham.

g.    Ernest A W Doran, b. 1867 in St Leonards.

2.    William James Stait, b. 1838. He married Mary E M Hampton, married 1896.

a.    William James Stait, b. 1897. He married Sarah J Griffin, married 1922.

(A) Leonard William Stait, d. 1951 in Portland.

(B) Ronald James Stait, b. 14- 7-1925. He married Lorna.

(C) Izetta Olive Stait, b. 09-02-1927. She married ? Matthews.

(D) Mervyn Ralph Stait, b. 25-10-1929. He married Muriel Angwin.

(E) Isabel Stait, b. 30-06-1931.  married a Sharp.

(F)  Leila May Stait, b. 14-05-1937. She married (1) James Henry McGregor GalbraithJames: aka Scotty.  She married (2) Barry Lidden.

(G) Elaine Joan Stait, b. 28-10-1938.

b.    Archibald H Stait, b. 1899. He married Mary A Titus, married 1922.

(A) Iszella V Stait, d. 1923.

c.    Izella V Stait, b. 1902, d. 1902 in Sunny Corner.

d.    Doris M Stait, b. 1905, d. 1910 in Portland.

3.    John Oscar Stait, b. 8 Oct 1841, d. 5 Oct 1920 in Portland. He married Jane Thompson, b. 1845, d. 30 Sep 1922 in Portland.

a.    Richard James Stait, b. 1868, d. 16 Oct 1957 in Portland. He married Bridget Green, married 1891, d. 28 Aug 1938 in Portland.

(A) James Stait, b. 1892, d. 16 May 1963 in Portland. He married Edith M Chapman, married 1917.

(B) Mary Elsie Stait, b. 1895, d. 22 Jul 1981 in Portland. She married Alexander George Trudgett, married 1917, d. 21 Jul 1962 in Portland.

(1)  Merle Trudgett.

(2)  Urban Trudgett.

(3)  Jack Trudgett.

(C) William John Stait, b. 1901, d. 10 Aug 1966 in Portland. He married Vera Cole, married 1925, d. 23 Oct 1986 in Portland.

(1)  Rita Stait.

(D) Leslie Thomas Stait, b. 1903, d. 13 Dec 1973 in Portland. He married Gladys V Slattery, married 1924, d. 10 Nov 1977 in Portland.

(1)  Joy Stait.

(E) Richard J Stait, b. 8 Feb 1905, d. 1982 in Portland. He married Valerie M Lowe, married 25 May 1934, b. 24 Apr 1911.

(F)  Agnes B Stait, b. 1907 in Sunny Corner, d. 27 Mar 1936 in Portland. She married Edwin J Thompson, married 1926.

(1)  Roy Thompson.

(2)  Florence Thompson.

(G) Florence S Stait, b. 14 Nov 1909. She married Michael F B Moore, married 15 Oct 1932, b. 21 Mar 1908.

(1)  John Moore.

(2)  Patricia Moore.

(3)  Leslie Moore.

(4)  Brian Moore.

(5)  Michael Moore.

(6)  Elaine Moore.

b.    John Thomas Stait, b. 1869, d. 1923. He married Elizabeth A Taylor, married 1895, d. 1 May 1937 in Wallerawang.

(A) Olive S J Stait, b. 24 Oct 1896. She married Richard J Ryder, married 1919.

(1)  Joyce Ryder.

(B) John E Clive Stait, b. 1898. He married Deborah Ruby Cornish, married 1920.

(1)  Ruby Stait.

(2)  Rita Olive Stait. She married Jack Young, married 1943.

(3)  Hazel Stait.

(4)  Jack Stait.

(5)  Faye Stait.

(6)  John Edward Stait, d. 1945.

(C) Leonard E R Stait, b. 1900, d. 1900.

(D) George Athol Ross Stait, b. 10 Mar 1901. He married Hilda May Grabham, married 1936.

(1)  Thomas Stait.

(2)  Judy Stait.

(3)  Edward Stait.

(E) Eileen M M Stait, b. 15 Jun 1903, d. 7 Jul 1975 in Portland. She married John Daniel Casey, married 1923.

(F)  Esma G Stait, b. 5 May 1905. She married Roy J Dade, married 1924.

(1)  Ruby Dade.

(G) Elizabeth Jean Stait, b. 24 Jun 1915. She married James Kearns, married 11 Aug 1934 in Portland, b. 6 Dec 1908.

(1)  James Kearns.

(2)  Esma Kearns.

(H) Amos J T Stait, b. 1917, d. 1919.

c.    Jane Stait, b. 1871, d. 16 Jun 1931 in Portland. She married Daniel Kates, married 1889, d. 18 Jul 1926 in Portland.

(A) Atherton Searle Kates, b. 1890. He married Dorothy Maud Gillam, married 1915 in Randwick.

(1)  Marjory Jane Kates, b. 1915. She married Norman Daniel Wilson, married 1938 in Sydney.

(2)  Jack Kates, b. 1923.

(3)  Joan Lorraine Kates, b. 1925.

(B) Daniel Levi Kates, b. 1891 in Lithgow. He married Eliza Chadwick, married 1915 in Petersham, b. 1893.

(1)  Keith Stanley Kates, b. 1917. He married Rita May Walker, married 1939 in Wollongong.

(2)  Gladys Jean Kates, b. 1918. She married Henry Philip Hope, married 1936 in Armidale, b. 1912.

(a)  Denise Hope, b. 1936. She married John Dowsett, b. 1935.

(3)  Allan Ross Kates, b. 1920. He married Marie Olive Roberts, married 1943 in Wollongong, b. 1921.

(C) George S C Kates, b. 1893 in Lithgow.

(D) Stanley Kates, d. 6 Nov 1948 in Portland.

(E) Emily A G Kates, b. 1897 in Lithgow. She married Hubert M McClelland, married 1924 in Portland.

(F)  Doris M Kates, b. 1900 in Lithgow. She married Sydney C W Herbert, married 1927 in Redfern.

(G) Ruby P Kates, b. 1903 in Lithgow. She married John L McCabe, married 1921 in Ashfield.

d.    William Stait, b. 1872, d. 1872.

e.    George Stait, b. 16 Jan 1874, d. 7 Sep 1956 in Lithgow. He married Sarah E Alexander, married 1904, b. 23 Aug 1886, d. 22 Dec 1970 in Lithgow.

(A) Henry George A Stait, b. 14 Nov 1904. He married (1) Gwen Griffiths. He married (2) Jessie C Tulley, married 1925.

(B) Nellie V Stait, b. 23 Feb 1906. She married (1) Ben Potts. She married (2) John H Porter, married 1924.

(1)  George Porter Potts, (son of Ben Potts and Nellie V Stait).

(2)  Neville Porter Potts, (son of Ben Potts and Nellie V Stait).

(3)  Eva Porter Potts, (son of Ben Potts and Nellie V Stait).

(4)  John Porter /Potts, (son of Ben Potts and Nellie V Stait).

(C) Robert John Stait, b. 9 Dec 1907, d. 6 Dec 1981 in Wollongong. He married Jessie Wilkie, married 1927, b. 1 Feb, d. 30 Aug 1977 in Wollongong.

(1)  Joan Stait.

(2)  Jean Stait.

(D) Eva Estelle Stait, b. 8 Jul 1910. She married Albert Charles Hill, married 1943.

(E) Yvonne Elsie Stait, b. 18 Mar 1915. She married William Shaw, married 1940

(F)  Beryl Jane Stait, b. 18 Jul 1916. She married Ronald George Field, married 1937.

(1)  Robyn Field.

(2)  Noelle Field.

(3)  Deidre Field.

(G) Daphne Joyce Stait, b. 28 Jun 1919. She married (1) Don Shubert. She married (2) Peter Joseph William Kremer, married 1940.

(H) Ronald Stait, b. 5 Jul 1928. He married (1) Iris Griffith. He married (2) Beryl ?.

(1)  Graham Stait, (son of Ronald Stait and Iris Griffith).

(2)  Rodney Stait, (son of Ronald Stait and Iris Griffith).

(3)  Rhonda Stait, (daughter of Ronald Stait and Iris Griffith).

f.     Alice Stait, b. 1876. She married John L Webb, married 1900.  John: aka Jack.

(A) Ada Webb.

(B) Jack Webb.

(C) Harry Webb.

(D) Stan Webb.

g.    Christina Stait, b. 1878. She married James Horstman, married 1902.

(A) Harry Horstman.

(B) Thelma Horstman.

(C) Jack Horstman.

h.   Gertrude Stait, b. 29 Jan 1881, d. 9 Aug 1944 in Portland. She married George R Toyer, married 1903, b. 26 Dec 1880, d. AUG 1955 in Portland.

(A) Lance Toyer, b. 25 Oct 1906, d. 3 Apr 1954 in FRENCH’S FOREST. He married Aileen Nattrass, married 1931.

(1)  Jean Toyer.

(2)  Raymond Toyer.

(B) Ida Toyer, b. 5 Sep 1908.

(C) Thelma Toyer, b. 19 Aug 1910, d. 6 Sep 1965 in Portland. She married Thurborn Rowlands, d. 17 Jul 1954 in Portland.

(1)  Mary Rowlands.

(2)  Margaret Rowlands.

(3)  Joy Rowlands.

(D) Vera Toyer, b. 19 Jul 1912. She married Dick Coleman, married 16 Apr 1938, b. 8 Oct 1911, d. 12 Jan 1964 in Portland.

(1)  Herbert Coleman.

(2)  Elizabeth Coleman.

i.     Selina Stait, b. 10 Oct 1883, d. 12 Jul 1898 in Sunny Corner.

j.     Alfred Herbert Stait, b. 1885, d. 23 May 1941 in Portland. He married Lillian Anne Kervin, married 27 Dec 1906 in Portland, b. 27 Jan 1884, d. 13 Dec 1960 in Portland.

(A) Horace Claude Stait, b. 8 Jul 1908. He married Margaret L Croker.

(B) Gladys May Stait, b. 21 Jan 1910, d. 28 Dec 1976 in Portland. She married George Ellis, married 21 Jan 1928 in Portland, b. 15 Aug 1905, d. 4 Apr 1986 in Portland.

(1)  Gladys Fay Ellis, b. 2 Jun 1929. She married (1) Felix Frederick John Taylor, b. 5 Jul 1925. She married (2) Max Andrews, b. 1927.

(2)  John Ellis, b. 9 Nov 1931. He married Patricia May McKenzie, married 27 Apr 1951 in Portland.

