09.0 Rachel Rebecca Bradley Small Family Tree

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The 9th child of James Bradley and Sarah Barnes : Rachel Rebecca Bradley, b. 27-03-1811 in Kissing Point, d. 19-02-1891 in Eastwood.  Christened Rachel Rebecca but called Rebecca. At 16 she was a servant to a Mrs Rodgers and was caught stealing from same Mrs Rodgers. Sentenced to 6 mths labour at “the Factory” at Parramatta.

At 20 and unmarried when she gave birth to a daughter Rachel whose father was William Lynn (d. 1832 in Field of Mars/Ryde.).

Two years later aged on 22 14-10-1833 at  St Annes C of E Field of Mars Ryde, she married Samuel Small  ( b. 27-04-1804 in Ryde – d. 18-04-1889 in Eastwood), who was the son of First Fleet convicts John Small and Mary Parker, aged 29 at St Annes, Field of Mars Ryde.

Note from Kerrie Anne Christian – my Illawarra Callcott family are descended from Charlotte Midson nee Small, youngest child of Rachel Rebecca Bradley and Samuel Small – via their eldest daughter Lucy Callcott nee Midson.

A.   Rachel Lynn, (daughter of William Lynn and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 19-09-1831 in Field of Mars/Ryde.  Was born out of wedlock when her mother Rachel Rebecca was 20yrs. Her father William Lynn died when Rachel was a baby. Rachel’s mother then married Samuel Small and Rachel was raised as the eldest of 10 children. Rachel herself was only 17 when she married Robert aged 21.They had seven sons. She married Robert SMITH, married 16 Jan 1849 in Hunters Hill, b. 15-11-1828 in Field of Mars, d. 07-09-1906 in Parramatta, buried in CofE Carlingford, occupation Farmer, orchardist.  Robert: Marriage witnesses Joseph Bradley & George Pope, both of Hunters Hill. On Robert’s death certificate  Clifton & Laud are mentioned as living.

1.    Reuben John SMITH, b. 1850 in Hunters Hill, d. in Unknown.  Family living at Rainsford St. Chippendale/ Strawberry Hills abt 1898. Reuben & Miriam probably seperated.  ?? where & when Reuben died. He married Miriam ALLSOP, married 1874 in Sydney, b. 17 May 1853 in Castle Hill, d. 1944 in Paddington.  Miriam: Miriam was bequeathed 16 acres of land from her grandfather (Thomas Thompson) which she was to receive upon her mothers death. This was not until 1911.

a.    Olive Jessa SMITH, b. 1875 in Parramatta.  Olive was Clifton Robert SMITH’s niece. Her new husband Tom who was also a cousin may well have given Clifton a carpenter’s job on his ship “SS Wauchope”. She married Thomas Jordon Bradley, married 31 Dec 1906 in St Philips Ch Sydney, b. 28-07-1866 in Harrington, Manning River (son of Job Joseph Bradley and Elizabeth Downes), occupation Master Mariner.  Thomas: “SS Wauchope”. Thomas & Olive were 1st cousins twice removed. Tom & Rachel Bradley were 1st cousins. Olive was Rachel’s granddaughter.


b.    Esther Miriam SMITH, b. 1877 in Parramatta. She married William James McCAHON, married 29 Jan 1895 in Surrey Hills.

(A) Essie O McCAHON, b. 1896 in Paddington. She married Charles A J Blaydon, married 1927 in Bankstown.

(B) William John McCAHON, b. 20 Aug 1898. He married Lillian Irene COOPER, married 1916.

(1)  Joyce McCAHON, b. 1918 in Sydney. She married Alexander Robert Worrad, married 1939 in Auburn.

(2)  Daphne McCAHON.

(3)  Noel McCAHON.

(4)  Douglas McCAHON.

(5)  Reuben McCAHON.

(6)  Leslie McCAHON.

(7)  Alan McCAHON.

(8)  Thomas McCAHON.

(9)  Pamela McCAHON, b. 15 Jun 1939. She married John F BURROWS, married 1961.

(C) Ruby McCAHON, b. 1901 in Paddington.

(D) Hugh F McCAHON, b. 1906 in Sydney. She married Edna L McLennan, married 1928 in Bankstown.

(E) Arthur Alfred McCAHON, b. 1909 in Liverpool. He married Vera Ruth Bateman, married 1934 in Bankstown.

c.    Leonard Joseph SMITH, b. 1879 in Parramatta. He married Clara EYLES, married 1903 in Redfern, b. 1864.

(A) Leonard J SMITH, b. 1909 in Sydney.

(B) Reuben L SMITH, b. 1911 in Sydney.

(C) Doris U SMITH, b. 1914 in Sydney.

d.    Owen Reuben SMITH, b. 1882 in Central Cumberland. He married Elizabeth BEVITZIE, married 1905 in Sydney.

(A) George E L SMITH, b. 1906 in Sydney.

(B) Lawrence L SMITH, b. 1912 in Sydney, d. 1912.

e.    Harold R SMITH, b. 1884 in Sydney. He married Elsie I SMART, married 1908 in Sydney.

f.     Theodore R SMITH, b. 1887 in Sydney.

g.    Laud H SMITH, b. 1891 in Sydney.

2.    Frederick SMITH, b. 29 Apr 1852 in Pennant Hills, d. 4 Sep 1852 in Wesleyan Parramatta.

3.    Samuel Thomas SMITH, b. APR 1853 in Pennant Hills, d. 19 Mar 1859 in Pennant Hills, buried in Wesleyan Cemetary Parramatta.

4.    Jordan Stuart SMITH, b. 21 Oct 1856 in Pennant Hills, d. 13 Jan 1898 in Sydney Hospital, buried 15 Jan 1898 in C Of E  Rookwood, occupation Van proprietor, trolley d. He married Caroline Ford CRAIG, married 15 Jun 1878 in Paddington, b. 24 Jan 1847 in Sydney, d. 14 Apr 1893 in Waterloo.

a.    Effie Caroline Rachel SMITH, b. 1880 in Waterloo, d. 1926 in Randwick. She married William FRANCIS, married 1899 in Glebe.

(A) Lottie Caroline FRANCIS, b. 1899 in Newtown. She married Sidney Coote LOYDSTROM, married 1945 in Newtown.

(B) Henry W FRANCIS, b. 1901 in St Peters. He married Edna C FOGGETT, married 1920 in Sydney.

(C) Myra O R FRANCIS, b. 1904 in Newtown. She married Radnor R DODWELL, married 1924 in Newtown.

(D) Jean Craig FRANCIS, b. 1917 in Petersham. She married Robert Charles James ROWLAND, married 1936 in Marrickville.

b.    Lottie F SMITH, b. 1881 in Waterloo. She married John B LOUGHLIN, married 1910 in Glebe.

(A) John W LOUGHLIN, b. 1910 in Glebe. He married Thelma M McCORMICK, married 1931 in Marrickville.

(B) Albert Jordan LOUGHLIN, b. 1913 in Marrickville. He married Eileen Emily JUDGE, married 1936 in Marrickville.

(C) Arthur Pearce LOUGHLIN, b. 1916 in Marrickville. He married Dorothy Frances C BRUNTON, married 1939 in Marrickville.

5.    Hamilton Hill SMITH, b. 1860 in Parramatta, d. in Unknown. He married Ellen Connelly, married 1885 in Cooma.

a.    Julia E Smith, b. 1885 in Cooma.

b.    Robert G Smith, b. 1887 in Cooma.

c.    Catherine O Smith, b. 188 in Nimitybelle.

d.    Joy M Smith, b. 1892 in Braidwood.

e.    Ruby S Smith, b. 1895 in Bowraville.

f.     Francis P Smith, b. 1896 in Braidwood.

g.    Rachel M Smith, b. 1898 in Captain’s Flat.

h.   Vincent P C C Smith, b. 1905 in Moruya.

