James Bradley – Sarah Barnes Family Tree

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So much great work done over many years by my mother Joan Lois Adams (nee Callcott), my husband David Christian and Chris Stait – a thank you to Marcia Osborne (nee Galbraith), who connected us to Chris Stait. Chris and Marcia were descended from Lucy Bradley, 3rd child of James and Sarah Bradley, while Mum and I were descended from Rachel Rebecca Bradley, their 9th child. 

And to think that for so many years we had no idea that we were related to our family friends Marcia and her aunt Muriel Stait!

First Fleet Convict Tapestry completed by Kerrie Christian in 1988

First Fleet Convict Tapestry completed by Kerrie Christian in 1988

James Bradley (First Fleeter Scarborough 1788 : b. 1764 – d 14.02. 1838 at Kissing Point ) married in 1792 at  Parramatta to Sarah Matilda Barnes (Third Fleeter MaryAnn in 1790 : b 2.11. 1775 Bloomsbury, Westminster London – d 9.07.1853 Kissing Point). They had 10 children – James, James Joseph, Lucy, Sarah, George, Thomas, John, Job “Joseph”, Rachel “Rebecca” and Isabella.

So now we start with the first three generations in the family tree of James Bradley and Sarah Matilda Barnes as follows :

  1. James Bradley (1792 Eastern Farms – 1793 Eastern Farms)
  2. James Joseph Bradley (1795 – 1862) in 1817 at Sydney married Amey (Amy)  Greenwood – no details of any children – Note –  listed with parents in General Muster of 1822 and General Muster of 1825 
  3. Lucy Bradley (1796 – 1878) married in 1814 at Parramatta to James McManus  (1794 – 1839) then in 1845 at Windsor to Isaac Bolton (1807 – 1875)
    1. James McManus (1815-1898) in 1843 married Elizabeth Hems
    2. Sarah McManus (1817 – 1900) in 1841 married Richard Staight (Parmelia 1832)
    3. Jane McManus (1819 – 1870)
    4. John McManus (1821 – 1888)
    5. Elizabeth McManus (1823 – 1900)
    6. Lucy McManus (1825-1920)
    7. Catherine McManus (1828 – 1912)
    8. Mary Ann McManus (Bolton) (1831 – 1907) married Patrick Joseph Lawler
    9. Maria Bolton (1839 – 1927) in 1862 at Bathurst married Samuel Marsden
  4. Sarah Elizabeth Bradley (1799 – 1837) married in John Parton Thomas (Berringer) (b. 25-12-1792 in Holborn, London, d. 31-12-1826 in Kissing Point) on 02-09-1816 in St Phillip’s Cof E, Sydney. There is some dispute as to whether John was transported for a life term convict or only for 7 years. He was assigned to Sarah Elizabeth Bradley. Note – His convict records give him as John Parton, and others as John Berringer. It is claimed that John was the first winner of a Prize Fight in Australia, after he went 56 rounds with Charles Sefton.
    1.    Louisa Berringer, b. 03-07-1817 in Parramatta, d. 03-04-1869 in Sydney, buried in St Peter’s Cem, Sydney. She married Peter Hanslow, married 13-04-1848 in St Lawrence’s CofE, Sydney, b. 14-02-1798 in Birmingham, UK, d. 28-02-1866 in Redfern, buried in St Peters Cem, Sydney, occupation Gun & Blacksmith/Publican. Peter: Sentenced to 7 years transportation. Records at the NSW State Archives show that he was the licensee of the ‘Horse and Jockey Inn’ in Pitt Street from 1838 to 1840. The Sydney Directory 1844-45 records Peter and Benjamin (Peter’s brother), landowners, Albert Place, Surry Hills where both carried on the business of Blacksmiths and Iron foundry. Peter aquired additional property in the area of Fitzroy Street and Bluck’s Lane. The latter was so called because it adjoined Bluck’s Family Hotel in Crown Street. This has now been renamed Fitzroy Place and Albert Place is now called Hanslow Place. Peter was an astute business man and his business enterprises soon prospered. He acquired numerous parcels of real estate not only in Surry Hills and Clarence Street, but also in Chippendale and Lane Cove. Peter had obtained sufficient wealth and property qualifications to vote at elections. It is also recorded that he contributed fifteen shillings as a subscription to a statue to mark the colonists’ respect for the retiring Governor, Sir Richard Bourke. The statue now stands outside the Mitchell Library. In 1840, Peter purchased the freehold and rebuilt the ‘Dog and Duck Hotel’ in George Street South and was the licensee from 1857 to 1859. Although he held the ownership of the hotel until 1866, other people held the license during the intervening years. The hotel was the forerunner of the present ‘Great Southern Hotel’. The ‘Dog and Duck’ was the favourite haunt of stock and produce merchants and woolbrokers who hastened to meet the incoming drays and secure the countryman’s wool before he could obtain the ruling price for his products. Peter’s hotel was very conveniently situated near the toll gates at the junction of Pitt and George Streets (present railway square). This may have been the circumstances under which Sarah Hanslow met Henry Mitchell and Sarah Berringer met William Collins – both men came from Goulburn.
    2. Anne Berringer, b. 27-03-1820 in Parramatta, d. 20-12-1892 in Wangaratta. She married William DALE, married 21-12-1840 in St Lawrence’s CofE, Sydney, b. 10 Feb 1819 in Parramatta, d. 21-12-1896 in Wangaratta.