(C) Doris Lillian Stait, b. 26 Dec 1912. She married Clyde A Turnbull, married 1930.

(D) Edna May Stait, b. 16 Apr 1915. She married James Joseph McDonnell, married 1937.

(E) Stanley Lester Stait, b. 17 Sep 1917.

(F)  Russell Herbet Stait, b. 10 Apr 1926. He married Nancy ?.

k.    Minnie Stait, b. 1888, d. 1888.

l.     Oscar Ernest Stait, b. 5 Apr 1889. He married Margaret Edgar, married AUG 1916 in Portland.

(A) John Stait. He married Val ?.

(1)  Margaret Stait.

(B) Margery Jack Stait, b. 13 Jun 1917. She married Frank Leonard Mawer, married 1942.

4.    Richard Ralph Stait, b. 1843, d. 16 Jul 1928 in Rookwood Sydney. He married Eliza Jane Tindall, married 1877.

5.    Edwin Ryle Stait, b. 17 Jan 1846, d. 1930. He married Martha Boag, married 1869, d. 1929.

a.    William Stait, b. 1873, d. 1937. He married Martha Lowe, married 1899.

(A) Myrtle G Stait, b. 1899 in Sunny Corner. She married Peter A E Woolitch, married 1926 in Lithgow.

(B) Harold C Stait, b. 1901.

(C) Olive J Stait, b. 1903. She married Richard Walsh, married 1926.

(D) Leslie T C Stait, b. 1905.

(E) Henry W K Stait, b. 1909 in Sunny Corner.

(F)  Kenneth Stait, b. 1915 in Sunny Corner, d. 1932 in Portland.

b.    Martha Stait, b. 1875. She married John Young, married 1897.

(A) Mabel E Young, b. 1898 in Sunny Corner.

(B) Adelaide Young, b. 1900 in Sunny Corner, d. 1900.

c.    Grace Stait, b. 1878. She married Thomas J Tattersall, married 1913.

d.    Walter Stait, b. 1880.

e.    George A Stait, b. 1886. He married Elizabeth M Shumack, married 1915.

(A) Mary E Stait, b. 1916 in Lithgow. She married Mervyn Charles Kent, married 1940 in Bathurst.

6.    George Alexander Stait, b. 1847, d. 29 Oct 1917 in Portland. He married Ellen Chapman, married 2 Nov 1871 in Hillend St Andrews, b. 8 Nov 1851, d. 24 Apr 1930 in Portland.

a.    Annie Elizabeth Stait, b. 1872. She married Robert Aden Banning.

(A) Robert Aden Banning, b. 1892 in Sunny Corner.

(B) Elizabeth I Banning, b. 1893 in Sunny Corner, d. 1896.

(C) Ellen S Banning, b. 1895 in Sunny Corner.

(D) Alice E Banning, b. 1896 in Sunny Corner, d. 1896.

(E) Stella J Banning, b. 1898 in Sunny Corner.

(F)  Jean V Banning, b. 1899 in Sunny Corner, d. 1900.

(G) Macie A Banning, b. 1901 in Sunny Corner, d. 1903.

(H) Martha J Banning, b. 1903 in Sunny Corner.

(I)   George S Banning, b. 1906 in Sunny Corner, d. 1907.

b.    William James Stait, b. 1874.

c.    Ellen Sara Stait, b. 1876 in Bathurst, d. 1930. She married Alfred Sparks, married 1898 in Sunny Corner.

(A) Alfred R Sparks, b. 1901 in Sunny Corner.

(B) Olga E Sparks, b. 1908 in Sunny Corner.

(C) Hilton G Sparks, b. 1915 in Sydney.

d.    Jessie Jane Stait, b. 1878. She married Samuel J Bourke, married 1904.

e.    Edith Blanche Stait, b. 1879. She married Donald Urquhart, married 1908.

(A) Arnold W Urquhart, b. 1910 in Barbara.

f.     Emily Selina Stait, b. 1882. She married James Tomlinson.

(A) Hazell J Tomlinson, b. 1900 in Sunny Corner.

(B) Melba M E Tomlinson, b. 1904 in Sunny Corner.

(C) Reta E Tomlinson, b. 1911 in Portland.

(D) James A Tomlinson, b. 1916 in Portland.

g.    Ada Maud Stait, b. 1884. She married (2) Tulketh J S Travers, married 1915.

(A) Percy C Stait, (son of Ada Maud Stait) b. 1901 in Sunny Corner.

(B) Thelma Stait, (daughter of Ada Maud Stait) b. 1904 in Paddington.

(C) Peter Travers, (son of Tulketh J S Travers and Ada Maud Stait) b. 1915 in Randwick.

h.   Bertha E Stait, b. 1888. She married George Larkin, married 1905.

(A) Dorothy W Larkin, b. 1905 in Lithgow.

(B) Marjory M Larkin, b. 1908 in Lithgow.

(C) Reginald G A Larkin, b. 1909 in Wallerawang.

(D) Alexander S Larkin, b. 1916 in Portland.

i.     Ida I Stait, b. 1891.

j.     John O Stait, b. 1893. He married Ellen J McDonald, married 1917.

(A) Jean Marjorie Stait, b. 1918 in Bathurst. She married Dudley Walter Mace, married 1938 in Blayney.

7.    James Benson Stait, b. 1850, d. 1926. He married Barbara Boag, married 1871.

a.    John Stait, b. 1872, d. 1876.

b.    Barbara Ann Stait, b. 1873.

(A) Edmind K Stait, b. 1907 in Rylstone.

(B) Jessie E Stait, b. 1911 in Rylstone, d. 1912.

c.    Rubina Jane Stait, b. 1874. She married John Sharp, married 1890.

(A) Violet M Sharp, b. 1892 in Bathurst.

(B) Franics J Sharp, b. 1893 in Bathurst.

(C) George J Sharp, b. 1895 in Sunny Corner.

(D) Rubina M Sharp, b. 1907 in Sunny Corner.

8.    Eliza Kate Stait, b. 1853, d. 1872.

9.    Hannah Maria Stait, b. 11 Dec 1856, d. 1 Apr 1930 in Wilberforce. She married William Henry Hutchinson, married 1876.

a.    Ethel Maud Hutchinson, b. 1879. She married Alexander Luchetti, married 1901.

(A) Elsie M Luchetti, b. 1901. She married Cecil R Bence, married 1927.

(B) Mary T Luchetti, b. 1902.

(C) Anthony Sylvester Luchetti, b. 1904.  Succeeded Ben Chipley as MP for Macquarie. He married Beatrice May Titus, married 1939.

b.    Arthur E Hutchinson, b. 1883 in Hartley.

c.    Jessie E Hutchinson, b. 1885 in Lithgow, d. 1894.

d.    Walter N Hutchinson, b. 1887 in Lithgow.

e.    Jessie E Hutchinson, b. 1894 in Lithgow.

C.   Jane McMANUS, (daughter of James McManus and Lucy Bradley) b. 15 Apr 1819 in Parramatta, d. 14-12-1858 in Auckland, buried in Grafton Gulley, Auckland.  Jane died of paralysis in the Provincial Hospital. Her death was also registered by Joseph M. Coghlan, of Auckland.

She married James JOHNSON, married 13 May 1839 in St Johns, Parramatta, b. 1813, d. 27 Jun 1858 in Auckland, buried in Grafton Gulley, Auckland.  James: James is a bit of a mystery. It is not known if he was English or Australian. He was brought over by David Nathan as a Cabinet Maker and in a property survey in 1845 was renting a house from David Nathan in West Queen St.  James death was reported by Joseph Coghlan, Carpenter of Auckland.

1.    James JOHNSON, b. 8 Sep 1840 in Parramatta, d. 1841 in Parramatta.

2.    James JOHNSON, b. 1844 in Parramatta, d. 1844 in Parramatta.

3.    Sarah Jane Johnson, b. 12-07-1845 in Auckland, d. 08-07-1866 in Auckland.

4.    Elizabeth Ann Johnson, b. 01-02-1850 in Auckland, d. 1879 in Auckland. She married William Webb, married 28-01-1869 in Auckland, b. 25-10-1845 in Auckland, d. 07-06-1920 in Kaiti, Gosbourne, NZ.

a.    James Webb, b. 16-07-1870 in Auckland, d. 26-02-1951 in Gisbourne.

b.    Anneata Webb, b. 13-11-1872 in Auckland, d. 28-02-1965. She married Walter Charles Nelson, married 13-12-1890 in Auckland, b. 15-08-1857 in Auckland, d. 06-01-1893 in Auckland.

c.    Laura Jane Bowyer Webb, b. 02-06-1875 in Auckland, d. 1954 in Cambridge, NZ. She married William Thomas Snowsill, married 1898, b. c1878, d. 1954 in Cambridge, NZ.

d.    Arthur Turtley Webb, b. 24-08-1877 in Auckland, d. 1957 in Gisbourne. He married Agnes Cecilia Reed, married 1903 in NZ, b. 1876 in Turanga, NZ, d. 1948 in Gisbourne.

e.    Henry Webb, b. 02-09-1879 in Auckland, d. 26-09-1953 in Blenheim, NZ. He married Mildred Louise Hodgkinson, married 1905 in NZ, b. 1879 in Napier, NZ, d. 04-11-1980 in Levin, NZ.

(A) Hazel Webb, b. c1905.

(B) Doris Webb, b. c1906.

(C) Mildred Webb, b. c1907.

5.    Lucy Catherine JOHNSON, b. 21 Sep 1851 in Auckland, d. 3 May 1921 in Waikiekie, Northland, NZ.  Married from the house of David Cole (he was her guardian), where she had lived for 11 years from 1860, since being orphaned in 1858. She married Robert Cossey PIDGEON, married 15 Apr 1872 in Mangapai, b. 1835 in Devon, UK, d. 08-10-1910 in Mangapai, Northland,NZ.

a.    Mary PIDGEON, b. 1873 in Mangapai, NZ, d. 17-04-1957 in Masterton, NZ. She married Ernest Holtham, married 1908 in NZ, b. 1879 in Patea, Taranaki, NZ, d. 02-03-192 in Masterton, NZ.

(A) Arthur John Holtham, b. 1908 in Stratford, NZ, d. 1908 in Ohinemuri, NZ.

(B) Eric Laurence Holtham, b. 1909 in Patea, Taranaki, d. ??-10-1979 in Tauranga, NZ.

(C) Leslie Churnside Holtham, b. 28-07-1911 in Patea, Taranaki, d. 1989 in Napier, NZ.

(D) Una Florence Holtham, b. 1913 in Waverley, Wellington, NZ.