6.    Clifton Robert SMITH, b. 4 Oct 1863 in Pennant Hills, d. in Unknown, occupation Farmer,orchadist, Carpent.  Resigned from police force after only 3 years service, 2 weeks after Harry was born. Supposedly deserted Annie on Dec 15 1895  when Lance was just 4 mths old. Annie took out warrant for his arrest in Jan 96. Supposedly they never saw him again. Clifton is mentioned as living on his father (Robert’s) death cert in 1906. No record has ever been found of Clifton’s death. He may have gotten work as a ship’s carpenter and possibly was lost at sea, but this so far is only family lore. SS Wauchope was destroyed by fire off Portsea Vic 1/8/1919. later sold at auction for œ182. According to Police records Clifton described as 5’11” grey eyes, drk brown hair, good physique. Occupation before joining force carpenter. He married Annie Page Ducker MORRIS, married 26 Mar 1884 in Robert & Rachel’s  home -, b. 29 Dec 1864 in Castle Hill, d. 26 Sep 1921 in Canley Vale, buried 27 Sep 1921 in Methodist Cemetary    West Pennant Hills.  Annie: Annie was only 30 when her last child was born in Aug 1895. Clifton deserted shortly after this. In Feb 1896 Annie, claiming to be destitute put the oldest three boys into foster care. A few mths later she also put Emily into State care and in Sept 1897 she left Lance who was just two and absconded. A warrant was issued for her. In 1904 her father made a new will excluding Annie. Annie petitioned the Supreme Court for a divorce in 1908 which was denied. She lived with or possibly married John William Cox in Queensland. In 1915 at the time Harry joined the Army, Annie was known to be living at Canowindra. In 1921 just before her death from cancer of the uterus she was living at Canley Vale. Annie is buried at the Wesleyan Cemetery at Pennant Hills along with many other family members.

a.    Clifton Robert SMITH, b. 13 Feb 1885 in Pennant Hills, d. 14 Feb 1885 in Pennant Hills, buried 15 Feb 1885 in Wesleyan Cemetary Castle Hill.

b.    Cecil Robert SMITH, b. 24 Jan 1886 in Pennant Hills, d. ABT 1960 in ? Brisbane, occupation Railways employee in Qld.  Govt special award for long service to Railways. He married UNNAMED _____UNNAMED: ?  Wickham  Elsie May DEVLIN.

(A) Lance SMITH.  Atkinvale    Townsville.

(B) Doreen SMITH, occupation Nursing.

c.    Clifton SMITH, b. 29 Dec 1887 in Parramatta, d. 17 Nov 1947 in Malaney Qld, buried in Bamoral Cemetary Qld  Block 17/92.  Had a selection at Ulong, Clifton was in the Light Horse Brigade. He survived and fathered another 5 children after his return. There’s was 1st marriage ever performed in the little church David worked so hard to get built. He married Elsie Pryor CORFE, married 1913 in Presbyterin Church, Ulong  NSW, b. 1891 in Sydney, d. 13 Jul 1976 in Morningside Qld, buried in Balmoral Cem, Morningside Qld.  Elsie: Elsie and Clifton’s marriage was the very first ceremony to take place in the newly constructed Presbyterian Church. The land for which had been donated by David (Scotty) Smith.

(A) Annie Morris (Nancy) SMITH, b. 1914 in Bellingen, occupation School teacher.  A great friend of Dulcie IDE nee Mackay. She married Harold LANE.

(B) Ethel Minnie SMITH, b. 1917 in Bellingen, d. 1982 in ? Canada. She married Oscar BOYLAND, occupation served in WW2. Died young.

(C) George Harry DAVE SMITH, b. 31 Oct 1920 in Cooparoo Qld, occupation Army Sgnt Major 7th Div S.  Family moved from Brisbane to Malaney 1933 where Cliff ran a dairy farm. In abt 1940 all three boys went off to war & Cliff was up in Darwin working for the CCC in charge of building hangers. Some interned Italians were seconded to work on the farm during the war.  After the war Dave took over running the family dairy farm. His brothers never came to help him although they shared the profits. Cliff died in 1947 and Dave stayed on for another couple of years until 12 Sept 1950. Finally the farm ended up the property of The Masonic Homes at Sandgate where Elsie was hospitalised with Alzheimer’s for many years. Dave was estranged from his siblings from then on. He married (1) Grace Evelyn McKENZIE, married 16 Jan 1944 in Belimba, b. 20 Dec 1920 in Brisbane, d. 20 Jul 1980. He married (2) Catherine _____, b. 1920 in Livingston SCT.

(D) Clifton ALEXander SMITH, b. 1923, d. 1991, occupation WW2 was in Navy. He married Joyce BESWICK.

(E) Cecil ROY Nathan SMITH, b. 1925, d. C1976 in Sydney, occupation WW2 in Airforce.  Took an apprenticeship in Canada as a pilot. After the war he worked the India to London route for Qantas. Died of a heart attack in early 40’s. Married but had Orchitis as a young man thus no children. He married UNNAMED _____.

(F)  Doris Elsie SMITH, b. 1928, d. 1929.

d.    Emily May SMITH, b. 1 May 1890 in Merriwa, d. 29 Mar 1960 in Wentworth Falls, buried in Point Clare Cemetary, occupation Housemaid.  Was in foster care from age six. Worked as a housemaid and was  fetched to work for Scotty Smith and help Emily H at Ulong abt 1908 (as her brother Cliff had a selection here). Married the boss’s son. She married William Hutcheson SMITH, married 22 Jun 1910 in Ulong, Married in Scotties homestead, b. 11 Jun 1884 in Paisley SCT, d. 28 Jul 1938 in RPAH Sydney, buried in Coffs Harbour, occupation Road builder contractor/.  William: Pioneered the Eastern Dorrigo with his father abt 1900. Cleared virgin forest, helped build the road from Coramba to Ulong.

(A) Elma Mabel SMITH, b. 13 May 1911 in Grafton, d. 15 Aug 1992 in Kempsey.  Elma married young and her first child was born just before her 18th birthday. She married Vincent George SMITH, married 1928 in Coffs Harbour, b. 19 Mar 1906, d. 1966.

(1)  Noel SMITH, b. 10 Apr 1929. He married Clare _____.

(2)  Victor John SMITH, b. 20 Dec 1930. He married Dawn SKELLEY.

(3)  Aileen SMITH, b. 24 Dec 1932. She married Ken GRIFFIN.

(B) Doreen Emily SMITH, b. 3 Aug 1912 in Grafton, d. 15 Feb 1987.  They were married in NZ in a Registry Office then 2 years later they were married in the Presbyterian Ch at Newtown 8 Jan 1941. They ran a bakery at Coffs Harbour then managed a banana plantation at Woolgoolgah. She married Lionel Thomas AULIFF, married 10 May 1939 in Wellington  NZ, b. 1911 in Valla, Macksville, d. ABT 1985.  Lionel: Lionel had a twin sister Alma (called Sue) a brother Ivan who was a pilot and the youngest Vonnie. Lionel was first married aged abt 18. Doreen was working as a postmistress ? in Ulong and Lionel used to deliver meat.

(C) James William David SMITH, b. 11 Aug 1913 in Grafton, d. 5 Oct 1977 in Woy Woy, buried 8 Oct 1977 in Point Clare Cemetary, occupation Timber miller, dock worker. He married Kathleen Julia STEELE, married 25 Jan 1947 in Marrickville, b. 16 Jun 1919 in Wiltshire UK, occupation Age 23 started as Assistant.

(D) Harold Leslie SMITH, b. 18 Apr 1917 in Bellingen, d. 1959 in Port Macquarie. He married Chrissy RAMSEY, married 1951 in Port Macquarie.

(E) Harry Kenneth SMITH, b. 25 Aug 1920, d. 12 Oct 1984. He married Ada May BROWN, married 1941 in Coffs Harbour, b. 1923, d. 19 Jan 1998 in Coffs Harbour.

e.    Harry Roy SMITH, b. 27 Jan 1892 in Tumbarumbah, d. 27 Apr 1918 in France, WW1.  Harry was living in Cairns in 1915 when he enlisted in WW1 He was sent to France (Western Front) He died two days after being wounded at “Villers Breterneaux” only a few months before the war ended.

f.     Raymond Jordan SMITH, b. MAR 1894 in Parramatta, d. 15 Sep 1894 in Beecroft, buried 16 Sep 1894 in Wesleyan Cemetary Castle Hill.

g.    Lancelot Roland SMITH, b. 3 Aug 1895 in Ryde, d. 8 Aug 1970 in Fivedock.  715746 fivedock. He married Victoria Ann DUNCAN, married 1921 in Ballina, b. 1 May 1900.  Victoria: Victoria  known as Queenie.

