1788-2013 – 225 Years of Convict Connections – Joan Adams nee Callcott

I had not really thought about trying to list all the Convicts in our Family until  I became part of the Wikitree Convicts and Early Settlers in Australia project. And so I began to realise there were more Convict Connections in there than I had ever imagined. In fact our daughter is descended from 19 convicts, who arrived in the years 1788 to 1840 from England and Ireland, including

    • 3 First Fleet Convicts  – (plus 1 First Fleet Sailor)
    • 2 Second Fleet convicts
    • 1 Third Fleet Convict – (plus 1 Third Fleet Soldier, his Third Fleeter wife & Third Fleeter daughter)

Just looking at the convict ancestors of my husband and I, then in 2013, the Convicts so far identified in the Family Trees are as follows …

  • Kerrie Anne Christian (nee Adams)
    • First Fleet Convicts John Small, Mary Parker  & James Bradley
      • John Small and Mary Parker’s son  Samuel Small married Rachel Rebecca Bradley – daughter of First Fleet Convict  James Bradley and Third Fleet Convict Sarah Barnes
        • The Small’s & Bradley’s Great Granddaughter Lucy Midson married Alf Callcott grandson of convict Thomas Calcott
          • Lucy Callcott (Midson)’s son Louis “Russ” Russell Alfred Freeman Callcott  married Mary Constance Joy – great great granddaughter of convicts Richard James Hicks, Margaret Howe, Thomas Brain and Ann Daly(Brain) 
            • Russ and MaryCallcott’s daughter Joan Callcott married Cyril “Ross” Adams great great grandson of convicts Thomas Power and Samuel Weatherstone
              • Joan and Ross Adams’ daughter Kerrie Anne Adams married David John Christian, a descendant of  Second Fleet Convicts Mary Pardoe & Thomas Bates, plus other convicts – Francis Byrne, Thomas Crumpton (Crump), Mary Johnson, Henry Oliver, Margaret Sheldon (Shildon) and Frances Johnson 
  • David John Christian
    • Second Fleet Convict Mary Pardoe married First Fleet Sailor Peter Hibbs
      • Mary and Peter’s daughter Sarah Hibbs married convict Francis Byrne
        • Sarah and Francis’s son Richard Byrne married Mary Ann Crumpton, a  granddaughter  of convicts Thomas Crumpton and Mary Johnson
          • Richard and Mary Ann Byrne’s great grandson, John “Jack” Godfrey Christian (Tiearney) married Eunice Adele Green, descendant of Second Fleet convict Thomas Bates,  plus other convicts – Frances Johnson, Henry Oliver and Margaret Sheldon (Shildon)
    • Second Fleet convict Thomas Bates married Third Fleeter Ann Griffin daughter of Michael Griffin, a  soldier on the Third Fleet, and his Third Fleeter wife, Mary Amos
      • Thomas and Ann Bates’ daughter Maria married George Green nephew of prominent business people who had been convicts, Thomas Hyndes and Charlotte Green
        • George and Maria Green’s son Richard Augustus Willoughby Green married Frances Johnson, grandaughter of convicts Frances Johnson (Mills), Henry Oliver and Margaret Sheldon (Shildon/Shildren)
          • Richard AW & Frances Green’s great granddaughter  Eunice Adele Green married John “Jack” Godfrey Christian (Tiearney), a descendant of Second Fleet convict Mary Pardoe plus other convicts Francis Byrne, Thomas Crumpton and Mary Johnson
            • Jack and Eunice Christian’s son David John Christian married Kerrie Anne Adams – descendant of First Fleet convicts John Small, Mary Parker, James Bradley, Sarah Barnes – a Third Fleet convictplus other convicts Thomas Callcott, Richard James Hicks, Margaret Howe, Thomas Brain, Ann Daly, Thomas Power and Samuel Weatherstone

And then there are the other convicts in our Family Trees – who we are related to, but are not their direct descendants. So far we have found the following – with First Fleet convicts in Blue : 

John Parton Berringer, Arthur Devlin, William Dring, Ann Forbes, Deborah Ellam, Matthew Everingham,  Charlotte Green, Peter Hanslow, John Herbert, Matthew Hughes, George Hurst, Thomas Hyndes, Elizabeth Mason, Robert Melville, James Oatley, George Patfield, Jane PooleJohn Ramsey, James Squire, Richard Staight, Thomas (James) White.

About 40 direct and indirect convict connections in the family so far !

In the Colony, some of our convict ancestors continued to be troublesome, not surprising, although some of those did settle down to acquire a great deal of land and property. However, it is interesting that, ever since the mid 19th Century, that so many members of Convicts’ wider families, and even some Convicts, would become Pioneers, Community Leaders, Politicians and successful business people in districts across much of New South Wales

– ie many Small’s, Cook’s, David Armstrong, Barry Johnson, William Byrnes, Midson’s, Kevin Rozzoli, Kerrie Anne Christian, Thomas Hynde, Green’s, Johnson’s, Oatley’s, Anthony Luchetti,  many Hicks’, Peter Reith, Callcott’s, Broadhead’s, Samuel Weatherstone, Woodford’s, Farraher’s, and many McCosker’s.


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