(E) Arthur Ernest Holtham, b. 1916 in Wellington, NZ.

b. Catherine /  Kate PIDGEON, b. 5/11/1874 in Mangapai, Whangarei .   She married James Glennie (Glannis).

(A) Charles Prestidge Glennie b.5/10/1909;

(B) Cora Jean Glennie b. 5/12/1910;

(C) Inez May Glennie 31/10/1912 married ? McKenzie

(1) Child McKenzie

(i) Grandchild McKenzie

(D) Linda Glennie b.18/7/1915

c.    Charlotte PIDGEON, b. 1878 in Mangapai, NZ, d. 11-01-1914 in Waikiekie.  & grandchildren. She married Frank Clifford Smith, married 1902 in Waikiekie, b. 1873 in Auckland, NZ, d. 05-05-1952 in Kamo, Northland, NZ.

(A) Clifford Robert Smith, b. 29-12-1903 in Mangapai, d. 06-02-1980 in Whangarei. He married Hilda McDonald Howie, married 09-04-1930 in NZ, b. 01-01-1907 in Whangarei, d. 05-08-1990 in Whangarei.

(1)  Hugh Ferguson Smith, b. 30-01-1931 in Whangarei. He married Rosemary Ann Sturge, married 16-10-1963 in NZ, b. 12-11-1939 in Whangarei.

(2)  Ray Clifford Smith, b. 24-01-1934 in Whangarei. He married Jeanette Maraget Reed, married 11-07-1959 in NZ, b. 23-11-1937 in Whangarei.

(B) Mabel Eliza Smith, b. 10-09-1906 in Managapai, d. 16-01-1960 in Whangarei. She married Harold Thompson Joll, married 04-06-1930 in NZ, b. 04-07-1902 in Hastings, NZ, d. 18-12-1954.

(1)  Denis Thompson Joll, b. 10-05-1931 in Dargaville, NZ. He married Ivy Elizabeth Rouse, married 10-12-1955 in NZ, b. 08-03-1936 in Whangarei.

(2)  Noleen Muriel Joll, b. 10-02-1933 in Whangarei. She married Denis Edward Cunningham, married 16-2-1952 in NZ, b. c1932.

(C) Muriel Charlotte Smith, b. 1910 in Mangapai, d. 20-01-1978 in Whangarei. She married Richard Ernest Platt, married 1933 in NZ, b. c1913.

(1)  Maureen Mabel Platt, b. 14-12-1934 in Whangarei. She married Alec Raymond Moody, married 1953 in NZ, b. 1928, d. 1994.

(2)  Ngarie Charlotte Platt, b. 1939 in Whangarei. She married David Sylvester Guy, married 1957 in NZ.  David: aka Mick.

c.    Lucy PIDGEON, b. 21-10-1880 in Waikeikei, d. 13-09-1961 in Mt Eden, Auckland. She married Charles Henry STEADMAN, married 19-10-1903 in Waikeikei, NZ, b. 11-07-1881 in Hamilton, NZ, d. 05-12-1947 in Auckland.

(A) Claude Charles STEADMAN, b. 30-05-1905 in Taumarunui, NZ, d. 1990 in Papatoetoe, Auckland.  No children. He married Myrle Ailsa McIntosh, married 1964 in Papatoetoe.

(B) Mervyn Henry STEADMAN, b. 1907 in Taumarunui, NZ, d. 1907 in Taumarunui, NZ.

(C) Reginald Allan STEADMAN, b. 23-11-1908 in Helensville, NZ, d. 1939 in Kawakawa, NZ.

(D) Gladys May STEADMAN, b. 15-08-1914 in Mangapai, d. 10-04-1993 in Takapuna, Auckland. She married (1) John Francis NASH, married 1938 in NZ, b. 1915 in Kawakawa, NZ. She married (2) Clement George Alexander Smith, married 15-08-1944 in Kawakawa, NZ, b. 1917 in Stratford, NZ.

(1)  Ava Lynne NASH, (daughter of John Francis NASH and Gladys May STEADMAN) b. 24-02-1939 in Kawakawa, d. 25-06-1995 in Auckland. She married Neville John Trevor Reeves, married 1958 in Auckland.

(E) Blythe Stanley STEADMAN, b. 01-08-1917 in Mangapai, d. 1922 in Whangarei, NZ.

(F)  Selwyn Sefton STEADMAN, b. 14-01-1921 in Mangapai. He married Irene May DODD, married 27-01-1943 in Kaikohe, NZ, b. 1925 in Kawakawa.

d.    Elizabeth PIDGEON, b. 1883, d. 10-01-1911 in Mangapai.  aka Lizzie. Never married.

f.     Robert PIDGEON, b. 1884 in Mangapai, d. 24-08-1918 in Somme, France, WW1.

g.    Annie PIDGEON, b. 1886 in Mangapai, d. 04-02-1976 in Auckland. She married Gilbert Gunson Rountree, married 1911 in Waikiekie, b. 09-08-1880, d. 04-08-1967 in Auckland.

(A) Marie Rountree, b. 1912 in Dargaville.  aka Molly. She married Walter Henry Rolton, married 1945 in NZ.

(B) Ruby Rountree, b. 1913 in Dargaville. She married Thomas Malcolm Shaw, married 1944 in NZ.

(C) Horace Gilbert Rountree, b. 24-09-1920 in Dargaville. He married Valme Coralie Gager, married 1946 in NZ.

(D) Bryan Gunson Rountree, b. 04-07-1923 in Dargaville. He married Shirley Patrica Watson, married 1950 in NZ.

(E) Terry Jones Roundtree, b. 1926 in Dargaville. She married Dawn Mildred Joyce Unknown, married 1948 in NZ.

h.   Ellen “Nellie” PIDGEON, b. 1889, d. 31-07-1974 in Kamo, Northland, NZ.  aka Nellie. She married Francis Frost Palmer, b. 23-06-1887 in Mangapai, d. 16-02-1970 in Kamo.

(A) Horace Cossey Palmer, b. 02-11-1914 in Dargaville, d. 09-01-1985 in Whangarei. He married Mavis Jenkins, married 1936 in NZ, b. 1914 in Kawakawa.

(1)  Fay Ellen Palmer, b. 24-12-1937 in Whangarei. She married John Clifford Edwards, married 1959 in NZ, b. 1937 in Whangarei

(B) Ronald Francis Palmer, b. 14-05-1917 in Dargaville, d. 13-06-1942 in Kamo.

(C) Edgar Robert Palmer, b. 15-01-1919 in Dargaville.  No children. He married Pamela Beryl Blake, married 1954 in NZ.

(D) Desmond Frost Palmer, b. 05-02-1927 in Dargaville. He married Ailsa Betty Beatty, married 1954 in NZ, b. 1934 in Whangarei.

(E) Murray James Palmer, b. 12-05-1929 in Whangarei.  Never married.

i.     Charles “Charlie” PIDGEON, b. 1892 in Mangapai, d. 1942 in Auckland.

6.    Mary Maria Johnson, b. 11-02-1854 in Auckland, d. 18-07-1854 in Auckland.

7.    Mary Maria JOHNSON, b. 07-01-1856 in Auckland, d. 16-09-1945 in Whangarei.  Henry Walker was from the house of Robert Cossey Pidgeon, How the 2 sisters got to New Zealand is unknown. She married Henry James Walker, married 21-04-1881 in Waikiekie, b. c1858, d. 04-03-1928 in Kauri, Whangarei.

a.    James John Walker, b. 1882 in Mangapai, d. 18-04-1965 in Hamilton, NZ. He married Emma Elizabeth Lowe, married 1910 in NZ, b. 1883 in Christchurch, NZ, d. 10-03-1956 in Hamilton, NZ.

(A) Vincent Lyall Walker, b. 1913 in Cambridge, NZ. He married Eveline Eleanor Unknown, married 1939 in NZ.

(B) Royals Jack Walker, b. 1922 in Otorohanga, NZ. He married Maureen Clair Benton, married 1965 in NZ.

b.    Ernest Henry Walker, b. 1883 in Mangapai. He married Elthel May Manson, married 1904 in NZ, d. 09-05-1962 in Whakatane.

c.    Alice Maud Walker, b. 1885 in Mangapai, d. 27-06-1968 in Matakohe, Northland, NZ. She married George Arnaud Mayall, married 1900 in NZ, b. c1880, d. 25-8-1947 in Matakohe.

(A) Hester Maud Mayall, b. c1900. She married Herbert John Ball, married 1930 in NZ.

(1)  Alice Hester Ball, b. 1931 in Paparoa, NZ.

(2)  Colleen May Ball, b. 1934 in Paparoa, NZ.

(3)  Thelma Doris Ball, b. 1935 in Paparoa, NZ.

(B) Herbert James Mayall, b. c1901. He married Ann Ellen Unknown, married 1935 in NZ, b. c1911, d. 17-10-1976 in Matakohe.

(1)  Edmund Arnaud Mayall.  No family.

(2)  Janice Alicia Mayall, b. 1937 in Auckland. She married John Bede Ryan, married 1962 in NZ.

(3)  Ian Herbert Mayall, b. 1938 in Auckland.

(C) Ernest Arnaud Mayall, b. 1902 in Paparoa, Northland, NZ, d. 24-02-1964 in Matakohe.

(D) Leonard George Mayall, b. 1907 in Paparoa, d. 30-10-1956.  marriage refs 1937/7627 & 1947/18423. He married Minnie Theodora Robson, married 1937 in NZ.

(1)  Unknown Mayall, b. aft 1937.

(E) Annie Myrtle Mayall, b. 1910 in Paparoa. She married Edward William Catley, married 1929 in NZ, b. 1899 in Onehunga, Auckland, d. 1981 in Auckland.

(1)  Joyce Catley, b. 1930.

(2)  Merle Catley.

(3)  Beryl Catley, b. 1934.

(4)  Allan Catley.

(F)  Stanley Arthur Mayall, b. 1911 in Paparoa, d. 01-06-1981 in Dargaville.  Not listed on fathers death notice. He married Gwendoline Frances Unknown, married 1936 in NZ.

(1)  Shirley Frances Mayall, b. 1937 in Paparoa. She married Wilson Keith Bradley, married 1957 in NZ, b. 1935 in Dargaville.

(2)  Marie Josephine Mayall, b. 1939 in Paparoa. She married Trevor Anzac Rowland, married 1958 in NZ, b. 1930 in Dargaville.

(G) Alice Rose Mayall, b. 1913 in Paparoa. She married Reginald Arthur Holbrook, married 1945 in NZ.