(A) Lancelot Francis Robertson SMITH.  Joined the Police Force and was in the Fingerprint Bureau. Living at Silvania Waters in 1967. aka Frank.He married Jean _____, married ABT 1945.

(B) Enid Fae SMITH, b. C1934, d. 1941 in Balmain.  Died aged abt 7 yrs.

7.    Laud Septimus SMITH, b. 31 Aug 1866 in Parramatta, d. in Unknown.

B.   Samuel Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 30-11-1833 in Field of Mars/Ryde, d. 23-11-1912 in Ryde. He married Mary Ann Marns, married 22-11-1854, b. cir 1839 in Launceston, d. 11-08-1915 in Ryde.

1.    Violet Amelia Small, b. 20-02-1857 in Ryde, d. 23-12-1942. She married William Craig, married 31-03-1888 in St Andrews Manse, Parramatta, b. 1844, d. 10-02-1911 in Stanmore, buried 11-02-1911 in CofE Cem, Field of Mars.

a.    George Craig, b. ??-02-1889 in Sydney, d. 01-01-1911 in Glebe, buried 02-01-1911 in CofE Cem, Field of Mars.

2.    Jordon Felix Cornelius Samuel Small, b. 02-08-1859 in Ryde, d. 1915 in Ryde. He married Dorcas Humphreys, married 1886 in Leichhardt, d. 1915 in Ryde.

3.    Walter Small, b. 12-11-1861 in Ryde, d. 1861 in Ryde.

4.    Unnamed Small, b. 08-03-1863 in Field of Mars, d. 1863 in Ryde.  Could be S J Small.

5.    Blanche Marion Small, b. 09-07-1864 in Pernnant Hills. She married Wilton Stuart, married 1892 in Ashfield.

a.    Myra C Stuart, b. 1893 in Ryde.

6.    Myra Rosina Beatrice Small, b. 02-04-1867 in Pennant Hills. She married James Horsley, married 1895 in Parramatta.

a.    Hilda Horsley, b. 1895 in Parramatta, d. 1896 in Parramatta.

b.    Edna M Horsley, b. 1900 in Parramatta.

7.    Claude James Marns Small, b. 10-02-1870 in Pennant Hills, d. 29-09-1932 in Ryde.

C.   Elizabeth Small, (daughter of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 03-11-1836 in Field of Mars/Ryde, d. 1919. Partner Cornelius Dungate. She married (2) Charles Mason Marsden, married 28-10-1862 in Ryde, b. 27-07-1830 in Parramatta (son of Charles S Marsden and Elizabeth X Brabyn), d. 18-11-1898 in Sydney.  Charles: Grandson of Rev Samuel Marsden.

1.    Albert Charles Caleb Small, (son of Cornelius Dungate and Elizabeth Small) b. 19-09-1857 in Pennant Hills, d. 07-09-1948 in Burwood. He married Catherine Ester Larkin, married 12-06-1880 in All Saints, Parramatta, b. 28-04-1861 in Field of Mars, d. 21-12-1946 in Pennant Hills.  Catherine: Small Family Book has Ester C Larkin, corrected in suppliment.

a.    Gertrude May Small, b. 29-12-1881. She married Cyril Stanley Fuller, married 1906, b. 1882.

(A) Harold Claude Fuller, b. 20-06-1906, d. 20-05-1994 in Concord. He married B I Thrush.

(B) Irene May Fuller, b. 24-11-1908.

(C) Percival S Fuller, b. 24-11-1908. He married Mavis Woolidge.

(D) Sydney Frank Fuller.

(E) Allan Richard Fuller.

(F)  Brian Stewart Fuller.

b.    Leslie Charles Small, b. 1883. He married Lenna Radley, married 1908.

c.    Walter Small, b. 03-11-1884. He married Leila Mary Radley.

(A) Elwin Small, b. 06-10-1908.  BDM of marriage has him as Elwyn. He married Jean Walters, married 1938 in Ourimbah, b. 13-03-1917.

(1)  Heather Small, b. 08-07-1939. She married Archie Alexander Cook, married in Wyong

(B) Ruth Mary Small, b. 16-07-1910, d. 13-04-1973. She married Horace Vincent Goldie, married 1928 in Gosford, b. 03-10-1907 in Kangy Angy.

(1)  Fay Goldie, b. 20-03-1929 in Wyong, d. 18-04-1979. She married Victor Joseph Smith, married in Wyong, b. 24-05-1924.

(2)  Lloyd Goldie, b. 23-06-1931 in Wyong, d. 04-05-1976. He married Patricia Jean Dickinson, married in Redfern, b. 03-10-1933.

(C) Mavis Leila Small, b. 18-01-1913, d. 01-12-1981. She married Daniel Milton Hugh Sharp, married 1933, b. 05-11-1912, d. 19-06-1971.

(1)  Lois Sharp, b. 09-12-1933. She married Keith Thompson, b. 23-04-1930.

(2)  Rex Sharp, b. 30-11-1934, d. 09-04-1974. He married Lesley Anne Fitzsimons, b. 11-12-1938.

(3)  June Sharp, b. 24-04-1936.

(4)  Mavis Leila Sharp, b. 18-02-1937, d. 18-02-1937.  Small Family book has years as 1957!

d.    Percival Small, b. 13-02-1887 in Field of Mars, d. 24-04-1967 in West Pennant Hills. He married Ethel Mary Fuller, married 1909, b. 03-07-1889 in Castle Hill, d. 15-11-1971 in Wahroonga.

(A) Gladys Muriel Small, b. 21-01-1909. She married Raymond Cameron Turner, married in Methodist, Strathfield, b. 25-08-1905, d. 09-07-1975 in Ryde.

(B) Eunice Rita Small, b. 09-02-1910 in Parramatta, d. 25-11-1988 in Westmead. She married Cyril Grant, married 1929 in Presbyterian, Beecroft, b. 24-05-1903 in West Pennant Hills, d. 16-04-1986 in Dundas.

(1)  Cyril Percival Grant, b. 15-07-1929. He married Marie Hitchcock, married in Methodist, Parramatta.

(2)  Elaine Rita Grant, b. 25-01-1931 in Pennant Hills, d. 07-12-1988 in Springfield. She married Leslie Roy Aiton, married in Christ Church, Gosford, b. 11-10-1931 in Quirindi.

(3)  Valmai Shirley Grant, b. 24-05-1932 in Pennant Hills. She married Leslie Clarence Allen, married in Gosford, b. 01-02-1926.

(4)  William Geoffrey Grant, b. 30-07-1933 in Pennant Hills. He married Iris May Hilton, married in Ourimbah, b. 31-03-1935 in Katoomba.

(5)  Audrey Gladys Grant, b. 04-12-1934. She married Geoffrey Theo Cooper, married in Wahroonga, b. 05-09-1940.

(6)  Kevin John Grant, b. 31-08-1936 in Castle Hill. He married Janice Baker, married in Hamilton.

(7)  Rex Anthony Grant, b. 13-08-1938 in Gosford. He married Beverley Janice Burge, married in Gladesville, b. 02-05-1944 in Ryde.

(C) Wallace Frank Small, b. 06-10-1912. He married Florence Leonard, married 1935.

(1)  Rhonda Small. She married Keith Morressey.

(2)  Helen Small. She married Michael Ryan.

(3)  Kevin Small. He married Inger.

(D) Allan Verdun Small, b. 13-07-1917, d. 24-01-1994 in Gosford. He married Patricia Mary Barden, married 1939.

(E) Nellie Kathleen Small, b. 31–01-?? She married Roy Shepherd, married 1933.

(1)  Kathleen Shepherd, b. 12-01-1933, d. 24-11-1988. She married Harry Paddock.

(F)  Lillian Norma Small, b. 16-07-1923, d. 21-08-1990. She married Horace Atkins.

e.    Harold Small, b. 1889.  aka Jack. He married Effie Pogson, married 1912.

f.     Grace Small, b. 1891, d. 1891.

2.    Walter Clondsly Marsden, (son of Charles Mason Marsden and Elizabeth Small) b. 16-11-1863 in Shrivenham/Penrith.

3.    John Brabyn Marsden, (son of Charles Mason Marsden and Elizabeth Small) b. 15-11-1865 in Oakfield, d. 27-05-1883 in Waterloo.