    3. Sarah Berringer. She married William COLLINS, married 13-03-1845 in St Lawrence’s CofE, Sydney, b. 1815 in The Rocks, Sydney, d. 05-12-1879 in Granhamstown, NSW. William: one reference had another son William T Collins b1854 but Neville Collins can find no record of him 
  5. George Bradley (1801 – 1829) – no details of any marriage or children as yet – listed with parents in General Muster of 1822 and General Muster of 1825
  6. Thomas Bradley (1803 – ?)  –  Note –  listed with parents in General Muster of 1822 and General Muster of 1825 – He may have married Maria Harvey, married 1822 in St Lukes CofE, Liverpool. – no details of an children as yet
  7. John Bradley (1806 – 1880). Note –  listed with parents in General Muster of 1822 aged 16 & General Muster of 1825 aged 20  –  Also – Another John Bradley m Charlotte Dallison on 17 March 1836 in the St Margarets Church, Leicester, England.
  8. Job Joseph Bradley (b. 23-02-1809 in Kissing Point, d. 25-03-1875 in Harrington, Manning River, buried 27-03-1875 in Pilot Station, Manning River Heads, occupation Pilot.  Death cert has place of death as Pilot Station, Manning River Heads. Wrote a book about his trip bringing the ‘Ariel’ back to Aust from the US, his wife and her sister (unknown) were onboard. listed with parents in General Muster of 1822 and General Muster of 1825 He married Elizabeth Downes, married cir 1849 in San Francisco, USA.Most of the official records have Job Joseph’s name recorded as Joseph. Appears to have been the Pilot at Harrington 1864 -1872 (at least – children are listed as attending the first class of the local school). Refer:  Harrington Public School 1872 -1997 125th Anniversary. Interred near light house at Harrington overlooking river mouth. Only about 10 graves there, local early cemetery having been covered by sand dunes many years ago. There is an out of print book called “Joseph Bradley’s Cruise of the Ariel” Edited by MD Cobcroft and sold by : Jean Louis Boglio, P O Box 72 Currumbin Qld (ISBN 0 86776 304 3 and ISSN 1032 3260). The book is unavailable. Notes made by June Henderson from “Cruise of the Ariel” by Joseph Bradley (c) 1860 – re-issued and annotated by Mervyn D Cobcroft, 12 Roderick St, Ispwich. – P O Box 470 Ipswich 4305). Job Joseph went to sea as a boy on “Nereus”, joined “Lynx” which was a whaling vessel.  His first command said to be “Govenor Halket” in 1842 (SAD3,P.103). “Ariel” was purchased in San Fransisco by John Webster who had no sailing experience and employed Joseph Bradley in that city to sail it for him.  It is not known how Bradley came to be in San Fransisco. Job Joseph (or Joseph as he obviously referred to himself as) married Elizabeth Down(e)s in S F who was reported to be an expatriate Australian and she together with her younger sister travelled with Joseph on the “Ariel” back to Australia.  The voyage began on 8 June 1851 on a voyage to last 9 months with only a native crew with no experience. The “Ariel” was a 2-masted schooner of 72 tons measuring 60.5 x 16.9 x 9 ft built 1840 in Macleay River NSW for Charles Steele of Port Macquarie and Registered 63.1840.  She was a coal transport from Newcastle to Sydney. John Webster (owner of the vessel) chose to go on a second ship, which was bigger, called “Wanderer” and left Joseph a set of sealed instructions to be opened after departure.  Joseph indicates that the instructions were impractical but he had no option but to proceed. He was to anchor within a preset distance from the Wanderer at destinations along the voyage.  Because he crew were not trained he was unable to leave the wheel and slept wrapped in his cloak on deck for short periods of time whilst he wife spelled him – he only slept 1-3 hours each day.  He had to train the natives during this time though they proved not to be very reliable.  The ship was poorly provisioned and lacking in armament with only a pistol for Bradley. John Webster meanwhile went ashore at various islands to replenish supplies on the Wanderer, when sightseeing and shooting in comfort and ignored Bradleys plight despite various communications.  He also forbade Bradley to make land. Bradley arrived in Towfold Bay on 5 February 1852 and his first child Sarah Jane was born 18 days later. They moved from Twofold bay to Mudgee where five more children were born between 1855  and 1862.  The family finally settled on “Harrington” just prior to the birth of Rachel Mary on 6 October 1864 and 4 more children followed.  Horatio being the last in 1872 – Joseph died without a will. His record of the voyage was overlooked for sometime as a published version by Capt Webster was published and set the stage with his “bl;ib and oily art” so Bradley’s plight was not know for some years until his record was discovered later. References about Bradley: radley Biography – Mrs Yvonne Browning  Adventures of a Native of Australia. J Bradley (Cobcroft M, Editor) Brisbane Amphion 1988.
    Whaling around Australia.  M Colewell, Rigby 1969
    Whalemen Adventurers. W Dakin, Angus & Robertson 2nd Edition 1938
    Land Grants 1788-1809, Johnson K & Sainty M, 1974
    Gazetter of Sydney Shipping 1788 -1840, Nicholson I, Canberra, Roebuck 