(H) David Henry Mayall, b. 1915 in Auckland.

(I)   Arnaud Robert Mayall, b. 1920 in Paparoa.  marriage ref 1947/4524. He married Zona Lea Unknown, married 1947 in NZ.

d.    Mary Ann Walker, b. 17-12-1888 in Whangarei, d. 02-08-1953 in Auckland. She married John Thomas Dodds, married 1908 in NZ, b. 1869 in Kaipara, d. 09-01-1949 in Maungatoroto.

(A) Colin Melwood Dodds, b. 26-09-1910 in Maungatoroto, d. 1986 in Dargaville. He married (1) Unknown, married 1933. He married (2) Nancy May Unknown, married 1947.

(B) Edwin Morris Dodds, b. 1912 in Waiwera.  married NZ Ref 1946/3982.

(C) Thelma Joyce Dodds, b. 12-08-1914 in Paparoa, d. 1987 in Auckland. She married (1) Jack Calderwood Sutton, married 1933 in NZ, b. 1910 in Auckland.  Jack: Plus 2 more daughters. She married (2) Roy Francis White, married 1951 in NZ.

(1)  Pamela Sutton, (daughter of Jack Calderwood Sutton and Thelma Joyce Dodds).

e.    Oliver Walker, b. 1890 in Mangapai, d. 1962 in Otahuhu.

(A) Ron Walker.

(B) George Walker.

f.     Percy William Walker, b. 08-08-1892 in Mangapai, d. 07-08-1972 in Wellington, NZ. He married Docie Powick, married 1915 in NZ, b. 1891 in Wairau, d. 05-08-1970 in Whangarei.

(A) Iris Violet Walker, b. 1916 in Paparoa. She married William Frood Scott-Davidson, married 1937 in NZ.

(1)  Joy Iris Scott-Davidson, b. 1938 in Whangarei. She married (1) Brian Findlay Sinclair, married 1958. She married (2) Adrian.

(B) Kenneth Jessie Walker, b. 1922 in Paparoa.  married NZ Ref 1946/9136.

(C) Allan Percy Walker, b. 30-01-1923 in Paparoa. He married Dorothy.

(D) Stanley Johnson Walker, b. 1925 in Paparoa.  married NZ Ref 1944/5339.

(E) Dulcie Edna Walker, b. 1929 in Mangapai. She married Ian Trevellyan Guest, married 1950 in NZ, b. 12-04-1929.

g.    Hilda May Walker, b. 1895 in Mangapai.  3 daughters. She married Thomas Walter Moore, married 1921 in NZ, d. 1959 in Christchurch.

h.   George Walker, b. 1897 in Mangapai, d. in WW1.

D.   John McManus, (son of James McManus and Lucy Bradley) b. 13-07-1821 in Sydney. He married Sarah Howell, married 16-08-1841 in Richmond, NSW.

1.    Alfred T McManus, b. 1845 in Richmond.

2.    Matilda McManus, b. 1846 in Richmond.

E.   Elizabeth McManus, (daughter of James McManus and Lucy Bradley) b. 16-07-1823 in Parramatta, d. 17-04-1900. She married Walter Craigie, married 1848 in Sydney, b. c1827 in Hamilton, Scotland, d. 25-06-1879 in Kettridge Ridge, Armidale, NSW.

1.    Walter Craigie, b. 1848 in Sydney.

2.    Robert Craigie, b. 7 Dec 1848 in Balmain, N.S.W., d. 13 Feb 1910 in Walcha/Armidale, N.S.W. He married Mary Ann Frances Furnifull, married BEF. 1882, d. 14-11-1935 in Ryde.

a.    Lucy Craigie, b. ABT. 1882, d. ABT. 1972.

b.    Robert Furnifull Craigie, b. ABT. 1884, d. DECEASED. He married Mary Parkinson, married 1915 in Ashfield.

(A) Charles Robert Craigie, b. 1915 in Armidale.

(B) Lucy Elizabeth Craigie.

3.    Elizabeth Craigie, b. ABT. 1855, d. 28 Mar 1937. She married John Charles Law, married 1875 in Armidale.

a.    Robert Craigie Law, b. 1877 in Casino, d. 1 Sep 1952 in Grafton, N.S.W. He married Winifred F Penrose, married 1909 in Grafton.

(A) John W Law, b. 1910 in Grafton.

(B) David R Law, b. 1912 in Grafton.

(C) Josephine Law, b. 1916 in Grafton.

b.    Lucy Emily Law, b. 1878 in Richmond River.

c.    Elizabeth Law, b. 1881 in Richmond River.

d.    John S Law, b. 1882 in Casino, d. DECEASED.

e.    Sarah Law, b. 1886. She married Lancer Condor Valdimar, married 1940 in Nth Sydney.

f.     Emily Law, b. 1886 in Casino.

g.    Hope Law, b. 1887 in Casino, d. DECEASED. She married Albyn Athol Stewart.

4.    William Craigie, b. 1857 in Armidale, d. 17-02-1924 in Armidale.

5.    John Craigie, b. 1860 in Armidale, d. DECEASED. He married Elizabeth E Grime, married 1884 in Borrowa, NSW, b. 1862 in NSW, d. 1933 in Ashfield.

a.    Walter Craigie, b. 1885 in Armidale, d. 1885 in Armidale.

b.    Jean Craigie, b. 1885 in Armidale, d. 1885 in Armidale.

c.    Wallace Craigie, b. 30 Oct 1886 in Armidale. He married Dorothy P Deane, married 1926 in Burwood.

(A) Betty Craigie. She married ? Lenart.

d.    John Richmond Craigie, b. 1889 in Armidale, d. 1942 in Liverpool.  aka Rick. Wife might be Eva H Fox m1911.

(A) Angela Craigie.

(B) Donald Craigie.  Wife may be Elizabeth Florence Dakin m 1841.

(1)  Christopher Craigie.

e.    Kenneth Craigie, b. 1890 in Armidale, d. 09-01-1932 in Newtown. He married Hannah G Wallace, married 1922 in Ashfield.

(A) Alison Craigie.

(B) John Craigie.

6.    Lucy Craigie, b. 1862 in Armidale. She married Thomas Hewitt, married 08-02-1893 in Armidale.

a.    Eric N Hewitt, b. 1894 in Mussellbrook.

b.    Elsie J Hewitt, b. 1897 in Mussellbrook.

7.    Ronald Craigie, b. 1864 in Armidale, d. 1866 in Armidale.

8.    Jane Craigie, b. 1867 in Armidale. She married William Summers Moore, married 18-03-1896 in Armidale, b. c1867 in Stafford, UK.

9.    James Craigie, b. 1868, d. 1882 in Hartley.

F.  Lucy McManus, (daughter of James McManus and Lucy Bradley) b. 27-09-1825 in Parramatta, d. 10-09-1920 in Marrickville. She married William Craigie, married 1848 in Sydney, b. 05-10-1825 in Hamilton, Scotland, d. 15-08-1894 in Marrickville.

1.    William Craigie, b. ABT. 1849 in Balmain, N.S.W., d. 19 May 1919 in Wellington, N.S.W. He married Annie Deadman, married 1874.

a.    Esther S Craigie, b. 1875 in Orange.

b.    William Glen Craigie, b. 1876 in Orange. He married Clara Busch, married 1901 in Wellington.

(A) Wifred B Craigie, b. 1902 in Wellington. He married Martha Baldwin, married 1924 in Redfern.

(B) Thomas A Craigie, b. 1904 in Wellington.

(C) William M Craigie, b. 1904 in Wellington.

(D) Ellen A Craigie, b. 1906 in Wellington.

(E) Walter L Craigie, b. 1908 in Wellington.

(F)  Phyllis E Craigie, b. 1914 in Redfern, d. 1919 in Redfern.

(G) Eric Norman Craigie, b. 1917 in Redfern. He married Louisa Goring, married 1941 in Redfern.

c.    Walter E Craigie, b. 1878 in Orange, d. DECEASED.

d.    Edith Ann Craigie, b. 1880 in Orange, d. DECEASED. She married George Albert Beard, married 27-01-1910 in St. Peters Church of, Woolloomoolloo, b. ABT. 1880.

e.    James Alexander Craigie, b. ??-05-1882 in Molong, d. 20 Feb 1883 in Molong, N.S.W.

f.     Olive Alice Ethel Craigie, b. 1884 in Molong, d. DECEASED. She married Raymond Augustine Long, married 28-04-1909 in St. James, Forest Lodge, Glebe, b. ABT. 1885.

(A) Mary V Long, b. 1909 in Wellington.

(B) Iris M Long, b. 1911 in Wellington.

(C) John W Long, b. 1912 in Wellington.

(D) Noel R Long, b. 1915 in Wellington.

(E) Neville M Long, b. 1917 in Wellington.

g.    Alfred S Craigie, b. 1886 in Molong, d. DECEASED. He married Elizabeth M Donohue, married 1914 in Wellington.

(A) Victor Craigie, b. 1915 in Orange. He married Joyce Watson, married 1940 in Marrickville.

(B) Mary M Craigie, b. 1918 in Orange.

(C) Enoch Craigie, b. c1919, d. 1924 in Orange.

h.   Lilian May Craigie, b. 1889 in Molong, d. DECEASED. She married James Owen Ivers, married 12-04-1909 in St. Josephs, Orange, N.S.W., b. ABT. 1887 in Borenore, N.S.W.

(A) Elsie Ivers, b. 1909 in Wellington.

i.     Violet Clifton Craigie, b. 1891 in Molong, d. DECEASED. She married George Wilmot Wood, married 1940 in Dubbo.

2.    Ophir Craigie, b. 1851 in Sydney. He married (1) Mary Brown, married 1874 in Orange. He married (2) Annie McKenzie, married 1881 in Cobar.

a.    Sydney W Craigie, (son of Ophir Craigie and Mary Brown) b. 1875 in Orange.

b.    Julia Craigie, (daughter of Ophir Craigie and Mary Brown) b. 1876 in Orange, d. 24-01-1877 in Orange.

3.    Elizabeth Craigie, b. 8 Nov 1852 in Balmain, N.S.W., d. 16 Nov 1943 in Geurie, N.S.W.  N Collins has birth at Carcoar. She married William Darling, married 17-04-1875 in Orange, N.S.W., b. ABT. 1849.

a.    Maude Florence Darling, b. 30 Jan 1877 in Orange, N.S.W., d. 28 Jul 1964. She married Walter Ernest Craigie, b. ABT. 1884 (son of James Adam Craigie and Sarah Ann Bliss), d. 19 Feb 1943.