4.    Elizabeth Adelaide Marsden, (daughter of Charles Mason Marsden and Elizabeth Small) b. 18-04-1868 in Oakfield.

5.    Bertha Fristan Marsden, (daughter of Charles Mason Marsden and Elizabeth Small) b. 04-07-1871 in South Creek. She married Robert Peter, married 1913 in Sydney.

a.    Sylvia G Peter, b. 1913 in Sydney.

6.    Herbert Howard Marsden, (son of Charles Mason Marsden and Elizabeth Small) b. 14-07-1874 in Oakfield, d. 1936.

D.   Joseph Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 06-01-1839 in Hunters Hill, d. 20-01-1921 in Beecroft. He married Louisa Atkins, married 09-06-1868 in Parramatta, b. 29-12-1849 in Bathurst, d. 07-11-1935.

1.    Clifton Samuel Small, b. 28-12-1868 in Parramatta, d. 1870.  Small family book has him as Clifford but BDM of birth & death has Clifton.

2.    Rachel Louise Small, b. 15-07-1870 in Pennant Hills, d. 29-05-1953 in Parramatta. She married George Arthur Mobbs, married 20-03-1889 in Ermington, b. 20-03-1866 in Central Cumberland, d. 11-10-1903 in Carlingford.

a.    Errol R Mobbs, b. 22-05-1890 in Parramatta, d. 1891 in Ryde, buried in St Pauls, Carlingford.

b.    Eric Arthur Mobbs, b. 23-11-1891 in Parramatta, d. 04-10-1974, buried in Nth Subs Cematorium. He married Freda Pearl Catt, married 1917 in St Pauls, Carlingford, b. 24-06-1895, d. 22-05-1978, buried in Nth Subs Crematorium.

(A) Beryl Joan Mobbs, b. 02-03-1924. She married Howard John Lewis, married in RGO Sydney, b. 10-03-1925.

(B) Joyce Audrey Mobbs, b. 18-10-1928. She married Harold Rowe, married in St Pauls, Carlingford.

c.    Hazel Louisa Mobbs, b. 27-08-1893 in Parramatta, d. 15-01-1976. She married (1) Charles Cropper, married 1916 in Ryde. She married (2) Sidney Fowler, b. 10-11-1895.

(A) Brenda M Cropper, (daughter of Charles Cropper and Hazel Louisa Mobbs) b. 21-05-1917 in Canterbury. She married Ronald Stanley Manners, b. 19-04-1917.

d.    Ivy Lynette Mobbs, b. 31-05-1895 in Parramatta, d. 14-01-1990. She married Leslie Lyle Pogson, married 1916 in Ryde, b. 22-05-1888, d. 21-08-1951.

(A) Ian Leslie Pogson, b. 01-10-1917 in Hornsby. He married Dorothy Trowbridge, b. 01-10-1926.

(B) Doreen Elsie Pogson, b. 01-06-1919. She married Oscar Newton, b. 09-11-1917.

(1)  Wendy Lynette Newton, b. 18-01-1942. She married Dominicus Swinkels, b. 04-07-1935.

(C) Keith George Pogson, b. 16-09-1922. He married Jean McLean Smith, b. 15-06-1922.

(D) Marie Lynette Pogson, b. 11-11-1927. She married Robert John Trimingham, b. 24-03-1920.

3.    Clayton Hamilton Small, b. 20-10-1873 in Carlingford, d. 19-05-1947 in Baulkham Hills. He married Mary Ellen Rosa Bell, married 1922, b. 15-03-1896 in Nyngan, d. 27-11-1944 in Parramatta.

a.    Thelma Mary Small, b. 25-03-1924. She married Ronald Leslie Daniel, b. 25-06-1911, d. 18-06-1978.

4.    May Evelina Small, b. 08-07-1876 in Pennant Hills, d. 09-08-1954 in Parramatta. She married Thomas William McKenzie, married 1902 in St Pauls CofE, Carlingford, b. 30-10-1873, d. 15-10-1952 in Gosford.

a.    Bryce William McKenzie, b. 03-09-1904 in Ryde, d. 27-01-1977 in Melbourne. He married May Green, married 1932, b. 15-02-1907 in Mangrove Creek, d. 14-01-1993.  May: BDM has her as Ethel M Green on marriage.

(A) Joan Margaret McKenzie, b. 01-05-1937 in Sydney. She married Brian Wallwork, b. 28-06-1939 in UK.

(B) Heather Jean McKenzie, b. 28-06-1939 in Sydney. She married Neil Chick, b. 15-09-1937.

b.    Una May McKenzie, b. 12-05-1907 in Gosford, d. 14-04-1987. She married Roy Douglass, married 1930, b. 26-06-1902, d. 1944 in Wyong.

(A) Donald Andrew Douglass, b. 21-02-1931. He married Iris Jean Brackenreg, b. 14-09-1932.

(B) Lorna Jean Douglass, b. 21-08-1932. She married Edward Samuel John Allwood, b. 10-06-1929.

(C) Doreen June Douglass, b. 14-12-1935. She married William Brian Wilson, b. 23-07-1938.

(D) Laurence Roy Douglass, b. 04-06-1938. He married Nora Lucille Wilbow, b. 22-12-1940.

c.    Kenneth George McKenzie, b. 15-05-1908 in Chatswood, d. 28-08-1928.

d.    Joyce Easter McKenzie, b. 16-04-1911 in St Leonards, d. 19-09-1990 in Scone. She married Leslie Sullivan Donovan, b. 22-03-1906, d. 17-08-1991 in Scone.

e.    Donald Thomas McKenzie, b. 03-10-1913. He married Alma Schwebel, b. 26-12-1912, d. 03-03-1980.

f.     Jennie Mary McKenzie, b. 21-10-1919, d. 26-11-1973. She married (1) William John Denniss, b. 18-12-1916. She married (2) George Edward Rees, b. 20-02-1913, d. 17-03-1995 in Dubbo.

g.    Mabel Pearl McKenzie, b. 16-08-1922. She married (1) Stuart Hutcheson, b. 17-01-1924. She married (2) Colin Hazwell Potter-Jones, b. 23-01-1909.

5.    Joseph Malcolm Small, b. 28-09-1878 in Parramatta. He married Ellen M Willis, married 1910 in Ryde.

a.    Frederick M Small, b. 1911 in Burwood.

b.    Margaret R Small, b. 1911 in Burwood.

c.    Lynette M Small, b. 1917, d. 30-12-1986. She married Hibert Monot.

6.    Helena Maude Small, b. 12-08-1880 in Carlingford, d. 15-04-1959 in Wahroonga. She married John Belmore Mobbs, married 1903 in St Pauls, Carlingford, b. 15-11-1871 in Carlingford, d. 28-11-1949 in Carlingford.

a.    Gwenneth Muriel Mobbs, b. 30-11-1903 in Ryde, d. ??-05-1970.

b.    Geoffrey Ernest Mobbs, b. 06-12-1904 in Ryde, d. 03-10-1920.

c.    Jean Eva Mobbs, b. 05-10-1906 in Carlingford. She married John Stanhope Ottaway Gow, b. 05-08-1903, d. 25-09-1964.

(A) Douglas John Stewart Gow, b. 29-12-1932. He married Shirley May Hatcher, b. 16-03-1935.

(B) Russell David William Gow, b. 06-10-1935. He married Winifred Edith Marshall, b. 01-01-1937.

(C) Malcolm Antony Gow, b. 09-05-1937. He married Michelle Colless Field.

7.    Raymond Robert Small, b. 27-07-1882 in Carlingford, d. 24-06-1966 in Port Augusta. He married Ivy Maude Mobbs, married 1915 in Carlingford, b. 21-09-1893 in Carlingford, d. 17-02-1987.

a.    Neville Robert Small, b. 07-08-1914 in Parramatta, d. 03-09-1982. He married Florence May Harris, married 1935, b. 17-07-1912, d. 14-05-1986 in Ashcroft.