    1. Sarah Jane Bradley, b. 23-02-1852 in Twofold Bay, d. 1882 in Manning River. She married John Keats, married 1874 in Sydney.   
    2. Joseph J Bradley, b. 07-03-1855 in Mudgee, d. 1924 in Ashfield.
    3. Louisa Bradley, b. 11-10-1856 in Mudgee, d. 1944 in Ryde. She married Arthur Nicholls, married 1882 in Sydney
    4. George William Bradley, b. 11-11-1858 in Mudgee, d. 1934 in Katoomba.  N Collins has 1853 ?? He married Sarah Elizabeth Western, married 1889 in Wingham.
    5. Elizabeth Ambrosine Bradley, b. 17-11-1859 in Mudgee, d. 1940 in Barraba. She married John A Easton, married 1883 in Balmain.
    6. Roland Robert Bradley, b. 31-12-1862 in Mudgee, d. 1919 in St Leonards. He married Winifred E Lacey, married 1894 in Balmain Sth, b. in Somerset, Eng.
    7.  Mary Rachel Bradley, b. 06-10-1864 in Harrington, Manning River.
    8. Thomas Jordon Bradley, b. 28-07-1866 in Harrington, Manning River, occupation Master Mariner.  “SS Wauchope”. Thomas & Olive were 1st cousins twice removed. Tom & Rachel Bradley were 1st cousins. Olive was Rachel’s granddaughter. He married Olive Jessa SMITH, married 31 Dec 1906 in St Philips Ch Sydney, b. 1875 in Parramatta (daughter of Reuben John SMITH and Miriam ALLSOP). Olive: Olive was Clifton Robert SMITH’s niece. Her new husband Tom who was also a cousin may well have given Clifton a carpenter’s job on his ship “SS Wauchope”.
    9. Frederick Alfred Bradley, b. 01-06-1869 in Harrington, Manning River.
    10. Charles Edward Bradley, b. 01-06-1870 in Harrington, Manning River, d. 1918 in Bathurst.
    11. Horatio Bradley b 1872 ??
  9. Rachel Rebecca Bradley (1811 – 1891) b. 27-03-1811 in Kissing Point, d. 19-02-1891 in Eastwood.  Christened Rachel Rebecca but called Rebecca. listed with parents in General Muster of 1822 and General Muster of 1825At 16 she was a servant to a Mrs Rodgers and was caught stealing from same Mrs Rodgers. Sentenced to 6 mths labour at “the Factory” at Parramatta.  At 20 and unmarried when she gave birth to a daughter Rachel whose father was William Lynn. Two years later aged 22 she married Samuel Small (son of First Fleet convicts  John Small and Mary Parker) aged 29 at St Annes, Ryde.