(A) Beryl Craigie, b. 1907 in Wellington.

(B) Clive Craigie, b. 1910 in Wellington. He married Lily Arkless, married 1939 in Marrickville.

(1)  Keith Craigie, b. c1939, d. 1944.

b.    Alfred William Darling, b. 4 Feb 1879 in Orange, N.S.W., d. 25 Jul 1951. He married Alice May Davis, b. ABT. 1889, d. ABT. 1962.

(A) Grace Olive Darling, b. 1907 in Dubbo, d. ABT. 1985. She married Richard J H Morton, married 1925 in Dubbo.

(B) Alfred Darling, b. 1908 in Dubbo, d. ABT. 1986. He married Katherine Bradley.

(C) Dorothy May Darling, b. 1910 in Dubbo.

(1)  Beverley Robin Darling, b. ABT. 1940. She married Francesco Bressi.

(D) Isobel Myrtle Darling, b. 1912 in Dubbo.  Isabel on marriage index. She married Phillip Jack Hilton, married 1935 in Dubbo.

(1)  Raymond Hilton, b. ABT. 1936. He married Penelope Ryan.

(a)  MIchael Hilton.

(b)  Peter Hilton. He married Robin ?.

(c)  Anthony Hilton.

(2)  Douglas Hilton, b. ABT. 1939. He married Valma ?.

(3)  Priscilla Hilton, b. ABT. 1946, d. ABT. 1994. She married Jim ?

(E) Leslie C Darling, b. 1914 in Dubbo.

(F)  Eileen Maud Darling, b. 1917 in Dubbo. She married William Farrell, married 1941 in Waverley.

(G) William Edward Darling, b. ABT. 1920. He married Gladys Gannon.

(H) Daphne Dulcie Darling, b. ABT. 1923, d. ABT. 1993. She married Theodore David Brambell Waters, married 1944 in Murwillumbah.

(I)   Barbara Sylvia Darling, b. ABT. 1927. She married George Norrish.

(J)  Norma Joan Darling, b. ABT. 1930, d. ABT. 1997. She married Clive Hill.

(K) Rodney R Darling, b. ABT. 1931. He married Shirley ?.

(L)  ? Darling, b. ABT. 1935, d. ABT. 1937.

c.    Ethel Grace Darling, b. 7 Apr 1881 in Dubbo, N.S.W., d. DECEASED. She married George Ernest Lester Lazenby, married AFT. 1910, b. in London.

(A) ? Lazenby.

d.    Charles Robert Darling, b. 28 Nov 1883 in Maryvale, N.S.W., d. 13 Sep 1937 in Orange, N.S.W. He married Charlotte Liddell, married 23-08-1906 in Dubbo, N.S.W., b. ABT. 1885, d. ABT. 1961.

(A) Thelma Maud Darling, b. 3 Jun 1907, d. DECEASED. She married John M W G McKenzie, married 1931 in Dubbo, d. ABT. 1952.

(1)  John McKenzie. He married Marion Bunker.

(2)  Irene Faye McKenzie, b. ABT. 1938. She married Alfred Leslie Brookfield.

(B) Charles Robert Darling, b. 17 Aug 1909 in Dubbo, d. ABT. 1984.  Bachelor.

(C) Arnold William Darling, b. 1911 in Dubbo, d. 7 Aug 1943 in PNG, W.W.2. He married Eileen Mary Mason, married 1943 in Dubbo.

(D) Ethel May Darling, b. 28-06-1913 in Dubbo, d. ABT. 1997. She married Leslie V Roy Kable, married 1941 in Dubbo, b. ABT. 1914, d. ABT. 1996.  Leslie: aka Roy.

(1)  Desmond Kable, b. ABT. 1934, d. ABT. 1956.

(2)  Barry Kable, b. ABT. 1936. He married Joy Dale.

(E) Dulcie Olive Darling, b. 30 Sep 1916, d. ABT. 1918.

(F)  Jean Darling, b. 09-09-1918 in Gilgandra, d. DECEASED. She married Bruce Shaw Smith, married 1940 in Orange, b. ABT. 1919, d. ABT. 1998.

(G) Lorna Charlotte Darling, b. 3 Jun 1921. She married (1) Francois Leon Teruira Arrifarerua Adams, married 1939 in Dubbo, b. ABT. 1916, d. ABT. 1989.  Francois: Marriage index has him as Francis. She married (2) Francis Melbourne Vermont Brown, b. ABT. 1908, d. ABT. 1993.

(1)  June Frances Adams, (daughter of Francois Leon Teruira Arrifarerua Adams and Lorna Charlotte Darling) b. ABT. 1939.  She married Alistair Henderson, b. ABT. 1940.

(H) Jack Darling, b. ABT. 1925. He married Joyce Everingham.

(I)   Edward Darling, b. ABT. 1927. He married Marjorie Brookfield, d. ABT. 1996.

e.    James Thomas Craigie Darling, b. 25-10-1889 in Dubbo, d. DECEASED. He married Elsie Catherine May Liddell, married 1915, b. 1893 in Dubbo, d. ABT. 1958.

(A) Norman Darling, b. 1916 in Dubbo.

(B) Marjorie Darling, b. 1917 in Katoomba.

(C) Max Darling.

(D) Bruce Darling.

(E) Merle Darling.

(F)  Gwen Darling.

(G) Daphne Darling.

(H) Claude Darling.

4.    Walter Craigie, b. 1856 in Orange, d. 22-02-1913 in Newtown.

5.    Selina Craigie, b. 1857 in Carcoar, d. 2 Jan 1936 in Goulburn, N.S.W. She married George King, married 8 Mar 1880 in Bathurst, N.S.W., b. ABT. 1859.

a.    George Herbert King, b. 25 Aug 1880 in Orange, N.S.W.

b.    Arthur W King, b. ABT. 1882, d. DECEASED.

c.    Minnie A King, b. ABT. 1883, d. DECEASED.

d.    Florence L King, b. ABT. 1885.

e.    Reginald R King, b. ABT. 1887, d. DECEASED.

f.     Percy E King, b. ABT. 1888, d. ABT. 1943 in Goulburn, N.S.W.

g.    Leslie W King, b. ABT. 1890, d. DECEASED.

h.   Annie Torrence King, b. ABT. 1891, d. DECEASED. She married Robert D Whitelaw, married 1916, b. 1893.

6.    Andrew Craigie, b. 1860 in Orange. He married Lucy Haines, married 1879 in Forbes.

a.    Thomas Charles Craigie, b. ABT. 1880 in N.S.W., d. DECEASED.

b.    William A Craigie, b. ABT. 1882 in N.S.W., d. DECEASED.

c.    Frederick L Craigie, b. ABT. 1883 in N.S.W., d. DECEASED.

d.    Olive E Craigie, b. ABT. 1886 in N.S.W., d. DECEASED.

e.    Joseph Lawrence Craigie, b. ABT. 1889 in N.S.W., d. DECEASED.

f.     Alice M Craigie, b. ABT. 1892, d. DECEASED.

g.    Charles E B Craigie, b. ABT. 1894 in N.S.W., d. DECEASED.

h.   Edward J Craigie, b. ABT. 1897 in N.S.W., d. DECEASED.

7.    James Adam Craigie, b. 1861 in Orange, d. ABT. JUL 1930. He married Sarah Ann Bliss, married 1880 in Bathurst.

a.    Andrew Alexander Craigie, b. ABT. 1883, d. DECEASED. He married Lily Fehlberg.

(A) Raymond Craigie.

(B) Ruth Craigie.

(C) Donald Craigie, d. ABT. 1998.

b.    Walter Ernest Craigie, b. ABT. 1884, d. 19 Feb 1943. He married Maude Florence Darling, b. 30 Jan 1877 in Orange, N.S.W. (daughter of William Darling and Elizabeth Craigie), d. 28 Jul 1964.

(A) (see children above)

8.    Emily Jean Craigie, b. 1863 in Orange, N.S.W. She married William H Batten, married 29 Sep 1886 in Sydney, N.S.W.

a.    Valerie Batten, b. 1887 in Petersham, d. DECEASED. She married Stanley C Read, married 1912.

9.    John R Craigie, b. 1865 in Orange, d. 1866 in Orange.

10. Harriet L Craigie, b. 1870 in Orange, d. 1878 in Orange.

G.   Catherine McManus, (daughter of James McManus and Lucy Bradley) b. 04-06-1828 in Parramatta. She married James Sullivan, married 1847.

H.   Mary Ann McManus, (daughter of James McManus and Lucy Bradley) b. 31-07-1831 in Breakfast Ck &Eastern Ck, Parramatta, d. 14-09-1907 in Meadow Flat, near Kirkconnell.  aka Mary Ann Bolton. Chris Stait has death on 23/3/1907. Mary Ann descended from convicts through her paternal grandfather, Robert Bolton and her paternal grandmother Ann Bolton (nee Smith), and also through her maternal grandfather James Bradley and maternal grandmother Sarah Bradley (nee Barnes). Mary Ann’s birth was registered with the surname of McManus as her parents were not married at the time. She out lived her husband by many years.

She married Patrick Lawler, married 29-01-1850 in Windsor, b. 1819 in County Cavan, IRE, d. 31-10-1878 in Meadow Flat, occupation Police Officer/Farmer.  Patrick: Patrick arrived in Australia in about 1838. His ship’s name is unknown, but he ” came free”. He arrived in the Bathurst district about 1851. He had previously served in the Mounted Police and as of 1852, had served as a police officer for 11 years and 8 months. He was appointed lockup keeper at Frying Pan Hut (near Yetholme) , Bathurst area, on 16th February 1852. He was 32 years of age and could read and write. By 1854 another police officer’s name appeared on the records at the lockup. In 1852 he was living at Diamond Swamp. In 1862 he purchased a selection at Mead Flat. The conditional Purchase Register shows three lots under his name and four lots under Mary Ann’s name. He died of an asthma attack.Her obituary in the Lithgow Newspaper read –


A very old resident, in the person of Mary Ann Lawler, passed away on Saturday afternoon in her 77th year, after a long and trying illness. For days previous to her demise she received spiritual comfort from Mr.J.A. Waters of O’Connell, who was unremitting in his attentions and from other kind friends in the neighborhood. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, which was one of the longest processions seen here, consisting of thirty vehicles, and the same number each of horsemen and pedestrians. Deceased has left a large number of children and grandchildren.