(A) Robert Henry Small, b. 10-01-1936. He married Elizabeth Elaine Whelan, married in Parramatta, b. 05-09-1940.  Elizabeth: aka Anne.

b.    Stanley Joseph Small, b. 13-06-1916 in Parramatta. He married (1) Isabel Elizabeth Weir, b. 15-08-1919. He married (2) Elsie Selwyn Weir, b. 04-10-1926, d. 03-06-1994 in Kempsey.

c.    Edna Pearl Small, b. 29-10-1918 in Parramatta, d. 05-07-1994 in Dundas. She married Ronald Edwin Lucock, married 1938, b. 11-10-1911.

(A) Jean Lucock, b. 31-12-1938. She married Andrew Nowakowski, b. 17-07-1933 in Poland.

d.    Ronald John Small, b. 13-02-1920. He married Margaret Mary Casey, b. 17-01-1929.

e.    Clive Small, b. 02-06-1921. He married Sylvia Patricia Maurice Hayden, b. 21-01-1925.

f.     Una Maud Small, b. 01-06-1923. She married John William Thurston, b. 27-03-1922

g.    Owen Small, b. 07-10-1924. He married Shirley Gregory, b. 08-03-1925.

8.    Phoebe Hawthorne Small, b. 16-09-1886 in Pennant Hills, d. 11-04-1974.

9.    Ruby Lucy Small, b. 31-07-1889 in Carlingford, d. 21-06-1967 in West Pennant Hills. She married Andrew William Franks, married 1911 in Ryde, b. 03-09-1888 in West Pennant Hills, d. 03-01-1954 in West Pennant Hills.

a.    Jean Ellen Franks, b. 18-08-1912 in St Leonards, d. 07-02-1963. She married Charles Robert Booth, b. 17-12-1910, d. ??-11-1969.

b.    Ivy Hazel Franks, b. 13-09-1913 in St Leonards.

c.    Vernon William Franks, b. 27-12-1914 in St Leonards. He married Sylvia Grace CondonSylvia: nee Coleman.

E.   James Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 23-06-1841 in Hunters Hill. He married Joann McGregor, married 1860 in Grafton.  Joann: aka Joana, Johan, Johanna on BDMs.

1.    Unnamed Small, b. 1861.

2.    Albert John Small, b. 1863, d. 1944.

3.    Francis George Small, b. 1865, d. 1938.

4.    Elizabeth Ann Small, b. 1867, d. 1945.  Appears not to have married.

5.    James H Small, b. 1868.

6.    Jemima E Small, b. 1870. She married William H Dunk, married 1892.  William: Maybe???

7.    Margaret Ellen Small, b. 1874.

8.    Isabella Mary Small, b. 1878.

9.    Eveline Letitia M Small, b. 1881.  aka Evelyn. She married Walter S South, married 1908.

F.   John Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 17-12-1843 in Hunters Hill, d. 23-11-1921 in Burdett, buried in Toogong. He married Mary Maria Dwyer, married 28-09-1872 in Carcoar, b. 04-10-1852 in Gooloogong, d. 12-01-1922 in W Kogarah.

1.    John Joseph Small, b. 13-07-1873 in Canowindra, d. cir 1964 in SA or WA. He married Agnes G Dawes, married 1907 in Canowindra.

2.    Alfred Robert Small, b. 10-10-1874 in Gooloogong, d. 09-08-1940. He married Catherine L Murray, married 1904 in RC, Dubbo, b. 25-10-1880, d. 21-09-1951.

a.    Alfred Small, b. 1904 in Dubbo, d. 1904 in Dubbo.  Not mentioned on Small Family book.

b.    Beatrice Margaret Mary Small, b. 10-09-1905 in Sunny Corner, d. 1990, buried 01-06-1990. She married Thomas Harold Geale, married 1930 in RC Burwood Heights, b. 28-11-1891, d. 15-04-1982.

(A) Harold Robert Geale, b. 01-07-1932. He married Elsa Gemmo, married in St Josephs, Burwood Heights, b. 18-05-1937.

(B) John Reginald Geale, b. 01-07-1932. He married Dawn Edwards, married in RC, Harris Park.

(C) Murray Geale, b. 01-04-1934. He married Jill Gorman, married in RC, Rockhampton.

(D) Margaret Anne Geale, b. 01-04-1934. She married Brian Pettit, b. 01-01-1934.

c.    Reginald Murray Small, b. 10-03-1912 in Mudgee. He married Patricia Geelan, b. 24-03-1926.

d.    Patricia Small, b. 1918, d. c1918.  aged 9 months.

3.    Frederick Samuel Small, b. 21-05-1876 in Lachlan River, d. 1877.

4.    Reuben Small, b. 01-11-1877 in Browns Valley, d. 1878.

5.    Elizabeth May Bell Small, b. 24-11-1878 in Canowindra, d. 20-11-1954 in Bexley. She married John Thomas Webster, married 15-01-1899 in Forbes, b. 25-08-1870 in Goolwa, SA, d. 25-10-1947 in Bexley.

a.    Esther May Webster, b. 19-10-1899 in Canowindra. She married Leslie Keating Regan, married 1921, b. 30-9-1899.

(A) Lawrence Neville Regan, b. 07-11-1922. He married Joyce Enid Cox, b. 05-05-1929.

(B) Donald Gordon Regan, b. 08-11-1924. He married Estelle Caroline Cowes, b. 06-06-1927.

(C) Betty Regan, b. 14-09-1926. She married Maxwell Albert Jones, b. 07-03-1925.

b.    Lillian May Bell Webster, b. 11-04-1901 in Forbes, d. 15-06-1960. She married Charles Albert Lindner, married 1921 in Cargo, b. 05-05-1897, d. 13-07-1953.

(A) Dorothea Lillian Beatrice Lindner, b. 08-09-1922. She married Donald George Best, b. 29-03-1918.

(B) Leonard Charles Lindner, b. 05-10-1925. He married Margaret Vincent, b. 01-08-1933.

c.    Gladys Irene G Webster, b. 07-10-1902 in Forbes. She married Claude William Austin, married 1921 in Cowra, b. 01-03-1898, d. 15-11-1984.

(A) June May Austin, b. 08-02-1923, d. 26-06-1979. She married Arthe Desney Helmers.

(B) Jack Austin, b. 04-06-1924. He married Betty Key.

(C) Claude Austin, b. 07-08-1925.

(D) Maxwell Roy Austin, b. 05-10-1926. He married Jean Battersby.

d.    Beatrice Caroline Maud Webster, b. 11-11-1904 in Cargo, d. 1990, buried 01-06-1990.She married Maurice Elliott Kinghorn McLean, married 1923 in Cudal/Cargo, b. 03-01-1901, d. 21-06-1959 in Bexley.

(A) Fae McLean, b. 25-01-1926. She married Thomas Malcolm Mallitt, married in Rockdale, b. 24-06-1921

(B) Bruce Stacey McLean, b. 26-05-1931. He married Doreen Richardson, b. 09-11-1931.

(C) Grahame Robert McLean, b. 27-09-1939. He married Barbara Ann Gillanders, b. 05-12-1942.

e.    Leila Alice Mary Webster, b. 27-03-1908 in Burdett – Canowindra. She married (1) Martin James Temple, married 1926 in Orange, b. 23-04-1905 in Toorak, VIC, d. 09-05-1941. She married (2) James Oswald Hill, b. 29-07-1911.

(A) Shirley Rae Temple, (daughter of Martin James Temple and Leila Alice Mary Webster) b. 04-11-1926, d. 15-09-1927.

(B) Noel James Temple, (son of Martin James Temple and Leila Alice Mary Webster) b. 01-06-1929. He married  (1) Ellen Josephine French, b. 15-11-1932. He married (2) Anita Kay Callander, b. 11-08-1942.

(C) Pamela Patricia Temple, (daughter of Martin James Temple and Leila Alice Mary Webster) b. 26-11-1931, d. 11-11-1986. She married Thomas Ernest Gerrard, b. 29-12-1926.

(D) Maureen Anne Temple, (daughter of Martin James Temple and Leila Alice Mary Webster) b. 30-06-1938. She married Peter James Griffin, b. 19-05-1930.

(E) Marcia Kathleen Temple, (daughter of Martin James Temple and Leila Alice Mary Webster) b. 04-12-1939. She married Kevan Thomas John Hutchinson, b. 12-01-1938.

f.     John Ferdinand Neville Webster, b. 20-11-1915 in Toogong. He married Valda Emily Elliott, married 1938, b. 04-06-1916 in Eagle Hawk, VIC.