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    1. Rachel Lynn, (daughter of William Lynn and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 19-09-1831 in Field of Mars/Ryde.  Was born out of wedlock when her mother Rachel Rebecca was 20yrs. Her father William Lynn died when Rachel was a baby. Rachel’s mother then married Samuel Small and Rachel was raised as the eldest of 10 children. Rachel herself was only 17 when she married Robert Smith aged 21 16 Jan 1849 in Hunters Hill. Marriage witnesses Joseph Bradley & George Pope, both of Hunters Hill.  Robert: b. 15-11-1828 in Field of Mars, d. 07-09-1906 in Parramatta, buried in C of E Carlingford, occupation Farmer, orchardist.  On Robert’s death certificate  Clifton & Laud are mentioned as living.
    2. Samuel Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 30-11-1833 in Field of Mars/Ryde, d. 23-11-1912 in Ryde. He married Mary Ann Marns, married 22-11-1854, b. cir 1839 in Launceston, d. 11-08-1915 in Ryde.
    3. Elizabeth Small, (daughter of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 03-11-1836 in Field of Mars/Ryde, d. 1919. Partner Cornelius DungateShe married (2) Charles Mason Marsden, married 28-10-1862 in Ryde, b. 27-07-1830 in Parramatta (son of Charles S Marsden and Elizabeth X Brabyn), d. 18-11-1898 in Sydney.  Charles: Grandson of Rev Samuel Marsden.
    4. Joseph Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 06-01-1839 in Hunters Hill, d. 20-01-1921 in Beecroft.
    5. James Small, (He married Louisa Atkins, married 09-06-1868 in Parramatta, b. 29-12-1849 in Bathurst, d. 07-11-1935. Son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 23-06-1841 in Hunters Hill. He married Joann McGregor, married 1860 in Grafton.  Joann: aka Joana, Johan, Johanna on BDMs.
    6. John Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 17-12-1843 in Hunters Hill, d. 23-11-1921 in Burdett, buried in Toogong. He married Mary Maria Dwyer, married 28-09-1872 in Carcoar, b. 04-10-1852 in Gooloogong, d. 12-01-1922 in W Kogarah.
    7. Rebecca Small, (daughter of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. ??-??-1847 in Hunters Hill, buried 29-07-1937 in Arncliffe. She married Robert Benjamin Hoy, married 03-10-1874 in St Peters, Sydney.
    8. Reuben Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 08-06-1850 in Hunters Hill, d. 11-02-1852 in Hunters Hill.
    9. Robert Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 08-11-1853 in Hunters Hill, d. 11-06-1915 in Parramatta. He married Louisa Ann Adams, married 28-08-1880 in Parramatta, b. 22-09-1854 in Parramatta. 
    10. Charlotte Small, (daughter of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 30-09-1855 in Hunters Hill, d. 28-12-1939 in Epping. She married William Midson, married 27-05-1874 in Wesleyan Church York St. Sydney, b. 09-06-1849 in Essex Eng. @ Steeple Bumpstead (son of Edward Midson and Harriet Mears), d. 06-03-1924 in Epping, buried 07-03-1924 in Field of Mars, Meth Sect 2A grave 6, occupation Preacher.  William: Came with his parents as assisted emigrants on the HMS Constitution to Australia and older sister  Sussanah,  aged 8 years, and William, aged 6 years – Source via State Records of NSW Search PageThey arrived in Botany Bay on May 27 1855 – having left behind Edward‘s father, Samuel Midson, who would die in 1858 after spending his last years in an English Workhouse at Risbridge near to Steeple Bumpstead. In May 1889 William Midson, fruit grower, was elected as alderman of the new Dundas municipality with 77 votes.
  10. Isabella Bradley (1813 – ?) believed to have married James Wright – no details of any children as yet – listed with parents in General Muster of 1822 and General Muster of 1825
Three First Fleet Descendants outside NSW Government House 2012 - David Christian (Peter Hibbs) - Katrina Christian (James Bradley, Peter Hibbs, Mary Parker, John Small), Kerrie Christian (James Bradley, Mary Parker, John Small)

