3. Peter Hibbs

Peter Hibbs and Maria (Mary) Pardoe

There are many Byrnes descendants of First Fleet Able Seaman Peter Hibbs living in the Illawarra. However, currently it is believed that only one such descendant, is also an Illawarra-based descendent of UK First Fleeters, John Small, Mary Parker and James Bradley – viz Katrina Elise Christian.

Katrina and her father, David John Christian, are descended from the Hibbs family, through David‘s father, John Godfrey Tiearney (known as Christian) – whose mother was a descendant of Peter Hibbs‘ daughter Sarah and her husband Francis Byrne. Sarah was the 5th child of Peter Hibbs and Mary Pardoe.

It has been claimed, but not proven, that Peter Hibbs had sailed with Captain James Cook on the Endeavour in 1770 and with Captain Arthur Phillip on the Sirius, leaving in 1787 from Portsmouth and arriving at Sydney Cove in 1788. Later he was involved with other exploratory voyages in Australia, including as Master of the Norfolk.

Peter Hibbs married Maria (Mary Pardoe) who arrived in Australia as a convict on the Lady Juliana in the UK Second Fleet. Peter Hibbs had a long naval and military career, including sailing and living on Norfolk Island. It was very interesting when Katrina Christian visited Norfolk Island for the annual Bounty Day or Foundation Day with Thirroul Girl Guides. And Yes – Katrina is a descendent of the First Colony of Norfolk Islanders, but no, she is not a descendent of Fletcher Christian, whose family were in the Second Colony of the Norfolk Island.

Have a look at the Illawarra Hibbs-Byrnes descendants’ web page.

Allen Maunder has written an informative book, “Sailing on the Hibbs Line“, about Peter Hibbs and his descendents.

Sailing on the Hibbs Line

Sailing on the Hibbs Line

In reading the book, “Sailing on the Hibbs Line”, Katrina’s father, David, discovered that fellow Thirroul resident, Dr Joseph (Joe) Davis, an enthusiastic local historian, is also descended from Peter Hibbs. Joe Davis has been a long-time friend of Kerrie Anne Christian, Katrina‘s mother, who attended school with Joe in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Joe has written “D H Lawrence in Thirroul” which contains information on Kerrie and Katrina‘s relatives, the Callcott family.

Peter Hibbs Headstone

Peter Hibbs’ Headstone at Wiseman’s Ferry Cemetery

Peter Hibbs and Maria (Mary) Pardoe, are numbered amongst those in a memorial to the UK First and Second Fleeters at Wallabadah in northern NSW.

Gosford Pioneers Listing includes Peter Hibbs and family


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  1. I am also a descendant of Peter Hibbs. I live at Austinmer & have met Kerrie when concerned with certain council DA’s came to notice.

  2. Hello Kerrie… best wishes with all the research – regards, Allen Maunder (Honorary Hibbs Descendant)

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