(A) Judith Anne Webster, b. 01-05-1939 in Hurstville. She married Hedley Graham Garrard, b. 02-09-1936 in Burwood.

6.    Charlotte Mary Jane Small, b. 25-03-1881 in Browns Valley, Canowindra, d. 12-01-1965 in Ashfield.  Headstone inscription has death as 11-02-1965. She married Charles Ernest Wheeldon, married 1911 in Cargo, b. 04-07-1867 in Cheltenham, England, d. 13-02-1944 in Liverpool, NSW.

a.    Susan Mary Wheeldon, b. 1912 in Canowindra. She married (1) Frederick George Everingham, married 1942 in Ashfield. She married (2) Unknown Hughes.

b.    Frank Arthur Wheeldon, b. 11-12-1913 in Cargo/Orange.

c.    Charlotte May Wheeldon, b. 13-03-1916 in Leeton/Hay, d. 25-11-1976 in Croydon.She married James Thomas Burke.

d.    Charles Herbert Wheeldon, b. 24-03-1918 in Leeton/Hay. He married Lorna Margaret Dibley, married 1941 in Marrickville, b. 27-05-1923.

7.    William James Small, b. 05-05-1883 in Townsdale, d. 27-07-1944 in Sydney. He married Bridget Louisa C Plunkett, married 1906 in Greta, b. 10-10-1879 in Bingara, d. 04-09-1963 in Newcastle.  Bridget: aka Clare.

a.    Beatrice Taaffe Small, b. 20-07-1907 in Paddington, d. 05-08-1956 in Sydney She married Louis Vincent de Lepervanche, married 1927, b. 12-01-1901, d. 04-02-1960.

(A) Fay Louisa de Lepervanche, b. 29-09-1928. She married Robert Ennor, b. 01-08-1913.

(B) Beatrice Joy de Lepervanche, b. 25-09-1930. She married Victor George Hines, b. 13-01-1929.

(C) Louis James de Lepervanche, b. 30-01-1937. He married Diana Hay Darvall, b. 30-04-1938.

b.    Gladys Lillian Small, b. 26-11-1908 in Nabiac. She married Eric Haywood Hughes, married 1940, b. 05-08-1918, d. 13-09-1979.

8.    Rachel Rebecca Small, b. 29-05-1885 in Nyrang Creek, Canowindra, d. 13-05-1979. She married Alfred H Williams, married 1906 in St Peters, b. 1883, d. 07-10-1955.

a.    Alfred Henry T Williams, b. 12-08-1909 in St Peters. He married Jane Dunn, b. 18-06-1907.  Jane: aka Jean.

b.    Jean Dorothy Williams, b. 20-10-1913 in St Peters. She married Lancelot Percy Platt, married 1937.  Lancelot: aka Lance.

9.    Ruth Bradley Small, b. 04-12-1887 in Smalls Valley, Canowindra, d. 20-04-1985 in Cowra. She married Arthur Caleb Nash, married 1906 in Cranbury/Cargo, b. 13-09-1871 in Bathurst, d. 14-11-1950 in Canowindra.

a.    Constance Marion Nash, b. 14-09-1907 in Orange, d. 14-07-1974. She married Jospeh Walter Goodacre, married 1939 in Canowindra, b. 19-11-1910, d. 20-11-1965.

b.    Marjory Elizabeth Nash, b. 17-08-1909 in Cargo. She married Allan Hollingsworth, married 1929, b. 04-09-1907.  Allan: BDM for marriage has Hollinsworth.

(A) Pamela Hollingsworth, b. 17-02-1931. She married Colin Parr, b. 07-12-1931.

(B) William Arthur Hollinsworth, b. 10-07-1932. He married Valerie Newell, b. 13-08-1937, d. 26-03-1988 in Lilyfield.

c.    Edna M Nash, b. 09-06-1911 in Cargo. She married Claude Booth, married 1933 in Canowindra, b. 21-04-1905, d. 10-12-1991.

(A) Donald Booth, b. 11-02-1936. He married Bridget Philomena Boland, b. 29-12-1938, d. 15-12-1988 in Sydney.

d.    Neville Arthur Nash, b. 22-08-1913 in Cargo, d. 30-09-1990 in Orange. He married (1) Jean Genge, b. 29-08-1916. He married (2) Emily Goodacre, b. 18-08-1913.

e.    Vida Ruth Nash, b. 05-08-1915 in Cargo. She married John Booth, married 1936 in Parramatta, b. 18-08-1914, d. 27-01-1988 in Westmead.

(A) Anne Booth, b. 17-11-1936, d. 28-07-1987. She married Peter Devitt, b. 20-07-1937, d. 26-06-1983.

(B) Marie Booth, b. 28-11-1939. She married John Nicol, b. 14-02-1940.

f.     Muriel Joyce Nash, b. 29-05-1918 in Cargo. She married George Patick Ferris, b. 02-01-1915.

g.    Beryl Evelyn Nash, b. 07-02-1921. She married Ross Henry, b. 07-02-1926.

h.   Gwenneth Aileen Nash, b. 29-08-1925, d. 27-02-1986. She married Allan Threlfo, b. 09-08-1924, d. 05-09-1988 in Pymble.

10. Thomas Randolph Small, b. 13-09-1890 in Canowindra, d. 27-02-1977. He married Mary Jane W Bromfield, married 1917 in Annandale, b. 20-03-1885.  Mary: Previously married to James McRae in 1908. aka Molly.

11. Walter Charles Small, b. 27-12-1892 in Smalls Dale, d. 21-04-1937. He married Dorothy Ellen May Nicholls, married 1920.

a.    Patricia Joyce Small, b. 01-10-1921. She married David Eric Olsen, b. 18-02-1923.

b.    Walter Charles Small, b. 07-02-1923.He married (1) Valerie Johnson. He married (2) Audrey McCaw.

c.    Roberta Small.  Died in infancy.

d.    Kenneth Dwyer Small, b. 20-11-1925, d. 12-09-1989. He married Beryl Gunn.

e.    Elizabeth Small, b. 18-06-1927. She married Albert Morris Guy, d. 10-09-1976.

f.     Peggy Small, b. 07-03-1930. She married Noel Maitland Guy, b. 16-05-1924, d. 27-08-1978.  Noel: Brother of Albert Morris Guy.

12. Blanche Letitia Small, b. 25-12-1895 in Smalls Dale. She married Walter Frederick McMahon, married 1915 in Canowindra, b. 22-04-1885, d. 27-09-1947.

a.    Walter Jack McMahon, b. 09-12-1916 in Canowindra, d. 09-01-1939.

b.    Thomas Allen McMahon, b. 20-04-1918 in Canowindra.He married Joan Susan Willacy.

c.    Florence Evelyn McMahon, b. 23-07-1920 in Canowindra. She married Gordon Victor Rolfe, b. 31-07-1923.

G.   Rebecca Small, (daughter of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. ??-??-1847 in Hunters Hill, buried 29-07-1937 in Arncliffe. She married Robert Benjamin Hoy, married 03-10-1874 in St Peters, Sydney.

1.    Robert A Hoy, b. 1876, d. 1896.

2.    Amanda Mabel A Hoy, b. 11-04-1879, d. 17-09-1968 in San Souci. She married Charles L George Daly, married 1908 in St Peters, b. 26-01-1881, d. 27-01-1945.

a.    Robert Charles Daly, b. 12-02-1910 in St Peters, d. 29-12-1988. He married Sylvia Ellen Murphy, married 1934, b. 29-08-1911.

(A) Kenneth Charles Daly, b. 14-08-1935. He married Fay Wilkinson.

(B) Robert William Daly, b. 16-12-1937. He married Judith Griffin.

b.    Charles Sydney Daly, b. 28-05-1915 in St Peters. He married Elizabeth Towers Dunn, married 1942.

3.    Martha Florence A Hoy, b. 1881. She married Henry Thomas Williams.

a.    Jack Williams, b. 1906.

b.    Henry Williams, b. ??-01-1910.

c.    Grace Williams.

H.   Reuben Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 08-06-1850 in Hunters Hill, d. 11-02-1852 in Hunters Hill.