1.    Thomas Lawler, b. 1851 in Fry Pan Hut, Yetholme, NSW, d. 1896 in Adelaide. He married Ann Elizabeth Hemsworth, married 1872 in Bathurst.  Ann: Separated and had  children to Smith and registered them as Lawler. Ann deserted the family when George was a baby. Thomas Jr. was brought up by his paternal grandmother and George went to his maternal grandparents. Ann became the mistress of a Mr. Smith around 1883 and the 3 or 4 children she had to him were registered under the name of Lawler. This was kept a secret for two generations. The family was brought up as Lawlers. Thomas Sr. was a drover and he went to South Australia, where he died. It is rumored that he later took a mistress

a.    Thomas Lawler.

b.    George Lawler, b. 1874 in Bathurst.

2.    Isaac Lawler, b. 1852 in Fry Pan Hut, Bathurst, d. 1941 in Lithgow.

3.    Patrick Phillip Lawler, b. 18-05-1856 in Meadow Flat, Bathurst, d. 29-06-1934 in Meadow Flat.  Chris Stait has Patrick’s death 22/2/1947. He married Emma Dibley, married 1883 in Parramatta, b. 27-07-1863 in Bathurst, d. 22-02-1934 in Portland, NSW.  Emma: Chris Stait has Emma’s death as 1914.

a.    Ethel May Lawler, b. 01-07-1883 in Petersham, d. 1959. She married George Goodwin, married 1908 in Bathurst, b. 1877 in UK, d. 1941 in Portland.

(A) Norman L Goodwin, b. 1908 in Wallerawang, d. 1935 in Portland, NSW.

(B) Edna May Goodwin, b. 1909 in Wallerawang. She married Frederick Ingle Brown, married 1936 in Nth Sydney.

(1)  Judith Brown. She married Bruce Longe.

(a)  Patrica Longe.

(b)  Michelle Longe.

(c)  Catherine Longe.

(d)  Anthony Longe.

(2)  Helen Brown. She married David Buckle.

(a)  Jonathon Buckle.

(b)  Susannah Buckle.

(c)  Ruth Buckle.

(d)  Deborah Buckle.

(e)  Andrew Buckle.

(f)   Carolyn Buckle.

(3)  Robert Brown. He married Carol Symonds.

(a)  David Brown.

(b)  Stephen Brown. He married Narelle ?.

(C) Doris I Goodwin, b. 1911 in Bathurst. She married Timothy Roberts, married 1931 in Lithgow.

(1)  Laurie Roberts.

(2)  June Roberts. She married Brian Croft.

(a)  Robert Croft.

(b)  Susan Croft.

(c)  Sandra Croft.

(3)  Terry Roberts. He married Elizabeth ?.

(D) Harold G Goodwin, b. 1914 in Paddington.  Member of the 2nd A.I.F. World War 11. Met Bernie overseas. He married Bernie Ford.

(1)  Debbie Goodwin.

(2)  Ian Goodwin.

(3)  Elizabeth Goodwin.

(E) Arthur V Goodwin, b. 1916 in Bathurst. He married Gloria ?.

(1)  Brian Goodwin.

(2)  Christine Goodwin.

(3)  Diane Goodwin.

(F)  Jean Goodwin. She married Edward David McMillan, married 1945.

(G) Corrie A Goodwin, b. 1918 in Bathurst, d. 1918 in Bathurst.

(H) Ian Goodwin.

(I)   Elizabeth Goodwin.

(J)  Hazel Hope Goodwin, b. 21 Jul 1923 in Bathurst, NSW. She married Doughlas James Mercer, married 5 Nov 1947 in Brisbane, Qld, b. 3 Sep 1922 in Charleville, QLD, d. 21 Apr 1975 in Brisbane, Qld.

b.    Herbert James Lawler, b. 09-08-1885 in East Macquarie, NSW, d. 14-02-1939 in Portland, NSW. He married Marjory Pearce, married 1920 in Portland.

(A) Harold Lawler.

(B) Clive Lawler.

c.    Arthur Harold Lawler, b. 26-12-1887 in Mitchell, NSW, d. 04-08-1916 in Poziers, France, WW1. He married Mary Slingsby, married 1916 in Bathurst.

(A) Marie Joyce Lawler. She married Septimus Boyd Wilson Kirk, married 1937 in Katoomba, b. 1914 in Lithgow.  Septimus: aka Timus.

d.    Alma J Lawler, b. 16-09-1890 in Sunny Corner, d. 21-02-1961. She married Alfred E Cafe, married 1913 in Bathurst, b. 1886 in Rylstone.

(A) Eileen Meryl Cafe, b. 1914 in Lithgow. She married James R Goodwin, married 1935 in Lithgow.

(B) Evelyn V Cafe, b. 1916 in Lithgow.

(C) Edward A Cafe, b. 1917 in Lithgow. He married Phyllis Elsie Collins, married 1943 in Lithgow, b. 1910 in Cassilis, NSW.

(D) Edith M Cafe, d. 1920 in Lithgow.

(E) Alma Clare Cafe. She married Raymond Claud Quince, married 1942 in Lithgow.

(F)  Joan Cafe.

(G) Stan Cafe.

(H) Hazel Cafe. She married Leslie James Johnson, married 1942 in Lithgow.

e.    Ruby E Lawler, b. 14-09-1892 in Sunny  Corner, d. 08-07-1970. She married Rex J S Williams, married 1919 in Lithgow.

(A) Kathleen Williams.

(B) Rita Williams.

(C) Hubert Williams.

f.     Florence Gertrude Lawler, b. 07-10-1894 in Meadow Flat, d. 04-05-1974 in Grenfell, NSW. She married Abraham James Alexander, married 10-07-1914 in Lithgow, b. 09-04-1884 in Appin, NSW, d. 11-02-1967 in Woodford, NSW.

(A) Bertie George Alexander, b. 03-06-1915 in Lithgow, d. 11-07-1964 in Concord, NSW. He married Millie Cooper, married 08-10-1946 in Woodford, NSW.

(B) Lilian May Alexander, b. 25-02-1917 in Lithgow.

(C) Arthur James Alexander, b. 20-06-1919 in Lithgow, d. 04-08-1943 in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (WW2?). He married Dulcie Magdelene Mahon, married 1941 in Rozelle, d. 22-03-1986.

(D) John Henry Alexander, b. 10-09-1921 in Cullen Bullen, d. 26-02-1995 in Edgeworth, NSW.

(E) Nancy Irene Alexander, b. 31-03-1925 in Lithgow. She married Douglas Robert Hall Jones, married 03-11-1951 in Katoomba, b. 1928 in Grenfell, d. 1984 in Grenfell.

(F)  Phillip Desmond Alexander, b. 06-06-1934 in Leura. He married Hilary Mary Richards, married 18-01-1958 in Oberon.

g.    Jessie I Lawler, b. 07-02-1897 in Sunny Corner, d. 27-12-1986. She married (1) Ewen P McKinnon, married 1925 in Portland, b. 1893 in Sunny Corner.  Ewen: aka Hughie. She married (2) Herbert Turner, married aft 1930.

(A) Ivy McKinnon, (daughter of Ewen P McKinnon and Jessie I Lawler).

(B) Leslie McKinnon, (child of Ewen P McKinnon and Jessie I Lawler).

(C) Enid McKinnon, (daughter of Ewen P McKinnon and Jessie I Lawler).

h.   Edith M Lawler, b. 30-11-1899 in Sunny Corner, d. 08-05-1970. She married Austin Barnett, married 1924 in Bathurst.

(A) Eva Barnett.

(B) Phillip Barnett.

(C) Marie Barnett.

(D) Colin Barnett.

i.     Phillip G Lawler, b. 18-05-1902 in Sunny Corner, d. 06-03-1974 in Portland, NSW. He married Clarice R Atherton, married 1928 in Bathurst, b. 1906 in Wattle Flat.

(A) Brian Lawler.

j.     Kathleen Emma Lawler, b. 21-07-1906 in Bathurst. She married Alberto Alexander Levy, married 1945 in Petersham.

4.    James Lawler, b. 1860, d. 1891 in Goulburn.

5.    Mary Ann Lawler, b. 1861.

6.    George Lawler, b. 1863.

7.    Robert Lawler, b. 1863.

8.    Walter Lawler, b. 1865 in Bathurst.

9.    Elizabeth Lawler, b. 1867 in Bathurst.

10. Maria Lawler, b. 1869 in Bathurst. She married George Joseph Montgomery, married 1888 in Meadow Flat.

a.    Eveline Beatrice Montgomery, b. 1890.

b.    George Albert Montgomery, b. 1892.

c.    Ethel Mary Montgomery, b. 1893.

d.    Thomas Edwin Montgomery, b. 1896.

e.    Fanny Marcia Montgomery, b. 1899. She married Charles T Hansen, married 1922 in Wollongong.

11. Jane Lawler, b. 1871 in Bathurst, d. 1884 in Central Cumberland.

12. Albert Lawler, b. 1873 in Bathurst, d. 05-06-1936 in Meadow Flat/Orange.

13. Catherine Lawler, b. 1875.

14. Frances Lawler, b. 1876, d. 1927 in Rylstone. She married William E Montgomery, married 1901 in Sunny Corner.

a.    Catherine M Montgomery, b. 1901 in Sunny Corner.

b.    Edwin A Montgomery, b. 1903 in Sunny Corner. He married Elvina M Viles, married 1923 in Lithgow.

c.    George L Montgomery, b. 1905 in Sunny Corner.

d.    William J Montgomery, b. 1913 in Lithgow.

I.     Maria Boulton, (daughter of Isaac Boulton and Lucy Bradley) b. 23-12-1839 in Eastern Ck, d. 28-02-1927 in Portland.  Chris Stait has her as Bolton. She married Samuel MARSDEN, married 1862 in Bathurst, b. 27-04-1835 in Meadow Flat, Bathurst (son of Charles S Marsden and Elizabeth X Brabyn), d. 27-01-1907 in Meadow Flat, Bathurst.  Samuel: Hired with his brother Charles as horse team carriers over the Blue Mountains from Penrith, NSW. May have been the son that pioneered the first settlement on the in the prosperous farming & wheat country between Barmedman & Forbes district. This settlement goes by the name of Marsden.