Three First Fleet Descendants outside NSW Government House 2012 – David Christian (Peter Hibbs) – Katrina Christian (James Bradley, Peter Hibbs, Mary Parker, John Small), Kerrie Christian (James Bradley, Mary Parker, John Small)


8 Responses to James Bradley – Sarah Barnes Family Tree

  1. Charles Bradley says:

    CharlesBradley105 would be willing to contribute to this interesting website (Joseph (Job) Bradley and Elizabeth Downs are my Ggrandparents). My email system is out of wack so I cannot be sure that this will get through and will wait until I am contacted on ccdecon@zipworld.com.au to provide details – such as Elizabeth went over to San Francisco with Captain Joseph on the Fame in 1849.
    Charlie Bradley

  2. Fabulous job on the website – congratulations. June Henderson, also descended from Lucy Bradley and James McManus.

  3. cathy hill says:

    Nicely set out. Has anyone discovered James Bradley’s or Sarah Barnes’ history prior to their convictions in London?
    Cathy Hill (descendant through Lucy)
    PS Can you forward my email address to June Henderson, whom I met many years go and have lost touch?

  4. Jeanette Meany says:

    Hello June. This is wonderful. Well done. So many gaps filled. I too, Jeanette Meany, am descended from Lucy Bradley and James McManus. What makes this even more special is I grew up not far from Harrington. What a shame I didn’t know anything about Job Joseph back them.

  5. Anne says:

    Hello June. I was very happy to read all this. My name is Anne Bradley and I am also a descendant of James Bradley. I have a copy of the “Cruise of the Ariel”. I also have in my possession a hand written journal of Joseph Bradley dating back to 1832. Also other original documents dating from the time Joseph sailed the Ariel when he accompanied Ben Boyd and his yacht the Wanderer. Amazing read…

    • Sonnia Ryan says:

      Hi June,
      My name is Sonnia I am a descendant of James Bradley & Lucy Bradley.
      Do you have any more information on James & Sarah from Joseph’s journal that is not currently on the internet you could share with me?
      I’m trying to get info to Ryde Council and a major developer building on his land to try and get some sort of memorial in place to him (& Sarah).
      Please contact me at sonnian66@yahoo.com
      Sonnia Ryan

  6. Jillian Gordon says:

    Hello June,
    I am a direct descendant of Jane Poole (Convict), James McManus ( Mariner) and James Bradley (Convict) all of whom were on the first fleet. I found your page most interesting: in the family it is my eldest sister and her daughter that are doing the geneology however as I am a historian by heart I am very interested. If you have any need to know information from my line please feel free to ask .
    Kind regards

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