I.    Robert Small, (son of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 08-11-1853 in Hunters Hill, d. 11-06-1915 in Parramatta. He married Louisa Ann Adams, married 28-08-1880 in Parramatta, b. 22-09-1854 in Parramatta.

1.    Clarabel Eva Small, b. 20-11-1880 in Ryde.

2.    Dovellan Septimus Small, b. 11-01-1882 in Field of Mars. He married Mary J Gallen, married 1913 in Casino.

3.    Dorothea Amy Small, b. 02-08-1883 in Field of Mars. She married Carl Michael, married 1912.

4.    Eidel Grave Ernest Small, b. 08-05-1885 in Field of Mars.

5.    Mabel Louisa Small, b. 09-05-1887 in Field of Mars. She married John McCallam, married 1915.

6.    Loyde Erllynbert Small, b. 28-04-1889 in Carlingford.

7.    Corquiline Ida Small, b. 03-06-1891 in Carlingford.

J. Charlotte Small, (daughter of Samuel Small and Rachel Rebecca Bradley) b. 30-09-1855 in Hunters Hill, d. 28-12-1939 in Epping. She married William Midson, married 27-05-1874 in Wesleyan Church York St. Sydney, b. 09-06-1849 in Essex Eng. @ Steeple Bumpstead (son of Edward Midson and Harriet Mears), d. 06-03-1924 in Epping, buried 07-03-1924 in Field of Mars, Meth Sect 2A grave 6, occupation Preacher.  William: Came with his parents. In May 1889 Mr. William Midson, fruit grower, was elected as alderman of the new Dundas municipality with 77 votes. More information on the Midson Family.

Charlotte Small nee Bradley

Charlotte Midson nee Small

1.    Lucy Midson, b. 26-02-1875 in Ryde, d. 18-05-1952 in Bulli, buried in Bulli Gen Cem: CE-S1-Q-11A. She married Alfred Freeman Callcott, married 17-10-1894 in Ryde, b. 15-06-1868 in Morpeth (son of Thomas Calcott and Ada Louisa Avard), d. 12-06-1931 in Thirroul, buried in Bulli Gen Cem: CE-S1-Q-11, occupation Estate & Insurance Agent.  Alfred: Rented ‘Wyewurk’ to D H Lawrence. More information on Lucy and Alf Callcott, as well as their children can be found at the Illawarra Callcott Family website.

Alf Callcott and Lucy Callcott nee Midson

Alf Callcott and Lucy Callcott nee Midson

a.    Marjorie Lou Callcott, b. 04-10-1895 in Strathfield/Canterbury, d. 18-05-1973, buried in Dapto. She married John Tiernan, married 1920 in Bulli or Corrimal, b. 20-01-1871 in Braidwood, d. 08-04-1952 in Glen Innes.

(A) John Barrie Tiernan, b. 04-09-1921 in Thirroul. He married (1) Beryl Joyce McLeod, married in Frankston Methodist, b. 18-05-1920 in Ariah Park. He married (2) Margaret Rogers, married in St Andrews Uniting, Brisbane, b. 12-05-1931 in Buranda, QLD.  Margaret: nee Gayford-Pipe.

(B) Kevin Francis Tiernan, b. 01-04-1923, d. 05-06-1957. He married Freda Cecelia Mary Scarf, b. 15-02-1926, d. ??-08-2010 in Newcastle.

(C) David Geoffrey Tiernan, b. 04-02-1933 in Thirroul, d. 07-05-1967 in Little Bay.  Changed name to Geoffrey David O’Connor. He married Betty Joyce Cook, b. 25-10-1937.

b.    Clarice M Callcott, b. 08-05-1899 in Ryde, d. 15-07-1974, buried in Bulli Gen Cem: RC-S1-4-47A. She married Wilfred Victor Farraher, married 1918 in Bulli, b. 1892 in Woonona, d. 31-07-1985 in Mangerton, buried in Bulli Gen Cem: RC-S1-4-47. The Farraher family was one of the earliest families in the Illawarra.

(A) Marie Winifred Farraher.

(B) Dorothy Clare Farraher.

c.    Louis Russell Freeman Callcott, b. 28-12-1903 in Lyndhurst/Carcoar, d. 06-06-1985 in Thirroul, buried in Bulli Gen Cem:CE-S2-D-23, occupation Railway Porter then Assistant Station Manager at Thirroul Railway Station. He married Mary “Molly” Constance Joy, married 30-11-1929 in St Augustines, Bulli, b. 04-01-1906 in Penshurst (daughter of John Charles Joy and Edith Florence Hicks), d. 04-06-1960 in Waterfall, buried in St Augustines, Bulli. Mary “Molly” Joy’s Hicks Family was one of the Pioneer Families of the Northern Illawarra.  Mary: aka Molly (see Molly’s Story). Lived at Berowa, Lambton and from 1936 lived in Thirroul.

Wedding of Russell Callcott and Mary Constance Joy - St Augustine's Bulli 1929

Wedding of Russell Callcott and Mary Constance Joy – St Augustine’s Bulli 1929

(A) Ian McKenzie Callcott, b. 01-09-1930 in Enfield. He married Lola Elspeth Martin, married 07-04-1951 in St Augustines CofE, Bulli, b. 05-02-1932, d. 07-04-1993 in Shellharbour.

(2)  Ian Craig Callcott, b. 18-02-1962, d. 27-04-2000.

Mary Constance Callcott with her three older children Joan, Enid ("Bubby") and Ian

Mary Constance Callcott nee Joy with her three older children Joan, Enid (“Bubby”) and Ian Callcott.

(B) Joan Lois Callcott, b. 16-10-1932 in Hornsby, occupation Typist, d. 05-11-2012 in Wollongong. She married Cyril Ross Adams, married 19-12-1953 in St Augustines Anglican Bulli, b. 2-11-1923 in Tweed Heads (son of Cyril Bernard Barden and Mary Ethel May Adams), d. 17-2-1990 in Bulli, buried 19-2-1990 in St Augustines Anglican Bulli, occupation Painter. Cyril Ross Adams was a member of the vast McCosker Family (also see McCosker Family on Tribal Pages).

(1)  Kerrie Anne Adams, b. 13-01-1955 in Bulli, occupation Metallurgist Manager/Alderman. She married David John Christian, married 15-12-1973 in CRC, Wollongong, b. 05-02-1954 in Sydney (son of John Godfrey Tiearney (Christian) and Eunice Adele Green), occupation IT Project Manager.

Three First Fleet Descendants outside NSW Government House 2012 - David Christian (Peter Hibbs) - Katrina Christian (James Bradley, Peter Hibbs, Mary Parker, John Small), Kerrie Christian (James Bradley, Mary Parker, John Small)

Three First Fleet Descendants outside NSW Government House 2012 – David Christian (Peter Hibbs) – Katrina Christian (James Bradley, Peter Hibbs, Mary Parker, John Small), Kerrie Christian (James Bradley, Mary Parker, John Small)

(C) Enid Josephine Callcott, b. 14-03-1935 in Penshurst.  Enid’s surname is entered as Callett in NSW BDM. She married Keith Lambert Gorton, married 19-12-1952, b. 20-08-1927.

(D) John Alfred Callcott, b. 04-07-1936 in Lambton. He married Patricia Lynette Barrand, married 09-09-1960 in VIC, b. 23-10-1944.

Joe and Joy Callcott early-mid 1940's

Joe and Joy Callcott early-mid 1940’s

(E) Joy  Callcott, b. 02-02-1938 in Thirroul. She married Victor James Parks, married 07-02-1959 in Brownsville, b. 02-09-1934.

2.    May Annabell Midson, b. 09-03-1877 in Ryde, d. 17-03-1954 in Thirroul. She married Herbert James Hammond, married 1906 in “Chesterfield” Epping, d. 12-02-1948 in NSW, b. 1886 in London.

a.    Herbert Bowes Hammond, b. 07-02-1907 in Manly, d. 24-03-1967 in Sydney. He married Mary Alma Pinkerton, married 1937 in Singleton, b. 20-08-1910 in Scone.  Mary: aka Sally.