1.    Charles Augustus Marsden, b. 13 Apr 1863 in Bathurst, N.S.W., d. 28 Jun 1944. He married Elizabeth Baker, married 27 Aug 1890 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., b. 4 Sep 1857 in Bathurst, N.S.W., d. 4 Jul 1939.

a.    Ethel Maria Marsden, b. 9 May 1891 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., d. 5 Oct 1970 in Public Hosp. Lidcombe, N.S.W., buried in Rookwood Crematorium, Lidcombe, N.S.W. She married Alfred Dawson, married 19 Nov 1913 in St. Stephens Church, Portland, N.S.W., b. 23 Feb 1881 in Chile, d. 8 Aug 1961 in Clyde St. Granville, N.S.W., buried in Rookwood Crematorium, Lidcombe, N.S.W.

(A) Freda Merle Dawson, b. 30 Sep 1914 in Portland, N.S.W.

(B) Alfred Charles Dawson, b. 24 Feb 1916 in Lime St., Portland, N.S.W. He married Joyce Thelma Sams, married 1 Dec 1941 in Registry Office, Granville, N.S.W., b. 28 Feb 1922 in Petersham, N.S.W.

(1)  Irene Pearl Dawson, b. 18 Jun 1944 in Royal North Shore Hosp. St., N.S.W. She married Noel William Jones, married 28 Aug 1965 in St. Marks Church, Granville, N.S.W., b. 11 Sep 1942 in Guildford, N.S.W.

(C) Leonard Howard Dawson, b. 3 Apr 1917 in Portland, N.S.W. He married Olga Florence Angel, married 24 May 1939 in Church of England, N.S.W., b. 3 Apr 1918 in Portland, N.S.W., d. 8 Jun 1988 in St. Josephs Hosp. Auburn, N.S.W., buried in Rookwood Crematorium, Lidcombe, N.S.W.

(1)  Leonard Howard Dawson, b. 8 Nov 1939 in Crown St. Womens Hosp, Surry, N.S.W. He married (1) Marcia Joan Hambridge, married 3 Jul 1962 in St. Marks C. of E. Granville, N.S.W., b. 30 Jan 1942. He married (2) Elizabeth Wright, married ABT. 1970 in Registry Office, Parramatta, N.S.W.N.S.W.Lidcombe, N.S.W..

(D) Neta May Dawson, b. 3 Jun 1919 in Barney St., Kiama, N.S.W.  Neta’s birth was a home birth.

b.    Edith Lizzie Marsden, b. 20 Jan 1893 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., d. 14 May 1965 in Portland, N.S.W., buried in Methodist Cemetery, Portland, N.S.W. She married Charles Henry Sharp, married 19 Apr 1930 in Baptist Church, Lithgow, N.S.W., b. 8 Jan 1900 in Meadow Flat, near Bathurst, N.S.W., d. 11 May 1959 in Portland, N.S.W., buried in Methodist Cemetery, Portland, N.S.W.

(A) Edith Joy Sharp, b. 13 May 1931 in Portland, N.S.W. She married John Hunt, married 5 Jan 1957 in Baptist Church, Lithgow, N.S.W., b. 18 Feb 1933 in Swindon, England.

(B) Doris Alice Sharp, b. 2 Aug 1932 in Portland, N.S.W. She married Ernest Richard Jeffree, married 25 Sep 1954 in Methodist Church, Portland, N.S.W., b. 21 Jun 1932 in Kandos, N.S.W.

(C) Charles Sharp, b. 23 Oct 1933 in Portland, N.S.W. He married Janet Olive Lancaster, married 20 Jul 1954 in Catholic Church, Portland, N.S.W., b. 25 Jan 1934 in Portland, N.S.W., d. 4 May 1996 in Portland Hosp. Portland, N.S.W., buried in Cremated at Leura, N.S.W. – Cem.

(D) Jack Sharp, b. 2 Jul 1935 in Portland, N.S.W. He married May Lillian Pescud, married 11 Jun 1960 in St. James Anglican Church, Wyong, N.S.W., b. 4 Feb 1938 in Wyong, N.S.W.

c.    Charles Ernest Edward Marsden, b. 24 Jul 1894 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., d. 12 Jul 1960 in Bathurst, N.S.W., buried in Portland, N.S.W.  He was crippled, and his bootmaker’s shop was in a little two-roomed house next to his mother’s home in Bathurst.

d.    Arthur Thomas Samuel Marsden, b. 2 Nov 1901 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., d. 9 May 1988 in Portland, N.S.W. He married Kathleen Sharp, married 31 Dec 1924 in Meadow Flat, near Bathurst, N.S.W., b. 30 Jan 1905 in Meadow Flat, near Bathurst, N.S.W., d. 22 May 1989 in Royal North Shore Hosp. St. Leonards, buried in Methodist Cemetery, Portland, N.S.W.

(A) Kathleen Joan Marsden, b. 14 Feb 1926 in Lithgow, N.S.W. She married James Thompson, married 31 Dec 1949 in Methodist Church, Lithgow, N.S.W., b. 7 Oct 1923 in Portland, N.S.W.

2.    James Bolton Marsden, b. 15-11-1864 in Penrith, d. 07-06-1867 in Penrith, buried in St Mary Magdalene’s, St Marys.

3.    George Albert Marsden, b. 23 Feb 1867, d. 18 Oct 1943. He married (1) Louisa Baker, married ABT. 1895 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., b. ABT. 1873 in Bathurst, N.S.W., d. 21 Feb 1899. He married (2) Elizabeth Julia Harris, married 31 Dec 1901 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., b. 11 Jan 1879, d. 23 Apr 1944.

a.    Valerie Louisa Zilla Marsden, (daughter of George Albert Marsden and Louisa Baker) b. 24 Apr 1895, d. 10 Apr 1896 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W.

b.    Amy Emily Priscilla Marsden, (daughter of George Albert Marsden and Elizabeth Julia Harris) b. 10 Nov 1902 in Portland, N.S.W., d. 12 Aug 1991 in Warilla, N.S.W., buried in Cremated at Wollongong, N.S.W. She married Archibald Henry Burke, married 16 Aug 1924, b. 27 Jul 1904, d. 25 Jun 1978 in Sydney, N.S.W., buried in Cremated at Wollongong, N.S.W.

(A) Marjorie Isabelle Burke, b. 19 Jul 1924 in Sydney, N.S.W. She married Stanley James Taylor, married 26 Jan 1945 in Port Kembla, N.S.W., b. 28 Jul 1923 in Victoria, d. 19 Feb 1993 in Berry, N.S.W., buried in Kanahooka, N.S.W.

(B) Robert George Burke, b. 20 Jun 1925 in Minnamurra, N.S.W., d. 5 Mar 1926 in Kiama, N.S.W.

(C) Vera Burke, b. 4 Sep 1926 in Minnamurra, N.S.W., d. 17 Jan 1927 in Kiama, N.S.W.

(D) William Allan Burke, b. 2 Jul 1928 in Shellharbour, N.S.W., d. 30 Sep 1993, buried in Cremated at Berkeley, Wollongong, N.S.W. He married Mary Margaret Monahan, married 12 Sep 1957, b. 14 May 1938.

(E) Francis James Burke, b. 2 Jul 1929 in Shellharbour, N.S.W.

(F)  John Samuel Burke, b. 19 Sep 1930 in Shellharbour, N.S.W. He married (1) Betty Blair, b. 22 Dec 1934. He married (2) Eula Arkwright, married 19 Sep 1982, b. 25 Sep 1939..

(G) Raymond Henry Burke, b. 26 Sep 1931 in Shellharbour, N.S.W., d. 5 Dec 1988 in Goulburn, N.S.W. He married June Hazel Riddiford, b. 29 Dec 1931.

(H) Edith Elizabeth Burke, b. 4 Jul 1933 in Kiama, N.S.W. She married Ronald Shephard, married 1 Apr 1955 in Port Kembla, N.S.W., b. 8 Jun 1935 in Dubbo, N.S.W., d. 17 Dec 1994 in Shellharbour, N.S.W., buried in Cremated at Berkeley, Wollongong, N.S.W.

(I)   June Burke, b. 24 Dec 1935 in Kiama, N.S.W. She married John Moane, married 13 May 1961, b. 9 Feb 1937.

(J)  Mavis Burke, b. 24 May 1937 in Kiama, N.S.W.

(K) Dorothy Ann Burke, b. 25 Apr 1939 in Kiama, N.S.W., d. 16 Sep 1939 in Kiama, N.S.W., buried in Kiama, N.S.W.

(L)  Helen Joyce Burke, b. 18 Dec 1943 in Kiama, N.S.W. She married Phillip John Gale, married 22 Feb 1964 in Church of England, Shellharbour, N.S.W., b. 15 Jan 1943 in Kiama, N.S.W.

c.    Ivy May Marsden, (daughter of George Albert Marsden and Elizabeth Julia Harris) b. 20 Sep 1904 in Portland, N.S.W., d. 29 Oct 1993. She married John George Eldridge, married 1 Apr 1928 in Kiama, N.S.W., b. 16 May 1900, d. 19 Nov 1981.

(A) Eunice Melvie Eldridge, b. 22 Jul 1930. She married Stanley Eric Cozens, married 7 Mar 1953, b. 27 Jun 1925, d. 16 Dec 1991.

d.    Albert Samuel Marsden, (son of George Albert Marsden and Elizabeth Julia Harris) b. 3 Mar 1909, d. 13 Apr 1910.

e.    Allen George Marsden, (son of George Albert Marsden and Elizabeth Julia Harris) b. 10 Apr 1911 in Portland, N.S.W., d. 4 Jul 1985 in Gerringong, N.S.W., buried in Kiama, N.S.W. He married Jessie Low Mitchell, married 9 Jan 1943 in Kiama, N.S.W., b. 25 Oct 1923 in Scotland..

f.    Edith Evelyn Marsden, (daughter of George Albert Marsden and Elizabeth Julia Harris) b. 15 Sep 1913 in Portland, N.S.W., d. 10 Jun 1991 in Kiama, N.S.W., buried in Lakeside, Kanahooka Cemetery, N.S.W. She married Thomas Arthur Raftery, married 10 Oct 1935 in Kiama, N.S.W., b. 11 May 1901, d. 5 Nov 1973.

(A) Margaret Ann Raftery, b. 16 Feb 1937 in Kiama, N.S.W. She married Barry Thomas Phillips, married 14 May 1960 in Anglican Church, Kiama, N.S.W., b. 23 Mar 1937 in Lake Cargellico, N.S.W.

g.    Samuel James Marsden, (son of George Albert Marsden and Elizabeth Julia Harris) b. 6 May 1919.

4.    Lucy Elizabeth Brabyn Marsden, b. 18 Jul 1870, d. 24 Apr 1949. She married James William Baker, married ABT. 1891 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., b. 21 Apr 1864 in Bathurst, N.S.W., d. 6 Dec 1935.

a.    Elsie Elizabeth Baker, b. 28 May 1893 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., d. 18 Aug 1979 in Bulli, N.S.W., buried in Unanderra, N.S.W. She married Laurence D’Arcy, married ABT. 1915 in Wollongong, N.S.W., b. ABT. 1892 in Bulli, N.S.W., d. ABT. 1944 in Bulli, N.S.W.

(A) John D’Arcy, b. 31 Dec 1913 in Bulli, N.S.W. He married Olga Joyce Warwick, b. 14 Oct 1917, d. 15 Dec 1986 in Port Kembla, N.S.W., buried in Dapto, N.S.W.

(B) Irma Ruth D’Arcy, b. 3 Jun 1916 in Bulli, N.S.W., d. 3 Nov 1979 in Port Kembla, N.S.W.

(C) James D’Arcy, b. 1 Oct 1917 in Bulli, N.S.W. He married Macquarie Squires.

(1)  Laurence D’Arcy.

(2)  Elaine D’Arcy.

(D) Ellen D’Arcy, b. 5 May 1919 in Bulli, N.S.W. She married Luke Kite, married 29 Jan 1946 in Wollongong, N.S.W., b. 27 Oct 1916 in Temora, N.S.W., d. 3 Jul 1977 in Corrimal, N.S.W., buried in Unanderra, N.S.W.

(E) Lucy D’Arcy, b. 9 Sep 1923 in Bulli, N.S.W., d. ABT. 1984 in Sydney, N.S.W., buried in Dapto, N.S.W. She married Ronald McRae, married ABT. 1947 in Sydney, N.S.W., b. ABT. 1924.

b.    James William Baker, b. 18 Feb 1895, d. ABT. 1916 in World War 1.  Serving soldier – killed in World War 1.

c.    Herbert T Baker, b. 26 Feb 1897 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., d. 5 Oct 1946 in Waterfall, N.S.W., buried in Rookwood Cemetery, Lidcombe, N.S.W.  Herbert and his wife both killed in a motor vehicle accident whilst returning to Tempe from his niece Lucy Darcy’s wedding. He married Viola Rosalia Taylor, married 26 Oct 1926 in Ashfield, N.S.W., b. 5 Jun 1902 in Ulladulla, N.S.W., d. 5 Oct 1946 in Waterfall, N.S.W., buried in Rookwood Cemetery, Lidcombe, N.S.W.  Viola: Killed in a motor vehicle accident with her husband Herbert Baker.

(A) Dellice Ann Baker, b. 6 Dec 1929 in Abbotsford, N.S.W. She married Patrick George Thorpe, married 21 Jun 1952 in St. Clements C. of E., N.S.W., b. 9 Apr 1929 in Paddington, N.S.W.

(B) Bernice Nancy Baker, b. 31 May 1933 in Haberfield, N.S.W. She married Maxwell Frank Henery, married 15 Jan 1955 in St. Judes C. of E. Randwick, N.S.W., b. 18 Jul 1931 in Coogee, N.S.W.ards, N.S.W.

d.    Ernest Joseph Baker, b. 19 Sep 1899, d. 3 Feb 1966.

e.    Mabel Maria Baker, b. 13 Oct 1900, d. 5 Jan 1983. She married James Owers.

(A) James Owers. He married Joan Skinner.

f.     Roy Marsden Baker, b. 11 Feb 1907, d. 22 Dec 1907.

g.    Dulcie Irma Baker, b. 24 May 1911 in Sunny Corner, N.S.W., d. 18 Jul 1934 in Bulli, N.S.W., buried in Bulli, N.S.W. She married Ernest Henry Thomas, married 11 Oct 1930 in Wollongong, N.S.W., b. 31 Dec 1907 in Bromyard, Wales, d. 30 Jan 1936 in Bulli, N.S.W., buried in Bulli, N.S.W.

(A) Kay Thomas, b. 16 May 1931 in Bulli, N.S.W. She married (1) William Robert Frew, married ABT. 1948 in Thirroul, N.S.W. She married (2) Roy Stephen Piper, married 28 Feb 1959 in Bulli, N.S.W., b. 30 Jun 1927 in Parramatta, N.S.W., d. 18 Dec 1979 in Bulli, N.S.W., buried in Dapto, N.S.W.  Roy: After his marriage to Kay Frew (nee Thomas) Roy adopted Kay’s 3 children.

(B) Robert Henry Thomas, b. 20 Feb 1933 in Bulli, N.S.W., d. 27 Jan 1934 in Bulli, N.S.W.

5.    Sarah E MARSDEN, b. 08-09-1873 in Orange, d. 10-06-1874 in Orange.

6.    Mary Ann Marsden, b. 7 Jul 1876 in Meadow Flat, Bathurst, N.S.W., d. 28 Aug 1969 in Penrith, N.S.W., buried in Northern Suburbs Crematorium, N.S.W. She married (1) Unknown. She married (2) Robert Clark Fraser Turbet, married 2 Aug 1910 in ‘Shrivenham’ Mamre Rd., St., N.S.W., b. 9 Feb 1860 in Eden, N.S.W., d. 15 Jul 1941 in Bega, N.S.W., buried in Wyndham, N.S.W.

a.    John Patrick Marsden, (son of Unknown and Mary Ann Marsden) b. 21 Mar 1897 in Meadow Flat, near Bathurst, N.S.W, d. ABT. 1966 in Bolton Point, Toronto, N.S.W.  The son of Mary Ann Marsden, he was reared and looked after by his foster mother Mrs. Nora Jasperson of Hurstville, N.S.W. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the A.I.F. and was wounded in 1916 in France and again in 1918, also in France. While in England he married Annie Johnston from Glasgow. On returning home he worked for the N.S.W. Govt. Railways. He died at the Soldiers’ Memorial Home at Bolton Point near Toronto, N.S.W. He married Annie Johnston, married ABT. 1918 in England (poss. Glasgow, Scotland), b. ABT. 1896 in Glasgow, Scotland, d. DECEASED.

(A) Robert James Marsden, b. 1 Jul 1920 in Arncliffe, N.S.W., d. 30 Jul 1977 in Darwin, N.T., buried in Darwin, N.T.  He was trained as an automotive engineer, and married Joan Darby, producing a son Robert George. In 1940 he enlisted in the Air Force, and with the rank of Flight Sergeant, served in the Pacific theatre during W.W.2. In 1948 he and Joan divorced and he worked at the Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia for a while. He spent some time in England with his new wife Rae. Whilst there he became Winston Churchills private motor mechanic and whenever Churchill took his car to Europe, Robert always travelled with him. Returning to Australia, he settled in Darwin in the N.T., and was in charge of Main Roads construction. When Cyclone Tracy struck it destroyed everything he had, down to the last photograph. He died of emphysema at age 57. He married (1) Joan Darby, married ABT. 1940, b. 31 Aug 1919 in Walgett, N.S.W. He married (2) Rae ?, married ABT. 1949.

(1)  Robert George Marsden, (son of Robert James Marsden and Joan Darby) b. 4 Dec 1940 in Paddington, N.S.W. He married Lorraine Scully, married 13 Apr 1963 in Canterbury, N.S.W., b. 21 Sep 1942 in Campsie, N.S.W.

(B) Penuel Marsden, b. AFT. 1921.

b.    Robert McBurney Turbet, (son of Robert Clark Fraser Turbet and Mary Ann Marsden) b. 19 May 1911 in ‘Shrivenham’ St. Marys, N.S.W., d. 26 Dec 1993 in Sacred Heart Hosp. Darlinghurst, N.S.W, buried in Cremated – Northern Suburbs, N.S.W. He married (1) Madge Strang, married 18 Sep 1936 in Clovelly, N.S.W. He married (2) Judith Nola Hodgson, married 8 Sep 1961, b. 18 Sep 1928 in Longueville, N.S.W., d. 10 Feb 1989 in ‘Neringah’, Wahroonga, N.S.W., buried in Northern Suburbs Crematorium, N.S.W.

(A) Janet Elizabeth Turbet, (daughter of Robert McBurney Turbet and Madge Strang) b. 9 Jul 1937 in Rose Bay, N.S.W. She married Archibald Riddell, married 6 Dec 1958 in Registry Office, Sydney, N.S.W., b. 10 Jun 1934.

c.    Colin Turbet, (son of Robert Clark Fraser Turbet and Mary Ann Marsden) b. 7 May 1914 in Greig’s Flat, N.S.W. He married Mary Hunter, married 24 Oct 1947 in Bega, N.S.W., b. 16 Jul 1923 in Chatswood, N.S.W., d. 16 Jul 1991 in Bega, N.S.W., buried in Cremated.

d.    Veda Turbet, (daughter of Robert Clark Fraser Turbet and Mary Ann Marsden) b. 12 Jan 1920 in Wyndham, N.S.W. She married (1) Robert Robinson, married 20 Mar 1940 in Wyndham, N.S.W., b. 28 Nov 1918 in Pambula, N.S.W., d. ABT. 1943 in P.O.W. Camp, Osaka, Japan, buried in War Cemetery, Japan. She married (2) Mark Loughnan, married 5 Oct 1950 in Pambula, N.S.W., b. in Balmain, N.S.W., d. in Penrith, N.S.W., buried in Penrith, N.S.W.

7.    Arthur Thomas MARSDEN, b. 10-06-1878 in Bathurst, d. 02-06-1889 in Sunny Corner.

8.    Alice Maria MARSDEN, b. 23-09-1880 in Bathurst, d. 11-04-1883 in Macquarie.


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  1. Kim Taylor. Neville porters daughter says:

    Nellie stait first john porter and had neville porter Eva porter George porter than my grandfather died in 1964 than my grandmother married Ben Potts years later.

  2. Maxine Russell says:

    My name is Maxine Russell. I am a gg grand daughter of Isaac Lawler. His daughter Charlotte Agnes Lawler was my paternal grandmother. I have really enjoyed reading my family connections, it’s a very comprehensive work.

  3. Janice Alicia Ryan. (Née Mayall) says:

    Absolutely amazed to find my name in above list. Janice Alicia Mayall

  4. Raewyn Bray says:

    One queri regarding Jane McMANUS who married James JOHNSON 1839 Parramatta, In the New Zealand 1845 Police Census: West Queen St. Owner: David Nathan: Tenant: James JOHNSON :1 Male 1 Female 1 Son 1 Daughter. On Jane JOHNSON’s will she includes her son JAMES JOHNSON. Any further info?

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