3.    Linda Maud Midson, b. 08-09-1879 in Eastwood, d. 15-08-1949. She married Henry George Grenville Woodhouse, married 1903 in Ryde, b. 21-01-1871 in Gympie, d. 31-03-1943.

a.    George Howard Grenville Woodhouse, b. 07-07-1905 in Camden, d. 19-12-1981. He married Edith Ellen Hall, married 1931 in Chatswood, d. 13-08-1990 in Willow Tree.  Edith: Had her as Edith Wray but the Small Family book has HALL.

(A) Edith Dolcie Woodhouse, b. 19-11-1932. She married William John Barrett.

(B) George Graham Woodhouse, b. 13-03-1939.

(C) Janice Diedre Woodhouse, b. 13-03-1939. She married William Joseph King.

b.    Linda Eunice Woodhouse, b. 02-04-1906 in Camden, d. 02-06-1985. She married James John Joseph Castle David Vos, married 1927, b. 02-04-1901 in Camden, d. 06-12-1978.

(A) Toni Vos, b. 05-05-1928. She married Jack McKenzie, b. 23-12-1923.

(B) Joanne Rhonda Vos, b. 05-05-1932.

c.    Samuel Lennox Bertram Woodhouse, b. 22-08-1909 in Camden, d. 22-12-1943 in WW 2. He married Pearl Arabella Martin, married 1927 in Hornsby, b. 13-12-1905.

(A) Lennox Allan Woodhouse, b. 29-10-1927. He married (1) Betty Bates. He married (2) May Patricia Edwards.

(B) Patricia Rose Woodhouse, b. 02-05-1929. She married (1) Ernest Henry Sims, b. 11-08-1923, d. 24-05-1981. She married (2) Ronald Manning, b. 22-07-1923.

(C) Donald Cecil Woodhouse, b. 26-01-1930. He married Betty O’Keefe.

(D) Florence June Woodhouse, b. 04-06-1931. She married (1) George Bampton. She married (2) Benjamin Thomason, b. 24-03-1916, d. 18-03-1982.

(E) Raymond Keith Woodhouse, b. 16-06-1932. He married Rose Muras, b. 17-11-1942.

d.    Gladys Winifred Woodhouse, b. 19-11-1910 in Campbelltown. She married (1) Frederick Ernest Grant, married 1938 in Chatswood. She married (2) William Brazille. She married (3) Tex Reeve.

e.    Robert Alan Woodhouse, b. 26-07-1914 in Chatswood, d. 07-09-1943, buried in War Cemetery Lae PNG. He married Dorothy Ruby Duffy, married 1937 in Chatswood, b. 12-06-1919.

(A) Dorothy Millicent Woodhouse, b. 24-04-1938. She married (1) David Stanley Pratt. She married (2) Robert Frank Shayler, b. 24-10-1933, d. 12-10-1979.

(B) Barbara Helen Woodhouse, b. 20-08-1939. She married (1) Victor James McQuillan, b. 26-07-1934. She married (2) Colin Edward Challenger, b. 14-12-1936.

f.     Doris Millicent Woodhouse, b. 22-06-1918 in Gordon, d. 13-11-1969. She married (1) Arthur Herbert Rayner, married 1938 in Chatswood or Gordon, b. 05-02-1916. She married (2) Charles Alfred Frederick Freeman, married in Parramatta, b. 30-05-1920. She married (3) Walter Percy James Pannell, married in Villawood, NSW, b. 1916 in England, d. 12-07-1961.

(A) Judith Ann Rayner, (daughter of Arthur Herbert Rayner and Doris Millicent Woodhouse) b. 04-02-1939. She married (1) Domenico Vaticano, married in Pymble, b. 14-03-1933. She married (2) Eric George Watts, married in Warwick, QLD, b. 01-11-1942 (son of Richard Watts).

4.    Beatrice Evelyn May Midson, b. 22-05-1882 in Field of Mars/Eastwood, d. 08-05-1966, buried in Field of Mars Cem.  Owner of ‘Wyewurk‘ Thirroul, where DH Lawrence lived while writing Kangaroo (more). She married William Southwell, married 1904 in Ryde, b. 02-07-1876 in Rye Park, d. 17-11-1952 in Epping, buried in Field of Mars.

a.    William Maurice Midson Southwell, b. 03-07-1905 in Grenfell, d. 16-07-1969, buried in Field of Mars Cem, occupation RAAF. He married Mary Kathleen Hasking, b. 21-10-1903, d. 14-06-1984.

b.    Louis Midson Southwell, b. 16-02-1909 in Grenfell, d. 19-03-1966, buried in Barraba  He married May Brooks, married 1935 in Parramatta, b. 05-06-1916.

(A) Valmai Judith Southwell, b. 12-12-1937. She married Kevin John Akers, b. 10-06-1931.

c.    Joyce Beatrice Southwell, b. 11-03-1913 in Ryde, d. 29-09-1961, buried in Field of Mars Cem. She married Douglas Robert Thomas, married 1941 in Ryde, b. 12-03-1909.

5.    Lottice Dora Midson, b. 28-08-1885 in Epping, d. 01-03-1955 in Grenfell. She married Robert Stanley Bembrick, married 1914 in Ryde, b. 18-11-1886, d. 23-02-1948 in Grenfell.

a.    Marie Sylvia Bembrick, b. 01-08-1920, d. 22-01-1979 in Canberra. She married John Henry Sweeting, married 1941, b. 26-11-1908 in Bundaberg, QLD, d. 11-05-1981 in Grenfell.

6.    Ida Harriet Midson, b. 26-03-1888 in Eastwood, d. 04-02-1956 in Eastwood. She married Hepburn Pollock, married 1916 in Epping/Ryde, b. 14-09-1888 in Hurstville, d. 22-10-1970 in Eastwood.

a.    Hepburn Bartlett Pollock, b. 1913.

b.    Betty Pollock, b. 06-10-1917 in Epping, d. 20-10-1993 in Marsfield. She married James Lambert Genge, b. 26-12-1923 in Paddington.  James: aka Peter.

c.    William John Pollock, b. 26-12-1918 in Epping. He married Heather Freda Coombes Harris, married 1944, b. 02-10-1918 in Bathurst.

7.    William Gordon Taylor Midson, b. 25-05-1890 in Eastwood, d. 08-03-1967 in Gosford. He married Gertrude Lloyd, married 1916 in Ryde, b. 16-10-????, d. 23-05-1964.

a.    Gordon Lloyd Midson, b. 25-06-1917 in Gosford, d. 14-02-1977, buried in Palmdale Lawn Cemetery. He married (1) Gwendolyne Lucy Gambling, married 1940 in Gosford, b. 18-10-1920. He married (2) May Angela Christoff. He married (3) Joan Margaret Vickery, b. 25-12-1915.

b.    Neville Charles Midson, b. 12-06-1920 in Epping, d. 28-06-1992 in Camden. He married Phyllis Maude Sims, b. 14-09-1928, d. 28-03-1987.

8.    Gladys Lillian Midson, b. 26-09-1892 in Carlingford, d. 14-07-1937 in Concord. She married Gordon Hodder, married 1925 in Epping/Hornsby, b. 09-03-1892 in Auckland, d. 05-06-1939 in Burwood.

a.    Constance Valmae Hodder, b. 06-08-1926.She married Henry Charles Costelloe, b. 22-10-1910, d. 09-05-1981.

9.    Christine Hazel Midson, b. 15-06-1895 in E Carlingford, d. 22-10-1914 in Ryde, buried in Field of Mars.

10. Louis Harold Warren Midson, b. 11-01-1899 in Epping, d. 27-09-1962 in Windsor. He married Myrtle Emma Bell, married 1921 in Grenfell, b. 22-10-1893 in Grenfell, d. 14-09-1982 in Windsor.

a.    Dorothy Merle Midson, b. 13-11-1922 in Epping. She married (1) Norman Reginald Morgan, married in Windsor, b. 20-06-1923 in Granville. She married (2) Arthur Thomas Fletcher, married in Lidcombe, b. 10-02-1916 in Urana, d. 11-06-1978 in Lidcombe. She married (3) Francis Roll, married in Lidcombe, b. 30-01-1927 in Cessnock.

b.    Audrey Marion Midson, b. 12-07-1924. She married Keith Alexander Jorgensen, married in Lidcombe, b. 29-05-1926.

c.    Harold William Midson, b. 08-08-1926, d. 06-07-1989 in Oakville. He married Vera Elsie Mallise, b. 01-06-1925.


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